Release Notes


    What's New

  • Added a new feature to allow to save old versions of views to turn back the previous versions

  • Added a new feature to versioning for blog content keeps last 50 versions of a blog post

  • Added a new feature if the selected partner email is invalid while sending mail, a warning is added before sending on mail compose forms.

  • Activity has been added to the view. User should be able to update order lines if quotation has been created for upsell on Subscription

  • Now All users are able to create text snapshots

  • Added time type into consideration while computing leaves

  • A new function for docx format_float supporting multiple locales

  • Adds two functions for scripting environments. date_to_string, string_to_date

  • Lead Automation work items now has a new condition action type, "postpone 1 day"

  • Lead Automation work items now has a new condition type; domain condition

  • A new module for HR customizations

  • Added activities for employee

  • Added a new flexible data model Ileti yonetim sistemi for Turkey (IYS)

  • A warning for system administrator. If it's a fresh db sync client will be ignored. System admin now receives a notification if they try to do a manual sync client

  • Added cc separation from to addresses on Sales

  • Performance improvements on removal of alias emails from follower lists

  • Added a control that raises an error when the user tries to export more than 65535 records

  • Better active user detection

  • Added database count on the partner form

  • IYS Proxy implemented and better error handling for Send single, send multiple requests


  • The problem when the ordered quantity changes, the price returns to the original price

  • Department report error on Leave

  • Custom states may not be shown on the listview properly on rare cases

  • Getting an authorization error when a user without subscription authorization wants to make changes to the invoice

  • Changing page name from the frontend causes some part of the page fail to render

  • On a Workflow, non latin characters in a state label causes invalid state tech names generated

  • Solve overflowing blog titles on main blog listing page

  • The catchall alias has been added to the followers

  • Weekend deduction computation

  • An error occurs while getting default project id

  • Display name problems after validation on Leaves

  • An error when selecting an "in range" filter on a domain editor after 'is set' condition

  • Prevents currency rate source resets to none

  • Cloudoffix livechat’s translate now properly affects the UI

    What's New
  • Upsell confirmation buttons caption changed on Subscription Module

  • Deprecated fields removed from measures fields in entire pivot views

  • Added ability to approve leaves and allocations as manager even if the user does not have officer permission

  • Added many new features to improve on Html Form builder

  • No more bouncing email to catchall address on an unrouted mail arrival

  • Mail forwarding to another alias

  • Processing Support for a new sent to two alias at the same time

  • Dashboard KPI number format now respects the user language

  • Pivot View upgraded

  • Added annual recurring revenue field on Subscription

  • Added the warning when user select a product with a different template on Subscription

  • Paddings for table cells on pivot view

  • Do not send a message if there is even one valid email card

  • Send ticket close mail and survey only once

  • Added job application button on contact card

  • Added ability to change import test run max records

  • Added a maximize button on the modal popups

  • Only main tasks should be added to the calculations of total number of tasks

  • No-stored now can be a measure field for a pivot

  • The names of the folded states and Headers in the list view are also visible when the user scrolls down

  • cc partners field definition has been changed on contact card support ticket page. Even if the e-mail address was written, it did not appear in the mail form

  • Disabled maximize button for the dialogs on frontend

  • Email validity check improved

  • Portal-Custom url support for blog pages

  • Send timesheets to the customers periodically (weekly, monthly)

  • Popup Compose message may raise an error when there is an active domain

  • Added ability to create journals as draft

  • Added ability to remember last options on the popup wizard

  • Quotation made up of upsell or renewal have been opened in edit mode on Subscriptions

  • Added attach button on Subscription

  • Hide reply and forward buttons for notes on the chatter

  • Added a feature to install Subscription Module under sale settings

  • Added a new feature to move fields quickly

  • Added HTTP methods and some other enhancements to api methods

  • Added domain filter for organization chart to allow filtering out some subordinates

  • Added groups to the job_application_count field

  • Added New payment gateway called iyzico

  • sale_payment_iyzico bridge module for adding product details into iyzico request (this helps the customer determine which tx made for which product on the iyzico console)

  • Latest Blog Post snippet now renders custom URLs if any specified

  • Mail tracking icons are changed. Sending icon is now a single check mark, delivered icon is now double gray check mark

  • Added custom date filter allowing selecting a date range quickly

  • Added new domain operator support to the domain editor


  • 'Field already added' error on adding a field on a different location after removing it from the previous location

  • The access error when manager user changes the tax display in settings on Sale

  • An exception occurs on creation of a new api endpoint

  • Half day computation on Leaves

  • Update timezone library (Turkey timezone info was wrong)

  • Permission error on creating project tasks

  • Return date computation on Leave

  • The stock amount is shown as 0 in the kanban view even if the user enters stock for a product

  • Invoicing period field on Subscription

  • Empty team id settings was causing an error on support team login

  • Visual glitch while adding columns/rows on a pivot view

  • A bug for hiding description if the user is manager of the employee

  • When there are sale order containing the multiple products matching the product name filter, pivot show incorrect numbers

  • The issue that is after unconfirmed tx deletion, there was no way to continue shopping for the user

  • Customized created method existence check executed on the wrong object

  • Action-confirm error when create opportunity setting is enabled

  • Subscription link added to chatter when the opportunity is added to upsell or renewal quotation

  • Error creating lead for user with employee access in Page.visitor model

  • Working hours return to default settings after some time

  • Access error for subscription in contact form

  • Approving other leave types then employee crashes


    What's New

  • Replies received for a private message also imported as a private message in chatter

  • Recently seen messages feature has been added to Discuss Module

  • Latest drag-drop target module

  • Image resizing module for website-frontend

  • New signup form for getting started with CloudOffix in one step.

  • New UI for more the warnings and errors. 

  • New UI for email settings

  • Brand new Subscription modules and UI

  • Moving a lead on the Kanban to the lost column now asks the reason

  • Upsell ability for the Subscription module.

  • Advanced searches. (Ability make deep searches on any records)

  • A new logic for prevention endless email loop when the receiver and the sender is same.

  • ReCAPTCHA v3 integration. Silently eleminates the form submit robots

  • A new UI for warning the user when they try to send an email over 20mb.

  • New visual theme for the partners page

  • An admin now can see the registreed devices of the users via User and Groups interface

  • A new Kanban UI for subscriptions. (With drag drop support)

  • Job applications on the web site now has a better SEO support

  • Support pages now has a better SEO support

  • Multi currencies for subscription payments

  • Ability to create tickets/leads by forwarding a message from a chatter

  • Logging optimizations for better monitoring the system

  • Dashboards now support different number formats for different locales 

  • A better logic for ticket auto-close. 

  • Translations and Internationalizations improvements 

  • SMTP email configurations is removed.(CloudOffix already handles outgoung emails natively)

  • CloudOffix now can keep track of user export activities.

  • 360 Degree Employee Evaluation - Performance Management System released.

  • New fancy animations are added to our website designer.

  • Support for half day leaves

  • Wide range of new device supports are added for our ios client including iPads

  • A new tool for Optimizing and compressing Images on the Website


  • Notify Users about new Survey input action

  • Access error when ticket created from live chat

  • Follow/unfollow glitch on the chatter

  • Tax discount calculations on vendor invoices

  • Distorted view when the users' names are too long has been fixed with ellipsis quotes

  • Leave form UI re-designed

  • A visual glitch when there are many tabs and columns on the employees added by customizations

  • Admin panel bug fixes and improvements


    What's New

  • Does not open a simple pop-up form on Contact Child form

  • Improvements on Support Ticket

  • Added timesheet records to the merge operation on Support Ticket

  • Added private messaging through chatter by tagging the recipient while in an existing conversation in the chatter


  • Now, when the user adds a link in chatter, where it goes can be  seen by the user in breadcrumbs sequence

  • Added missing security rule for allowing the regular admins to sync the servers

  • Adding someone in timesheet managers groups doesn’t cause them to be added in Employee-officers group anymore

  • Pasting an image from a clipboard might paste twice on some browsers/operating systems

  • Mass mailing contact edit error

  • Permission error on new ticket

  • Broken UI on a popup when the resolution of the device is between 768px-1024px

  • Reopen problem of the closed ticket on Support Ticket


    What's New

  • New Kanban Design

  • Improvements on Admin Panel Module

  • Added Lead/Opportunity Button on Contact to show related record

  • Added a new feature that allows user to give special Labels for fields on Admin Panel

  • Creating leads from web site visitor feature now works with the new DB model

  • Adds document requirement for certain leave types

  • Added page visits button on Lead/Opportunity to show related record

  • Added a new feature “Find Duplicate Emails” under Contacts

  • Added working time on employees and calculated automatically

  • Now detects which partner has sent the reply for the ticket and updates the state of the ticket accordingly on Support Ticket

  • Added holidays fetcher

  • Better performance for mass mailing in kanban view

  • Added Groups, access rights, registration rules on the user cards as boxes

  • Now system sends a mail message to assigned user when activity is created


  • Same Report Name Problem on Leaves Module

  • Idle time measurement

  • Quiz Score Calculation on Survey Module

  • The wrong format occurs when the ‘from’ field in emails has at least one Turkish Character on Mass Mailing


    What's New

  • Typographical error

  • Read more functionality

    What's New
  • Added Support Ticket Forward Email Template

  • Added QR Code, and image by URL capabilities for Docx

  • Submit Form Revamped

  • Added “Allowed Users” feature on Support Ticket Category

  • Re-designed User Technical Settings View

  • Added “See Customer Satisfaction” menu item on support dashboard 

  • Added new feature to count the amount of hours spent by the user on Support Ticket

  • Added new feature to convert daily visitor(s) to leads


  • SMS credit decrement error

  • An error when creating a new user during LDAP login

  • Processing mail delivered events

  • Prevent mixing apples with oranges warning when there is a workflow working on support tickets

  • A support help-page being displayed empty when there is no translated version of it for the selected language

  • Broken buttons on the top of the partner card.

  • E-mail information overflowed kanban view.

    What's New
  • Added a new feature to allow click many2many field with tag widget to open related record

  • Added Data center selection on signup form

  • Created a new SMS Module

  • Improvements on Support Ticket Module

  • Improvements on 360 Degree Module


  • An error about creating tracking links

  • Fixes an error on editing web page

    What's New
  • Added survey question comment mandatory according to condition

  • Added tooltips to surveys

  • Added average score calculation for surveys

  • Per seat licensing model

  • Chat improvements

  • Added a new feature to see the related purchase, if it exists, on Sales 

  • Gantt chart improvements

  • Project milestones improvements

  • SaaS improvements

  • Improvements on page view tracking


  • Prevents an unintentional email to be sent on the feedback of a meeting

  • UI glitch on the invoice form

  • Working day counter on Project

  • ie11 error on event signups

    What's New
  • Added a new feature on Survey Module to allow assigning the responsible user to every single survey

  • Added Sign Up with Google account feature 

  • Added the new ability to install/uninstall demo data via a button on the top bar

  • Added Quick Create Feature


  • Tapping on an android notification didn't bring the app to the front

  • Disappearing rows when changing user password

  • An error when importing products from xlsx

  • Missing random menu item from the tray

  • The appearance of percentage widget

  • An error during logging in for regular accounts on a trial

  • Refresh bug

  • An error when the user clicks on the done icon on the Inbox, sometimes it ignores it and keeps the message in the inbox

    What's New
  • Added a new feature which will allow sending emails regarding survey answers

  • Added register service for mobile devices

  • Added new modules : Project:

  • Notifications improvement

  • Gantt chart improvements

  • Added a new Error reporting page


  • A bug that caused worker process hangs

  • Even if the checklist is enabled, the checklist progress bar wasn't visible on the newly created employee.

  • An error occurs when installing the project_status module  If the project record already exists.

    What's New
  • Improvements on Job Runner Module

  • Re-formatting figures on the charts with thousand separator

  • Simplified GDPR retention to classification

  • Added a new feature that the user can export and import the Workflow on Admin Panel

  • Added a new feature that shows the user access permissions list

  • Performance improvements for chart list view on Dashboard

  • Better handling for those incoming emails that could not be routed somewhere

  • Auto disables a fetch email account after 5 tries

  • Added a new module 360 Appraisal


  • An error where email queue is not being properly saved on a windows os

  • An error that caused an infinitely refreshing dashboard

  • Empty screen bug when clicking on ticket URL from emails

  • Bug in Menu Item

  • A bug causing selecting a wrong email address, when changing current record via top right-left record navigator

  • An error when the user does not have a TZ set 

  • When the user clicks on a line in the timesheet the entire record selection problem

  • An error when a complained or unsubscribed event is received from mailgun

    What's New
  • Enhanced External Email Servers UI

  • Sender name changed to the company name in auto-replies mail templates

  • Added a feature that notifies the user about permanently failed emails

  • Added a new feature where the user can Edit Fields in current form view on Admin Panel

  • Many improvements on Lost Stage Action on CRM

  • Removed tracking icons for incoming emails

  • Now, Add/Remove field on the form generates better field names for Turkish characters

  • Added a Language Selection Feature on Portal Details

  • Improvements on Chatter

  • Re-designed Ticket Reply Template and all mail templates in Support were changed

  • Improvements in Queue Jobs


  • The problem that a regular user cannot import the dashboard

  • An error preventing ie11 users to submit a registration form

  • An error when document expiry is not selected during document creation on HR Document Expiry Module

  • Workflow processing cause an error on mass editing multiple records at once

  • A glitch with the table overflowing out of the sale order

  • Scroll issue on mobile

  • An issue when you reply to a ticket, last attachment auto attaches itself

  • Access error during the generation of the ticket history

  • An error when merging CRM Opportunities

    What's New
  • Added Unassigned Ticket Button on Website Support

  • Added a new feature which is email tracking notifications (Opened, Clicked)

  • Now Kanban view does not need to be fully refreshed for a successful update and this feature also covers the list views

  • Added a new feature that shows a popup to approve every kanban drag-drop action and it also covers changing states' action on form views

  • Now all messages appearing in the inbox cause browser notifications

  • TO, CC fields and Related Document Button were added on the message form

  • Added 2 new endpoints for Outlook add-in

  • Added support for zero vat rate for sales invoice

  • Tickets with message type email were added to reply mail

  • Added a new feature that adds many2many field via add/remove columns

  • Added support for embedding Docx report in a mail template


  • A problem where dashboard was not being rendered on the first load

  • An error during the creation of an exchange difference invoice

  • Wrong summing of the row on Invoicing view

  • An error clicking on a link in a notification email might give 'cannot read prop controller of null'

  • Wrong filtering on the unassigned open ticket

  • Blog cover image issues 

  • Menu Error when creating

  • A popup error, (Notification is not defined) on mobile devices

  • A glitch where a purple menu was left when a dropdown menu was opened/closed on mobile devices

    What's New
  • Added a simplified model for sale order line to overcome permission issues

  • Better UI for 2FA

  • List view columns names on Account Invoice is dynamically re-named according to company currency

  • Debug menu has been rearranged

  • Added ability to the list views show/hide columns

  • "how many days should have passed before deleting an expired DB" is now adjustable via storage settings

  • Added new CloudOffix background image

  • Added pivot view for the logs

  • Improved the email format when replying to a ticket as follows John Doe<>

  • Added Tickets Requiring Action Button on Website Support

  • Added top and left offset to mention popup dropdown

  • A new style for internal notes

  • Added a new feature on Admin Panel that resets the state field on the records that have been assigned to an invalid state


  • Wrong number of records bug on popup lists

  • A bug paying invoices that have foreign currency set on 

  • An error when adding new lines to Budgetary Positions

  • A glitch where graph labels were not fitting inside the kanban view

  • A bug where charts were not being loaded on the initialization

  • An error that is given during base module upgrades

  • An error on entering the employee module due to a wrong field type

  • An error where the user cannot click on plus signs on the pivot view

  • Search hints not visible while typing a search text

  • Calendar button is not working on CRM leads

  • An error on saving support settings

  • Sender mail format

  • Broken email format on the reply form

  • The overflowed grid issue on the invoice

  • The doubled unread counter error for Direct Messages

    What's New
  • Added new modules as MRP Cloud

  • More improvement for double click edit/save action

  • Added chatter for Projects form view

  • Allowed editing linked partner for event registrations

  • Added 'Find&Assign partner from email' action for event registration 

  • Some improvements for Report Docx module

  • Added a new field to write error messages to the mass mail statistics on Mail Statistics form

  • Added a check button beside email field for immediate checking of the email

  • Added linked documents for e-invoices

  • Added Password strength module

  • Added Some new fields on Invoicing List Views

  • Simplified google authenticator user interface and CloudOffix style adapted 

  • Added multi-record support for computing name for lead/opportunities


  • An exception when empty priority on MX record while validating e-mail

  • Wrong unit price on UBL view

  • An error that customer credit notes were consuming e-archive/e-invoice sequence numbers

  • An issue with removing trial flag for the client from the portal UI

  • Typographical error

  • Acase where Mailgun sometimes include message information in a permanent fail package

  • On behalf of notification on Outlook

  • Chatter view in a modal popup

  • A sneaky bug that causes breaking password changing process

  • In a long-running task, an error that was validating emails in a parallel thread as complete before the main task

  • The error where successful payments were not saved when retrying a failed payment 

    What's New
  • Added popup lightbox for all attachment kanbans

  • Now canceling sale order allowed even if it contains completed deliveries

  • There have been many workflow enhancements

  • Now employees with permission can access all documents for Travel

  • Now allowed multiple leaders to be assigned for a sales team

  • Calendar event email templates now use users' timezone instead of particular partners' timezone

  • Workflow revamp

  • A new activity type has been added. "Return to a Call". Users now can set a number of days for calculating the deadline date for the assignment activity

  • Added Last Week, Last Month, This Year, etc. filters to the incoming calls list

  • A new design for Website Support Settings

  • Added calculated fields feature for all models

  • Added Admin Panel module for customization according to user

  • Set the active user's employee for default value on Timesheet

  • Added currency rate in the note area for e-invoice

  • On a kanban view, it now always opens a popup form for all models, however, pressing shift while clicking on a kanban box, will open it in the same window instead of popup

  • Added pivot and graph views for all timesheets

  • Added a feature that asks feedback on the activity done on a kanban view

  • Better UI for completing tasks via kanban

  • Now user can edit or save when double click on a form

  • Email validation for Contacts


  • Default stage for different sales teams

  • Figures on the sales team kanban

  • Safari browser loading action

  • An accounting error importing e-invoices

  • Attachment not being sent problem

  • The Cloudoffix backend chat theme was randomly removing our reply all and forward buttons 

  • An access denied error when creating a new user role group, a non-admin

  • Tickets generated by email were not assigned to the correct category 

  • Date labels being printed one week ahead of tickets dashboard

  • A flaw preventing deleting multiple calls at once

  • "Amounts are overflowing" issue on the sales kanban view

  • Links in external websites live chat

  • Reply error on Website Support

  • When " 'email_wrapper' referenced before assignment error" happens the reply template wasn't set

  • Last week, last year and last month filters on Timesheet

  • Icon error for activities


    What's New
  • Added Cc and Bcc fields on the mail compose UI and functionality

  • Added reply functionality on the chatter

  • Added subject field on the chatter and a horizontal line top of the quote when replying to a message

  • Shown a proper error message when the user tries to continue without selecting a plan

  • Added Billable/non billable fields for the task and two search filters for Billable/non billable task

  • Created an employee for all system users on the HR module install

  • When activating the sample project it auto-assigns all of the tasks that are contained by the sample projects to the current users

  • Added employee selection on the My Timesheets list

  • Added validation for the domain name on try_now page

  • Kanban view, status bar, chatter added for travels

  • Added approve/refuse process for travel, accommodation_request and expense advance

  • All request forms now accept multiple employees and accommodation request calculates name automatically on Travel Expense

  • Added new settings to set for the person responsible for processing the requests on Travel Expense

  • Attachments support for travel models

  • Removed direct access to the list of visa, accommodation, expense advance requests on Travel Expense

  • When creating travel details like visa, transportation requests, etc now auto-fills all relevant values from the parent travel

  • Added related expenses to bottom of the travel UI

  • Added a UI for returning leftover advances

  • Total of expenses now only sums up approved or done expenses

  • All travel objects now can have a direct URL

  • A new fancy email template to notify the manager for approval of travels 

  • Process request email template to be sent to the accountants

  • Added advance, visa, transportation requests email templates

  • Sends a notification to the responsible user when the request is done on Travel Expense

  • Added a feature that cleans up previously scheduled activities linked to the travel on done, refuse, approve

  • Added a new status as ‘cancel’ on Travel Expense and added a process that when canceling a travel or sub details, it dispatches e-mails to accountants and managers if necessary

  • Added default filters for status on Travel Expense

  • Travels are now being listed grouped by status by default

  • Added Incoming e-invoice pdf view support 

  • Clicking on the diamond now toggles billable state for the task

  • Added project-based billable settings

  • Now the team leaders of sales teams can see all the leads that are assigned to their team even if they are not in the sales manager security group

  • TCMB source can now be used for US/EU companies as a source

  • Added company currency columns on the vendor invoice list

  • Added creation date and team columns to the list of clients


  • Empty body issue when sending an actual email

  • Log note composer is an invisible issue

  • Active team filter was not filtering possible stages on the kanban according to team's stages

  • Reply crashes when the author is not a partner on send message popup

  • The timesheet filter items order

  • Prints a warning instead of raising an exception when e-invoice configuration wasn't completed yet.  Previously it wasn't able to create partners due to these exceptions

  • Displaying CC and To fields twice on the discuss app

  • Some design crashes

  • A validation error while sending replies from the chatter

  • Posting journal entries from an expense report causing an error when the e_invoice module was installed

  • Kanban design for Travel Expense

  • Application respective error for incoming invoices

  • Added ability to add expenses to a travel line by line instead of a popup window

  • Added a blue diamond mark for the billable tasks on the kanban view

  • An error on clicking rates and hours on the overview

  • The balance of the "journals" in the accounting table, so that it shows the value of the column "to pay" not "total" as it has until now

  • A wrong currency symbol under sale order

    What's New
  • Prevents users to rename on UI. Now the link just opens the instance URL in a new window

  • Removed the balloon tips for the entire platform

  • Added Google Maps Module

  • Now uses global Google Map settings

  • Now it correctly places street number and street name according to the country of Google Map places API result

  • Added Max Emails Per Month Allowed field for saas plans

  • Added new alerts to be shown to the user when the email sending credit runs out

  • Added max allowed storage on the settings dashboard

  • Hid event settings if the relevant module is not installed yet

  • Added Contact form settings (default team and default user) on CRM settings

  • Added new filters on HR Timesheet

  • Added ability to install inventory management from sale/settings

  • After installing inventory module via sales/settings automatically sets permissions for relevant users

  • Added usage stats for clients on the portal

  • Added group by state definition for leads now kanban is the default view for both leads and opportunities, now leads and opportunities will be listed grouped by states by default

  • Added multiple team selection for CRM stages

  • Added Product Configurator Module

  • Added 3 new stages for leads

  • Added timezone settings on the resource/work time form and employee form

  • Added email alias to support categories

  • The system now properly marks the missing vendors as suppliers and as a company(not a person) when it auto-creates them

  • Added support activity support for tickets and activities UI on the kanban view of tickets

  • Added partner name and assigned user avatar on the ticket kanban

  • Added progress bar on the ticket kanban

  • Added folded, closing and categories field on the ticket states

  • Blocked deletion of a state if it has been used in the code by hardcoding on Website Support

  • All email templates now categorize email as from address

  • Removed create support ticket button from the contact form

  • Added new module for creating tickets from the live chat

  • Removed “add new column” from all kanban views

  • Added auto-close feature for helpdesk tickets

  • Added three additional under support tickets menu(1- Unattended Tickets,2- My Tickets,3- All Tickets)

  • Contact now inherits SLA from the parent as long as not given another particular SLA

  • Added save as template functionality on the send reply UI

  • Added capability of using Bcc to the mail module

  • Cc and Bcc fields on the reply form now support multiple addresses

  • Added dashboard menu under the Support Tickets main menu

  • Added geolocation button on the list view for updating geolocation information for multiple partners at once

  • Added unassigned tickets count to the Ticket dashboard

  • Added a Forward email feature on Website Support

  • Added new module for integrating project tasks between support tickets

  • Added SLA Timer on the kanban view

  • Support site now uses standard signup form instead of own signup form


  • Design backend mobile

  • Glitch when no rate source selected on Currency

  • Some Turkish Translations

  • CRM naming template bug

  • Lead names have not been generated problem when created on the web site 

  • Typographical error

  • Max. Allowed User bug

  • Error in Product Selection Window

  • A bug on backup plan when the name differs with the actual DB name

  • Saas client UI is rearranged

  • Safari Explorer animation bug on try now form

  • Model is not found error

  • The stage field could not be calculated correctly when creating a lead from the web contact form

  • Now supported multi-contact Contact VAT/TAX number validations

  • Submitting tickets via the web interface

  • An error in mass mail during the increment of the email counter

  • Currency problem in Expenses Module

  • An issue about the buy-now process was not updating storage limit and user counts properly

  • The problem that occurs when SLA is manually set

  • Module access error on clicking Expense Report for a regular user

  • When the user enables signups for the support site, now automatically enables global signups in order to prevent 404 errors on signup URL

  • Different SLA-Timer value problem on form view and the kanban view

  • The bug occurs when installing two modules at the same time

    What's New
  • Transferred sub discount to the invoice

  • E-Invoice settings area were revamped

  • The user can download past invoices by setting a date in the past on settings

  • Added Group chat with subject

  • The added new feature, can import discounted invoices properly

  • Discount fields were rearranged for better UI readability

  • New adjustments made for invoice numbering from Foriba

  • Auto-numbering issue for E-Archive invoice

  • Hides reject/accept/return buttons on non-electronic vendor invoices

  • Hides scenario field for regular vendor invoice

  • Added style for new messages

  • Saving e-invoice settings now updates purchase tax unece codes as it does for sale taxes

  • Added CloudOffix New Theme

  • Now menus stay open when clicked on once

  • Responsive menu

  • Added a new style for app drawer

  • Added new 'check' type for journals

  • Added reject by a partner on Accounting

  • Added account check management Turkish customizations

  • Added ability to directly reject by the company for delivered checks

  • When a vendor rejects the third check, it doesn't go to rejected checks anymore. It just returns to holding state

  • Enabled dashboard for regular accounting users

  • Enabled access to checks menu for regular accounting users

  • Added direct filter for deposited on the checklist

  • Deciding whether to put the partner element into UBL is now based on the vat number length instead of partner type

  • Added Cash Sale module

  • When chat is closed, ask for a rating

  • Changed the entire process of exchange differences and account move lines

  • Added exchange difference feature on Accounting

  • Added editable currency rate on payment screens 

  • Added ability to changing a check into cash without using a bank

  • Added new currency update module that keeps global rates


  • Discount glitches

  • Removed excessive decimal points for vendor invoice

  • An error that occurs when e-invoice loaded but settings are left empty

  • Removed irrelevant E-Invoice UI elements from the customer return invoice

  • Adjustments for username

  • A few glitches on the menu

  • Show older messages link

  • Autocomplete on chat window

  • Separator messages and UI problem backend

  • Journal field gets lost

  • Performance improvements for the dashboard

  • Design problems in chatter history

  • Display messages on the chat window and on other like an invoice, show author name with a link

  • The button on offline form on Live Chat

  • Typographical error

  • The problem that errors thrown on check operations not understandable if the journal setup has missing credit/debit accounts

    What's New
  • UBL is imported

  • Added view GIB E-Invoice link on vendor invoices

  • After E-Invoice ensures have been enabled, UNECE code set for KDV

  • Added E-Invoice Interface on Partner Card allowing to save multiple addresses

  • The periodical download now adds new aliases into Partner’s alias list

  • Added reject reason on Invoice

  • When enabling E-Invoice, checks sequence settings and adjusts them to comply with gips standard

  • Hiding empty options from select boxes

  • Added E-Invoice status to vendor and customer invoice lists

  • User-friendly status message on the Invoices

  • Changing Vat now updates E-Invoice user enabled/disabled and all receiver aliases

  • Added a button on Partner for the forced updates. It downloads aliases from the providers’ E-Invoice web service

  • Added Update E-Invoice Status Button

  • Now cache PDF files downloaded from E-Invoice provider

  • Auto attach E-Invoice PDF into mail instead of a regular PDF print

  • Added different sequence for every invoice types

  • Added manual send button for E-Invoice and E-Archive

  • Added a send-cancel function for E-Archive Invoices

  • Get status updates for E-Archive invoices

  • Added a special cancellation UI for TEMEL FATURA

  • Added E-Invoice UI on Company listing receiver and sender aliases

  • Added confirmation messages on E-Invoice enable/disable

  • Allows updating tax number in E-Invoice settings

  • Added new invoice subtype field for Withholding Tax, Exemption, etc.

  • Added E-Invoice and E-Archive sequence prefix settings on invoice settings

  • Hides withholding tax columns when invoice type is irrelevant

  • Added exempt reason model for Exemption invoices

  • Added sending type and its only visible when invoice type is e-archive

  • Added detailed taxes for Turkish Accounting

  • Added Product Category Taxes module

  • Added additional discount fields on the sale order

  • Added chart of account groups and types to the account’s menu

  • Added confirmation on invoice cancellation


  • Updated E-invoice type on the partner change

  • Syntax error

  • Duplicating an already sent invoice is not copied to UUID and E-Invoice Status anymore

  • Removed Payment Mode for Turkish E-Invoice

  • Selecting receiver alias on the invoice is now required, fixed not being able to change receiver alias on invoice during initial creation

  • Invoice now correctly identifies e-invoice user and receiver alias when an order being converted to invoice fixed XSD validation error when an order is attached to the invoice

  • Small glitch on the invoice when partner receiver ID is null

  • A bug on E-Archive Settings

  • A bug on sending E-Archive when a customer is a person

  • Replaces edit boxes with dropdown selection for receiver and sender aliases on the e-invoice setting

  • Changes fixed dropdowns for aliases on E-Invoice settings to allow creating missing alias on demand

  • Vat validation error on module installation

  • 0% vat not being included in the UBL

  • Rounding problem with discounts

  • Division by zero error

    What's New
  • Many Improvements on E-Invoice’s processes

  • All e-invoices users can be downloaded once a day

  • Send to Foriba on validating

  • Determine “Invoice Type” button

  • View E-Invoice from the invoice screen

  • Settings screen revamped on E-Invoice

  • Added Turkish Translation for Tax Office

  • New UI for selecting auto-rate download source on the Invoicing settings page

  • Deletes cronjob and service definition when auto-rate disabled via settings

  • Updated Turkish Translation for Modules

  • Role-based permissions are added

  • Added CloudOffix Docx Report Engine

  • Added “Mark the Opportunity won” confirmation when a sale order is confirmed

  • Added ask update expected revenue after saving sale order

  • Added to check whether the total in foreign currency gets updated on the opportunity as well

  • Added optional auto-generate sequential names for leads and opportunities

  • New auto-naming UI and Workflow

  • Added more fields for lead naming templates

  • Moved Concurrent Database Creation Settings under the system parameters


  • Removed generate “UBL XML File” button

  • “Tax Office Object” missing permissions

  • Typographical error

  • Removed simplified create and quick create on kanban view on Sales Cloud

  • Multicurrency not working problem on CRM

  • QWeb Glitch

  • Multi-currency issues and shows untaxed amounts

  • Currency Glitch

  • Concurrent database creation problem

  • Amazon Web Service and Mailgun

    What's New
  • Deletes the database 10 days after expiration for Trials and 60 days after expiration for purchased databases

  • Sales Cloud template was added

  • Marketing Cloud template was added

  • Mail Tracking Mass mailing, Custom Unsubscribe, Newsletter Welcome, Mass Mailing Partner apps were added

  • Export Manager, Mail Tracking and Mass Editing applications were added

  • Invoicing Cloud template was added

  • Tax offices and tax office names were added for Turkey

  • Helpdesk Cloud template was added

  • Saas Contract module was added

  • Recruitment Cloud template was added


  • Autodelete databases

  • Cronjobs porting v11.0

  • Cannot delete broken client database under saas portal

  • Search problem focus

  • Wrong province names

  • Breadcrumb error

    What's New
  • Trial expiration notification was added


  • Menu show actions 

  • The style of trial nav bar was updated

  • Topbar actions and themes

  • Expiration days

  • Status and mobile problem

  • Menu permission was changed to users that have Private Address permission

  • Cronjobs porting v11.0

  • The wrong model was changed on the marketing campaign

  • Do not count draft invoices in credit

  • Product Contract Problem

    What's New
  • Language was set for created database user from contact language

  • Buy-now max user setting was added

  • Lead Automation was moved to marketing cloud

  • Checklist module was added

  • Project Cloud Template was added

  • General Template was added

  • Added Contract module


  • Create “A” instead of “CNAME” record for the Client in route53

  • Redirecting to Apps was removed

  • co_debranding module was removed

  • The Auto Install feature was enabled on Web Timeline module

  • Keychain module was removed due to errors during the server startup