How to Create an SLA Timer

Set Special Alerts for Ticket Resolutions

In the App drawer screen, in the ‘Helpdesk Cloud’ drawer, click on the ‘Support’ app.

CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Support App to begin

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Support App to begin.

In the tickets dashboard screen, click the ‘Configuration’ menu, find, and select ‘SLA’s’

Configuration menu

Fig. 2: Configuration menu

Click the ‘New’ button to create a new SLA.

Click the ‘New’ button.

Fig. 3: Click the ‘New’ button.

Name and Description fields are mandatory. Click ‘Add an item’ to enter the SLA rules.


Fig. 4: New SLA

Create Conditions screen will pop up. The Type can be selected as ‘category’, ‘subcategory’ or ‘priority’. The Category type will ask for the category t be selected, or a new one can be created.

Type: Category

Fig. 5: Type: Category

Select the sub category for the SLA to be applied. The existing Subcategories will be listed in the drop down list menu. If it doesn’t exist in the list, select ‘Create and Edit’ to create new sub category.

Sub Category

Fig. 6: Type: Sub Category

The remaining type is ‘Priority’. The choices in the list are Normal, Low, Moderately, High, and Urgent. Select the priority level.

Type: Priority

Fig. 7: Type: Priority

Response time: refers to the time in which the tickets need to be resolved.

Countdown Condition: calculates the countdown of the response time either in 24 hours or Business hours. These being straight countdown from the beginning of the ticket, or, calculated considering the working business hours in the day for the company.

Response and Conditions

Fig. 8: Response and Conditions

Save and Close or Save and New to continue setting more rules.

Save the rules

Fig. 8: Save the rules

Under the Email Alerts heading, click ‘Add an item’ to determine when email alerts should be sent to operators.

Email Alerts: Add an item

Fig. 9: Email Alerts: Add an item

Set the Alert time in hours and minutes. This setting sends email alerts to the relevant operators at the given time before the predetermined SLA time ends.

Click ‘Save’

Email Alerts: Set and Save

Fig. 10: Email Alerts: Set and Save

The SLA is now created and will be visible in the SLA dashboard ready to be selected when necessary.

Newly created SLA

Fig. 11: Newly created SLA

Congratulations! You have just created an SLA Timer!.