How to Create Contact Based Custom Support

Set Customized Support Ticket Resolutions for Each Contact

In the App drawer screen, in the ‘Social Cloud’ drawer, click on the ‘Contacts’ app.

CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Contacts App to begin.

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Contacts App to begin.

Either select an existing contact or create new.

Contacts Screen

Fig. 2: Contacts Screen

Assuming to have selected an existing contact, click the ‘Edit’ button. Navigate to the ‘Support’ tab located at the bottom of the screen.

Support Tab

Fig. 3: Support Tab

Default Email CC: Enter an email address for all outgoing emails to also be sent as ‘CC’.

Default Email Body: Write a default email body to be sent to this contact each time a support ticket has been created.

Default Email Body

Fig. Default Email Body

Dedicated Support User: Select the support operator who will be dedicated to resolving all support tickets from this contact.

Dedicated Support User

Fig. 5: Dedicated Support User

SLA: Select the SLA rule to be applied from the drop down menu or create a new SLA for this contact.


Fig. 6: SLA

Support Ticket Access Accounts: The Accounts selected here will also have access to the tickets for this contact.

Support Ticket Access Accounts

Fig. 7: Support Ticket Access Accounts

Once ready, click the ‘Save’ button.