Low Code Development Platform

Low-code platforms for enterprise delevopers integrate with the DevOps toolchain to speed the delivery of applications, modernizations, automations, and more! 

What is low code? 

Low code is a software development approach that requires little to no coding in order to build apps and workflows. A low-code development platform provides a development environment used to create apps and workflows through graphical user interfaces, admin panels and configuration settings instead of coding from scratch. It is possible to create apps for both desktop and mobile. Low code development platforms have become increasingly popular to accelerate digital transformation.

What is low code?

Benefits of Low-Code

Using low-code development allows you to create enterprise ready applications in a fraction of the time and accelerate digital transformation!

Fast Application Development

Low code is capable of building enterprise ready apps at speed.

Reduced Cost

Less formal programming expertise without the requirement of more IT experts.

Easy Integrations

Simplify the integration work needed to integrate the new apps and existing systems.

Multi Platform Apps

Low code development platforms have the option to create both web based and mobile friendly apps.


Apps are designed to scale securely according to the demand of the enterprise.

Experimentation & Innovation

Since it is possible to build apps at speed, companies can make trials at reduced cost.

The Value of Low Code Development

Great software solutions change the way businesses create value. The value created by business help organizations drive new revenue, boost customer satisfaction, reduce risks, cut costs, and more. 

All-In-One Low-Code CX Platform

Low code features in CloudOffix can help you streamline your CX initiatives by customizing existing apps and workflows, and create new apps around customers.


All existing apps and features can be fully customized according to the business requirement.

Create New Apps

During the digital  journey, companies have new requirements for new apps around their customers.

Custom Processes

Each company has it's own business process. It is possible to create customer workflows and business processes.

Digital Transformation

Digital journey is happening very fast in every sector and low code development accelerates this transformation.

Are you looking for a CX solution with Low code development features?