Release Notes

March, 2024

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February, 2024

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January, 2024

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December, 2023

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November, 2023

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October, 2023

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August, 2023

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March, 2024

    What's New
  • Contacts Module

    • Provided automatic contact creation from business cards with Artificial Intelligence

  • Cloudoffix Connect Meeting

    • CloudOffix now passes the user name and email to the CloudOffix Connect Meetings

  • Customization

    • Added export-import mechanism

      • All of the customizations made on the database or model-based customizations, including all fields, menus, views, actions, etc. can be exported and imported to another database.

  • Employees Module

    • Hierarchical-tree-view is added to Employees Module

      • Tree view can call button actions

      • Tree view: Support for invisible attributes for the buttons

      • Tree view supports multiple models for a view (ie hr.department for tree skeleton and for the leaves)

      • Clickable attribute feature is added

  • Settings Module

    • Added Open AI Key field under Integrations group in General Settings

  • Email Marketing Module

    • Added a color picker function to the Theme Colors(for buttons) field in Email Marketing Module

    • Added color picker to select desired color for background of Email Marketing Template

  • Mobile

    • Default notification sound added for IOS devices

    • Mobile notifications are provided for Calendar reminders

  • General

    • User can create activity to other users from quick creation now

    • Provided company based Microsoft Teams and Zoom setups for databases with multi-company feature is activated

    • Picking custom color for the selected text is now uses the general pickColor function instead of custom dialog


  • Calendar Module

    • Inability to update the meeting time by attendees of collective meeting type

    • Visibility of Reschedule button in invitation mail is changed to view by only third-party users

  • Recruitment Module

    • Making a note in chatter as if the mail is going to someone, when the applicant is not set on the Application form

  • Surveys Module

    • Asterisk icon (*) slides down for the mandatory questions in Surveys Module

    • Extending Question field to the right side of the page when question names are long in Survey Module

    • Inability to duplicate feature on newly added HTML fields(Question and Choice) in Survey Module

    • Auto-focus feature of cursor is disabled for the answers in Surveys Module

  • Substitution

    • The problem where the same user could not give same group authorization to two different users at the same time with the substitution feature

  • App Builder

    • Error occurred when there is an attachment (ir.attachment) field in the lines of the many2one field added to a custom model

    • Removing default filters by App builder causes an error

  • OKR Module

    • Viewing unnecessarily Actual number field under Progress group from Key Results form for "Achieved or not (%100/0%)" Key Result Type

  • Resource Allocation Module

    • The problem that when a user deletes recurring meetings with the This and the following allocation button, somehow some other users' allocations are also deleted

  • Leaves

    • Inability of creating "leave" and those with leave type "other" are not allowed simultaneously

  • Mobile

    • After closing a dialog form that is opened from another dialog form breaks the scroll mechanism of the parent dialog form

    • Inability redirecting push notifications the users to the related record on Mobile

  • Support Module

    • Support staff replies are not visible for the portal users

    • Support staff close messages are not visible for the portal users

    • Emails that are sent by customer to a ticket are not visible on the portal

  • Website

    • We previously blocked guest checkout with existing emails in our database. Now, users can complete purchases as guests even with existing email addresses

  • General

    • Creating a record from base automation or cron that has a workflow may raise an error like 'ValueError

    • Having users of portal and employee access rights at the same time

    • Error occurred when trial db’s unique name generation may fail rarely

February, 2024

    What's New
  • App Builder

    • Performance improvement

    • App Builder license can be enabled/disabled from the saas portal

  • Subscription

    • Added Subscription History tab to Subscriptions

  • General

    • Substitution

      • Substitution first working logic

      • Substitution now supports xml groups

      • Substitution state now stored in the session

      • New substitution logic with a better performance

      • New substitution logic now properly handles inherited groups

      • Record rules: Writable for the owner, readable for the substitute

      • Ensures that a group that the main user does not have not being attached to the target user

      • Adds "Substitutions" menu item under the top user menu

      • User field is auto filled and readonly

      • A scheduled job is added for disabling expired substitutions

      • Try now page now suggest a db name automatically filled

      • A new option for HTML Widget

      • Many2many_tags and Many2many_tags_email widgets now allows the user to select multiple records at once

      • Security checks are added for Cloudoffix Connect API

    • Turkish Translation Update

    • Custom script support is added for the tree view

    • Documentation is added for custom tree view renderers and, adding a script block directly into a Tree view

    • Survey

      • Allows the users set a custom style for the questions

      • Html editor for the survey question now takes less space without any border

      • Html editor is added for answer options

      • value_html and question_html fields are added to survey labels and survey questions for frontend usage

      • Multiple and single choice survey questions labels supports html

      • Simplifed html editor widget no more shows view code button

      • Html editor drop down menus are not accessible in a small dialogs like survey answers

      • Answer dialog form redesigned, all widgets are now full width

    • Recruitment

      • Send Quiz Survey field located under Automated Actions header on Stage form

    • Resource Allocation

      • Resource Report View

        • Scale labels

        • Scheduled bars

        • KPI labels

        • UI elements

        • Next-prev buttons

        • Filtering by resources

        • Date range selector

        • Custom date range

        • Daily and weekly mode

        • New view icon

    • Resource view filter button now lists saved filters

      • Selecting a saved filters no more closes the drop down

      • Selected saved filters are now marked with a check mark

    • Billable, unbillable representation mvp

    • Scheduled bar, billable and unbillable bars are now clickable

      • The dialog shows the related records

    • Billable and non-billable totals

    • Filter button lists saved filters like the resource view do

    • A table view added to the bottom of the resource report view for displaying the details of the report by resources

    • Sorting for the resource table

    • Adds scheduled ratio, billable ratio and non-billable ratio columns to the table

    • Clickable cells for accessing related records

    • Adds project tab

    • Project tab sorting, scroll boxes for long lists

    • Sticky headers

    • Connect Meetings Logs

      • A detailed logs for CloudOffix Connect is added

      • The list is accessible from Calendar/Config/Meeting

      • Last activity column added to list view

      • Default filter is now 'Has Activity' for the meeting log list

      • "Online Meeting duration" and "Online Meeting Delay" fields are added into the Connect tab

      • A chatter message is automatically logged after a meeting gets completed


  • Subscription
    • subscription_total_change field incorrect calculation
    • Subscription unlink error
  • OKR
    • Is a Vendor and Internal Reference criteria are moved under Engagement Criteria Type
  • Scoring
    • Module cannot be upgraded in a db with 5k or more partner
  • Substitution
    • Substitution menu appears twice for some databases
    • Searching user groups raises a permission error
    • Clicking the Substitutions menu auto-closes the app drawer if open
  • General
    • A bug that causing incorrect sorting and record limiting on calendar event views
    • A many2many field of a custom model cannot be added to a chart
    • Displaying "Request timed out" warning popup while creating Trial accounts
    • Double clicking on the calendar no more opens two dialogs
    • AttributeError: 'ir.http' object has no attribute '_ensure_cookie_set' error on offline chat message
  • Resource Allocation
    • Resource Report View
      • The style when there are too many columns
      • A bug that causes the last resource domain set from the other tab not being applied
      • No more negative values in unscheduled box
      • Rounds statistics
        • Related dialog domain to avoid next day's records from being shown
      • When there are no records, percentage values might be printed as NaN
  • Connect Meetings Logs
    • An error while creating a recurrent event
  • Calendar
    • When the new button was pressed multiple times it didn't seem like a all day due to the difference in seconds in the moment
  • Recruitment
    • The problem of ability to add guests to the meeting where applicants set up the time of job interview on the shared calendar
    • Inability to set the privacy of the meetings created through Applicant form as "Only me"
    • Adds warning to send quiz button when applicant field is blank
    • Incorrect meeting count on recruitment form
    • When a calendar appointment meeting is rescheduled via button on invitation email, the main calendar event structure is broken

January, 2024

     What's New
  • Website
    • Each frontend design now have their own action object instead of using the common one
    • Re-designed the Mailing Subscriptions page for Unsubscribe template on Portal
    • Provided the availability of workflows in the Portal
  • Resource Allocation Module
    • Resource Allocation record name is generated automatically as "Assigned to - Start Date" format now
  • Contacts Module
    • Added the feature to the new contact card to scan a business card
    • Opt-out fields on contact and crm cards now became trackablE
  • Support Module
    • Added the Round-Robin Assignment field to Settings of Support Module
    • Optimized accessibility of fields in the support ticket form in Console via DevTools based on Employees/Employee authorization
  • Email Marketing Module
    • Replaced twitter(bird) icon with X icon in Email Marketing Module
    • Users can select custom text color in website editor of Email Marketing now by clicking plus icon (color picker)
  • CRM Module
    • Lead Scoring checkbox is removed from Settings of CRM Module
    • Provided displaying the field that is opt-out on the contact card is also as opt-out on the Lead form
    • Opt-out fields on contact and crm cards now became trackable
  • Project Module
    • Sprint Management checkbox can be activated or deactivated by admin user now
    • Sprint Management model can be installed via Settings of Project Module
  • Discuss Module
    • Added anonymous voting feature on Discuss channel
  • App Builder
    • Added "Bypass Permission Checks" option to Cloudoffix App Builder to skip all permission checks for that field
    • Provided Allow Portal users checkbox in related workflow under Admin Panel is clicked automatically when "Enable web access" and "Show in my portal" checkboxes are clicked in App Builder
    • Provided stat buttons server side support in App Builder
    • Default values now properly filled upon creating new record for the users navigated through the stat buttons
  • OKR Module
    • Added My Objectives and My Key Results filters to OKR Module
  • SMS Marketing Module
    • SMS content can now be changed when a template is selected in SMS marketing
  • Subscription Module
    • Added archiving feature to Subscription Module
  • Calendar Module
    • Activated the new recurrent meeting feature
    • Added a new model to keep Cloudoffix Connect Meetings separately in the system
  • Cloudoffix Mobile App
    • Portal users can login on mobile app
    • Removed the structure that portal users can navigate between the pages of the site when they log in from the mobile application
    • Reduced the height of My Portal header on Mobile
  • General
    • A utility function is added for requesting new ssl certificate for mailgun tracking urls
    • Added new country states
    • Removed Collaborative Pads module installation field from module settings
    • Added frontend access settings views under Technical menu item. All employees and Portal users have only read access, Admins have the full access in this way

  • Fixed
  • SMS Marketing

    • Recipient count is able to view even though recipient is added with only partner info

  • Calendar Module

    • Viewing “Only the owner can edit the meeting type” error on portal

    • An error that If attendees and owners are same, appointment module can't find an available slot

    • An invitation mail is sent to customer when a recurring meeting deleted

    • Date error occurred when a recurring meeting creating via Meeting stat button of the related form

  • Live Chat Module

    • The problem of not grouping by Operator only internal users are and not displaying in the filtering area in "Session Statistics" and "Operator Analysis Page" in Live Chat Module

  • E-learning Module

    • Bug stopping the Vimeo working due to sending referrer header
  • App Builder

    • Moved "Visible On Portal" javascript logic from Live chat module to app builder module to prevent getting reference error in db's where app builder is not installed

    • A bug causing a custom user group to be removed on app builder upgrades

    • The problem of the project's visibility in the Portal by all employees in the company associated with the customer If the privacy field is set to "Visible to following customers"

    • The user receives an authorization error if the checklist field is added in Task to the portal view

  • Email Marketing Module

    • UThe problem of failure to display the X icon when dragging and dropping templates to the mail body in the Email Marketing Module

  • Discuss Module

    • Bug accidentally recorded voice recording from being sent to someone else

  • Project Module

    • The problem that all employees associated with the customer in the company can view the project even if they are not project followers

  • OKR Module

    • Inability of new employee can see Session or Objective created with All company option

  • General

    • Occurred “Domain Error: This domain is not supported”

    • Groups granting admin privileges to the user unexpectedly

    • Bug causes while processing email tracking, the system may find an incorrect partner because it uses a search operator instead of equality. For example, while we search we may incorrectly find

    • An exception 'you have already voted' on anonymous voting from a floating chat

  • Cloudoffix Mobile App

    • Custom documents form views are not being rendered on native ios devices



     What's New
  • App Builder
    • Updated App builder and frontend design
    • Provided showing the chatter on Portal via App Builder
    • Added "Visible on portal" checkbox to make Log notes visible in Portal Chatter by App Builder
    • Allowed adding new fields in tree view mode by App Builder
    • Portal users can now post to the chatter even though they don't have write access to the model
    • Added an improvement that attaches the last edited action to the frontend design in order to use default filters on the portal view custom doc
  • Resource Allocation
    • Provided converting an allocation created to recurring allocation
    • Added Resource Allocation stat button to the Project For
  • CRM
    • Added "is in range" and "is not in range" operators for Last Stage Update field for Lead Scoring in CRM Module
    • Added Score stat button to Opportunity form
    • Added sms opt-out field to the Crm Module
  • Calendar Module
    • Added "This and following events" option to Calendar Meetings
    • Added meeting description to the shared calendar view in Portal
    • Added a many2many field called "Owners" above the "Attendees" field for creating a Calendar meeting with Team Booking selection
    • Added the start and end information to email template of All-day meetings
    • Added a context for not to check access control while scheduling meeting on Portal side
  • OKR
    • OKR menu item name changed to Objective
    • Added Initiatives tab to Key Result form
    • Added Session,Owner Type and Progress columns to list view of Objectives
    • Columns are updated respectively as "Name", "Initial Number", "Key Result Type", "Target Number", "Actual Number", "Owners", "State" in the list view of
    • Key Results page
    • Implemented "Session" group by default filter in list view of Objectives
    • Added Key result history to form view in OKR Module
  • Discuss Module
    • #" is displayed instead of the strikethrough camera visual for Discuss Channels in Discuss top-bar
    • Accepting a video call sends a notification back to the caller. This way the caller knows if the user has accepted the call. The meeting link automatically opens in a new tab upon the recipient's acceptance.  If the recipient has multiple windows open, all windows show the incoming call, and when the user accepts a call from a tab, all tabs stop ringing. Also, the call rejection works in the same way
  • Employees Module
    • Updated when a "department change" or "promotion" employee activity is created in the tree view, the employee's department and job position (in the work information tab) according to this line
    • Job positions now display on Organizational Chart in the user's preferred language
  • Email Marketing Module
    • Mass mailing uses a different IP configuration for Email Marketing Module now
  • Project Module
    • Removed default Hide subtasks filter on Sub-Tasks page
  • Sales Module
    • Only internal users are displayed in Sales Person field of Sales Order form now
  • Surveys Module
    • Generated a different logic to compute the total score for the questions type is matrix
  • Events Module
    • Event registration template updated according to new UI design
  • Added a year parameter to be able to fetch public holidays for the desired year
  • Checking "Visible only for mentioned partners" in the chatter automatically unchecks "Visible on portal" and disables it
  • The previous development ensured the preservation of translations when a user made changes to an original text in the Website Editor. Now, additionally, we are marking these translations as 'to be translated'
  • Added sitemap parameter
  • Added Polish translation
  • Removed elearning training link inside the sitemap
  • Added new barcode generation logic for Sendeo cargo
  • Removed the unnecessary line above the Total field in Travel Management Module
  • Azerbaijani language added
  • Generated "Fetch Holidays" For Resource Calendars Scheduled Job to Run for 3 Years
  • Now users who have System Technical Settings access also become Resource Manager
  • Mailgun api integrations addition, a new utility is added for switching email tracking urls protocol http to http
  • Fixed
  • Resource Allocation

    • Bug causes creating an allocation record in list view if the end date is set before the start date

    • Occurred visual glitch in allocations whose working hour has been exceeded in an extreme way

    • Inability of the all fields located on a recurring allocation updating with "this and following allocations" option

    • Overlapping problem with recurring allocations created as weekly or monthly

  • Employees Module

    • Changed Father name and Mother name fields’ widget type from Date to char under Private Information tab in Employees Module

  • Surveys Module

    • Redirecting an expired survey to Internal Server Error page

  • Calendar Module

    • Inability of update the fields with "This event" radio button on a recurring meeting

    • Displaying a record rule instead of an input field to enter the date of month if users want to create monthly recurring calendar meetings with "Date of month" optio

  • OKR Module

    • Occurring overflow when a very long description is typed to Related Objective field in OKR Module

    • Ability of editing the sessions and objectives by OKR user

    • Invisibility of employee selections in Objectives form of OKR Module when employee radio button is selected

    • Invisibility of user warning about the current value on the form opened when clicked on Update OKR button

    • Viewing the New and Import buttons in Key Result page by OKR users

    • Exceeding 100% or %0 of Progress value in Key Result

  • Live Chat Module

    • Uploading huge attachments(more than 10 MB) to a live chat session

    • Attaching a file publicly to a random model/record in LiveCha

  • Recruitment Module

    • Displaying all quiz answers in the system when clicked on Quiz Answers stat button form when there is no an applicant on Recruitment form

  • App Builder

    • Occurred an error with a message "Frontend access is not enabled for ..." while adding new records to a many2many field by App builder

    • Error occurred while adding a new stat button by App builde

  • Discuss Module

    • Unable to click on Submit button in the shared calendar page when pressed Enter tab after added a guest

    • The problem is that video call continues to ring in all tabs when switched to other Cloudoffix tabs opened on browser

    • Users with Live Support Manager authority could not create a private or discuss channel

  • 360 Appraisal Module

    • The problem that the source of the selections in the drop-down list to make a selection in the Employee Category field in the 360 Appraisal module is coming from two different fiel

  • Marketing Automation Module

    • Two problems while creating an activity on Campaign form of Marketing Automation

  • Custom documents top gap is too big for a Portal user for frontend design

  • Bug causes the domain filter used with "last_x_days" expressions to not include the current day

  • The web editor no more losses previous translations of the text that the user edited

  • Unable to click on Google reCAPTCHA Active checkbox on Settings page in the Support Module

  • Bug is related to keeping multiple sessions alive on the SaaS servers. Multiple sessions causes doubling the new_database request to the upstream serves


     What's New
  • Travel Management Module
    • Added My Receipts filter to My Receipts model in Travel Management Module
    • Expense lines of the receipt is sorting as in the receipt when reads by OCR
    • Added a rule to separate the decimal numbers format with dot(.) for expenses
    • Description of expense is noted as "Expenses", when product name is not able to read by OCR
    • Added 2 radio buttons to the popup opened by clicking Auto Expense Entry button
      • 1. Create an expense record for each receipt. (default)
      • 2. Create a separate expense record for each receipt line
  • “Poll” option is added to Discuss Module
    • Added the ability to send a survey to a channel
    • Poll can be voted
    • Showed voter’s avatar in Polling
    • Votes are counted
    • Multi select option is added to Poll
    • Poll options can be created on the list view instead of popups on a mobile device
    • Adjusted the check marks we used for the options of Polls and provided compatible with the current theme
  • Voice recording feature is added on Discuss Module
    • A black microphone  icon for voice messaging is shown until a text typed into message box in Discuss Modul
    • Pausing and resuming functionality is added to voice messaging feature
    • "Send Voice Message" menu item is removed from the + plus menu in Discuss Module
    • Cros browser support is added for both recording and playing for voice messaging feature
    • Added voice messaging feature to floating chat
    • Ability to play the current record before sending feature is added for voice messaging
  • Added video call feature to Discuss Module
    • Incoming call is displayed on UI and sounds
    • Incoming call popup is automatically closed after 60 seconds of ringing
    • A new ring tone is added
    • Answering or rejecting a call immediately stops the ringer
    • A video call can be initiated from the floating chat window
    • Video call button no more displayed for public chats in floating chat
    • Video call button is hidden when chat popup is minimized to prevent any unnecessary confusion or error
  • Resource Allocation
    • Settings menu is added under Configuration menu item of Resource Allocation
    • Resource Allocation is added as a separate app to the system
    • Resource allocation record can be created recurring
    • When Resource allocation is installed, employee cards include a new tab called "Allocation"
    • Sorting no more moves 'load more' link to the top on Resource allocation view
    • Provided converting an allocation created to recurring allocation
    • Provided to display availability for the employees an extra of 90 days before and after in order to show overscheduled hours in Resource Allocation Module
    • "New" button is added to the top left of the chart of Resource Allocation to create a new allocation 
    • There are four types of access rights for Resource Allocation app.
      • 1. User Documents Read Only
      • 2. User Documents
      • 3. Team Document
      • 4. Manager
    • Overscheduled hours now displayed with a “+” prefix instead of “-”
    • Added customizable weekend settings for resource allocation
    • Allowed to view past dates older than 1 years ago with custom option
    • Provided to able to view the backdated allocations till 2 months ago
  • CRM Module/ Lead Scoring Feature
    • Multiple Lead Scoring rules can be able to activate or deactivate with buttons under Action menu item in List view
    • "Referred" criteria option name is changed to "Referred by"
    • “Delete” button under Action menu item is removed from the Score stat button on the lead form
    • Concealed the Score stat button on Lead or Opportunity form if there is no Lead Scoring rule
    • Scoring Rule Operators are hidden under Configuration menu item of CRM Module
    • “Is favorite” criteria is delisted from Lead Scoring Rule form
    • Removed some operators for “Assigned Date” criteria and added “is in range” and “is not in range” operators for “Assigned Date” criteria
    • Added "Score" column to list view of Leads
    • Added Score stat button to Opportunity form
    • “Lost Reason” criteria is delisted from Lead Property criteria type
    • “Priority” criteria is delisted from Lead Property criteria type
    • Added "is in range" and "is not in range" operators for Date and Date Time criterias
    • Criteria option displayed as "Email Sent Counter" changed to "Email Sent Count” in Scoring Rules Page
  • SMS Marketing Module
    • Added Failure Type column to SMS Traces List view in Sms Marketing Module
    • SMS text's character count field is visible after saved the SMS Marketing Template now
    • Added displaying with "group by" status option to SMS Marketing Kanban view by default
    • Dynamic Placeholder Generator tab is added between SMS Content and Settings tab to Sms Template form
    • Recipients can be added now with only phone number info while creating a contact list by importing in SMS Marketing Module
  • Calendar Module
    • Recurring meetings can be distinguished from each other currently
    • Adjusted the Join Meeting and Reschedule buttons on Invitation mail
    • Displayed "Edit recurring event" field now when editing a recurrent meeting created already
    • Provided only internal users are listed as Meeting Owner while creating a meeting
    • Meeting url (Join Meeting button) is added to “Calendar: Reminder” mail templat
  • Mobile App Improvements
    • Added plus icon includes  icon  “E-mail”, “Log Note”, “Log a call”, “Schedule” options next to chatter filter
    • Aligned the Filter button to the left and followers box to the right on Mobile devices
  • Removed elearning training link inside the sitemap
  • Added a feature that auto-closing  faster Live Chat within determined minute after operator’s last message
  • Added "Assigned to" and "Monitored by me" tabs to the Activities icon
  • Dynamic Placeholder Generator tab is added between Mail Body and Options tabs to Email Marketing template form
  • Automatically generates avatar with initials for the employees now if there is no profile photo
  • Users can see companies tickets on company partner card
  • Filters and Saved filters buttons relocated under Search box again in Discuss Module on browser and mobile
  • App Builder New Release
    • Dialog form editors now supports multiple-views
    • Delete button only visible if there is a row with checkbox checked
    • Dialog form is used if there is no embedded editor found; text box is used for html fields
    • Date fields no more shows the date format placeholders
    • A new ability for setting or updating fold field for a status bar widget
    • Rendering Sate fields Folded attribute for frontend: Auto moves a stage to the bar if it is clicked under the "more" menu
  • Fixed
  • SMS Marketing

    • The problem that the Sms template created once cannot be changed agai

    • A bug causes when selected a SMS template created, the SMS content section is displayed as the content of the first created template

    • Error occurred while  clicking on "Sent" and "Clicked" stat buttons in SMS Marketing Module

    • An error occurred while sending SMS with Dynamic Placeholder Generator option

    • Occurring Visual glitch problem in the recipient form while editing in Sms Marketing Module

    • Bug that Score value is displayed on Lead card even though the status field of the rule is deactivate

  • Resource Allocation Module

    • Ellipsis is added for allocations have long project names in Kanban

    • Visual glitch that causes allocations with long project names and time information to overlap in Kanban view

    • Bug causes when employees have leaves, overschedules are calculated incorrectly

    • Error occurred while creating a recurring allocation

  • CRM/Lead Scoring Model

    • Bug occurred when Score value is created with negative numbers in Lead Scoring Rule

    • The problem that a lead scoring rule value created with a negative number is not displayed in the List view when clicking the Score stat button on the Lead record

    • Bug causes that it appears as "Record (s) 0" even though there are Lead records according to Lead Scoring Rule is created with “Custom” option

    • Displaying two fields named Criteria Type on the Scoring Rule form

    • Bug causes viewing two "Criteria type" fields on Lead Scoring rule form while choosing Custom criteria type

    • Refined resource allocation query and prevented record duplication in Resource Allocation

    • Prevented excessive row height on load more in Resource Allocation

  • Calendar Module

    • Error occurred that creating a recurring meeting with "End Date" option

    • Bug causes that if user creates a recurring meeting, Date field is not displayed empty in Until field while editing

    • Bug causes that if users create a meeting on Calendar and convert to recurring meeting, the recurrent meeting can not be created

    • An error occurred if user wants to update the end date of a recurring meeting created  with All events option

  • Visual glitch comes out while displaying Work information and Work Experiences tabs fully on Employee form

  • The problem that ability to delete the default expense product

  • Incorrect model on expense alias

  • An error occurred when LiveChat is not installed

  • Assigning operator problem with round-robin method in Live Chat

  • User's real IP could not be traced with Long Polling

  • Now the active field of the partner and user cards will be checked before sending the "New Login Geolocation Confirmation" email

  • In vote receive logic comes out a bug

  • Removed the notebook widget from the new poll dialog

  • Visual glitch of broken Call button style for mobile devices

  • Visual glitch problem that Following/Followers link on the chatter is clipped on mobile devices

  • The problem that chatter filter and followers menu stays behind of the chatter messages

  • The problem that Unrouted filter not functioning properly

  • Chatter topbar causes an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar on mobile devices

  • Bug causes that overlapping the filtering area with filter and saved filter button when user adds a lot of filters

  • Visual glitch occurs that chatter filter symbol is slided to right

     What's New
  • Changed Timesheet icon on top bar 

  • "Is Template" checkbox is default selected now when the user creates a new Project Template

  • Added My Receipts root model for OCR and placed menu item to My Expenses menu Updated the Event registration template

  • Added receipt button box to show attachments in My Receipts model

  • Updated the Applicant: Acknowledgment email template according to new UI design

  • Updated Applicant: Refuse email template according to new UI design

  • Updated Applicant: Interest email template according to new UI design

  • Sprint Management Module
    Removed Kanban view option from Backlog for streamlined functionality 
    Added Sprint column to the Tasks view for enhanced visibility
    Removed Started status on Sprint workflow

  • Limited the Attachment dropdown for 20 attachment records

  • Provided ability to create simultaneous meetings while using "Zoom"

  • Implemented design improvements for Timesheet Creation Widget on top-bar 

  • Moved the amount field on the kanban view of Subscriptions
    Implemented that Live chat "Active Sessions" list does not include the chats that the "Begin Chat" button is not clicked yet on Portal

  • When public user clicks on Live Chat icon without clicking Begin Chat button on Portal, the message "Your conversation has ended" is not displayed now

  • since the chat is displayed under Live Sessions

  • Added clipping message feature (for larger than 500kb) on chatter and  "view full message" link text for see full version of message.

  • Added OCR Credit control

  • Implemented enhancements for appropriately viewing the calendar appoinment on Portal

  • Added better warning content for camera sharing during answering a survey 

  • Provided assigning company timezone to contacts without an address in the Contact card

  • Updated font size of my portal text for mobile view

  • Added Resource Allocation feature to Project Module
    Weekends are auto excluding while adding allocation on Resource Allocation
    Added a marker for current week and current day on Resource Allocation page
    Added an autoscroll to today on initialization on Resource Allocation page
    Implemented missing hours display on Resource Allocation Kanban view
    Resource allocation entries colored by the color of project’s Kanban card
    Added ability to change resource filter on the fly for Resource view side bar
    Resource allocations: Resource allocation entries height calculated based on their working hours per day
    Resource allocations: Auto row height when there is overschedules
    Resource allocations: Drag/drop fills empty spaces on the graph
    Resource allocations: if the user selects more then they intended moving mouse back unselects the last cells
    Resource allocations: Remembers resource filter
    Resource allocations: Remembers sort order

  • Added one more condition to country filter

  • Added a new method to distinguish recurring meetings from other meetings. Every recurring meeting has different id number now 

  • Provided local institution list for selection of education details for Employees Module for Turkey

  • Added military info field  for Employees Module for Turkey

  • Added new UI design for the right to left languages

  • Enabled login using ADFS also on mobile devices

  • Hided the emoji button for floating chat in mobile devices

  • Improved the input area style for floating chat in mobile devices

  • Changed from xlwt to xlsxwriter to remove limitations in Excel exports, thus improving performance

  • Error occured the scheduled emails is sent to unconfirmed attendees in Events

  • Prevented displaying the Start Connect Meeting button even though not created a Connect Meeting

  • The problem when the browser unresponsive due to the chatter mail load without "show more" feature

  • Bug that causes the filtering field to overlap with Kanban cards on Mobile

  • Expense report rows column width adjusted

  • An error when a request was created for a non-existent partner with a public user

  • The error is “External ID not found” for Expense mail alias

  • The problem is about context for the 'Document' button in the hr.employee model

  • Direct link to the records redirects to the kanban of the same record type

  • Bug causes that subscription was closed when the quotation or order was canceled

  • The error that admin user is not able to create a channel in Discuss Module 

  • The bug occurs that Invoicing tab in contact cards is not hidden if the Invoicing Module is not installed in a DB

  • Removing the gray gap between the plus icon and the dropdown menu when clicking the plus icon in floating chat

  • Aligning problem the plus menu button with the input area

  • An error occurs while calculating the duration when there is no project in the task

    What's New
  • Created Sprint Management module
    Sprint Management: Users can add tasks to a sprint from within the sprint form
    Sprint Management: Added a security group that can be set from a user form
    Created access rights for Project Sprint Model
    Added the Backlog feature to Sprint Management
    Developed a transfer process works for the remaining tasks from the previous sprint to add to next sprint(s)
    Added Tasks stat button on Sprint form
    Added Action menu item on Sprint page
    Created search view field for sprint
    Added tree and form view for sprint
    Added Sprint Management field to Settings to activate the Sprint
    Provided enhanced user experience by making the workflow on the Sprint form clickable
    Changed description for Sprint Management field in Setting of Project Module
    Updated Tasks stat's symbol on Sprint form to match the design used in the Project form
    Added hint for Backlog field on Stage form
    Added 'Remove Task' action to Sprint model for task removal from Sprint without deletion
    Restricted 'Add to Sprint' option to Project Managers only for tasks in Sprint form

  • Re-newed discuss channel style
    Removed "#", and "Profile photo" fields from the Channel Settings pop-up on Discuss Module and updated fields positions on popup
    Chat message editor's auto height mechanism now works properly on mobile devices in Discuss Module
    Added search bar to discuss module for mobile devices
    Clicking channel name no more opens the chat editor on Mobile
    Hided channel description on mobile devices
    Provided clicking the Enter key to switch to next line does not submits the message on Mobile Devices
    Message composer remains stable after 6 lines on Mobile
    Hided emoji button in Discuss chats on mobile devices
    Added a new plus icon is beside the message composer that a dropdown menu contains two item; Attach file, Run a shortcut

  • Centered c portal view

  • Placed connect tab after Meeting Details for CloudOffix Connect Meetings

  • Implemented interrelated operation of the Deadline fields in the survey creation and sending process

  • Removed published stat button on Live Chat form

  • Removed unwanted waiting messages from throbber

  • Re-named Messages tab on Live Chat form as Settings

  • Added a new field to Settings tab of Live Chat form to customize the welcome message

  • Adjusted Close Inactive Chats Time Field from hours to minutes

  • Updated Event registration template

  • Implemented validation to restrict multiple video conferencing tool selections per meeting

  • Generated closed the chat session in the backend when the visitor closes the chat window from the Portal

  • Changed authorization to update the working hours field on live chat to manager only

  • Removed the scrollbars on external Live Chat Offline form visual

  • Added a new method for creating recurring meetings

  • Re-located the Create Timesheet button on calendar event

  • Created a method to prevent sending more than one simultaneous advance request

  • Added coloring settings on subscriptions kanban cards

  • Updated warning for a better content while creating an advance for another employee

  • Implemented a functionality to assign the company timezone to contacts without an address in the Contact card

  • Rearranged the fields positions on Options Tab in Survey Create Questions form

  • Improved sending the Discuss message speed

  • Fixed the order of quotations among Quotation, Quotation Sent, Sale Order states

  • Fixed Internal Server Error when adding multiple attendees to an event from Portal

  • Fixed a non-existent or malformed redirect link tracker url redirects forever 

  • Fixed sorting Partner Levels correctly according to the sequence

  • Fixed sorting correctly Recruitment degrees according to the sequence 

  • Fixed: Job-specific and Excluded for jobs fields to be used simultaneously on Stages form in Recruitment Module

  • Fixed Quotations record' view from Portal in Mobile

  • Fixed remaining as open the dropdowns opened on Kanban views when clicked to another field

  • Fixed the Create and Edit pop-up gets stuck on screen

  • Fixed meeting count calculation error and meetings on the Applicant's other applications were included in the total

  • Fixed issue with multiple meeting creation on shared calendar which means submit button becomes clickable once

  • Fixed unable watching Video type for Vimeo on Elearning Module

  • Fixed the same partner added twice to a calendar event ICS parsing fails

  • Error occured when creating a mass mailing campaign

  • Prevented a user is able to be view others' chat content

  • Prevented Submit Survey button is clickable multiple times 

  • A foldable badge can not be created for attendees if the sell tickets settings is not enabled from the event settings page

  • Fixed: opening a channel from the Discuss module in one click

  • Fixed: Users' partners were prevented from being set as customers by default

What's New
  • Moved that record to the top of the list instead of repeating the reopened record in recently viewed items

  • Teams/Zoom URL is added in the email that is sent when creating the calendar event in Calendar Appointment Module

  • Translate update for Turkish mode

  • App Builder Improvement: To differentiate frontend and backend updates while using app builder, frontend writes and creates now puts a flag in the context

  • Mobile App Improvement: CSS class updated for overlapping views on calendar in mobile app

  • Mobile App Improvement: My portal text and symbol in mobile app are aligned

  • Live Chat Improvement: Using Round Robin Method for directing operators to customers

  • Removed the auto-added blank paragraph line at the top of the reply message templates

  • Position of pagination buttons and action menu on portal in mobile app are updated

  • External live chat now works independently without interfering with the external website libraries. (iframe)

  • External livechat now auto detects the users language

  • Added timesheet creation on Calendar feature

  • Frontend Designer now allows multiple entries on my portal for each different listing headers

  • My Portal entries now can have a default domain

  • Operator name is displayed with first name only on live chat pop-up

  • External live chat recognise the logged-in user in an external website

  • My portal: Custom document counters are displayed taking into account the given domain filter

  • My Portal: The edit form of the Custom documents now properly shows/hides the pager taking the given domain into account

  • Added working hour field on live chat channel form

  • Advance button on the employee form is hidden for non authorized employees instead of preventing access to the relevant form

  • Added record rules user and manager authority at Advance Module

  • Added time tracker widget

  • Added timezone functionalities to time tracker

  • Added ability to clone previously created timer

  • Added enhance warning message for employee creation process

  • Added follow icon to mobile app

  • Action buttons on chatter in mobile app made to be a right scrollable structure

  • Pinned filter option set as default option to easy access

  • Mail tracking improvements: We use secure https schema for tracking urls

  • Mailgun improvements: We now use european servers when requested for better GDPR support

  • A more simple and user friendly field ( named Available Hour) will be used while creating a meeting type instead of Schedule Type field

  • Calendar invitation emails now include CloudOffix Connect url if enabled

  • Livechat Improvement: Minified Live Chat embed code updated to be more compatible and friendly with old style html editor

  • New chat command /close is added for Live chat operators to end the conversation with the customer

  • Offline Sessions view is enhanced

  • Implement new field for displaying asset name on support ticket

  • Livechat operators now can change their availability for incoming new chat requests

  • Added ability to exclude employees when creating leave for a group

  • Nginx performance improvement

  • Nginx improvement: A new tool for updating all clusters default site configurations

  • Operator number displayed on the live chat channel card is now clickable

  • Added an ability to select attendees for Team Booking type meetings while using Calendar Appointment

  • Added two distribution types for Team Booking type meetings while using Calendar Appointment

  • The Live Chat button, welcome text message, and input placeholder fields on live chat channel form became translatable

  • Detecting the external live chat from the browser language 

  • “Thank you for your message” notification that appear after sending a message on offline chat is restyled

  • Upgraded lxml to latest 4.9.3 to fix emoji strip bug on Mac hosts

  • A method has been written to allow users to create a field type using the DateTime Picker option within the HTML form

  • Added "Allow customers to email the chat log" option to the Channel Settings on Live Chat 

  • Added an invisible condition so that users in the Employee /Employee group cannot see the checklist of  another employee

  • Hitting the cross icon no longer hides the live chat button 

  • External Live Chat window now adopts the iframe size

  • Users now can set an expire date to a mail channel in Discuss Module

  • The inactivity threshold for closing inactive Live Chat sessions is added to be defined on the channel settings

  • Users now can set a deadline to close inactive live chat channel

  • Live Chat Channel Settings page header was renamed to "Settings" instead of "Messages"

  • Active Sessions stat button is added on the LiveChat Channel form

  • “Track: Confirmation Template” is updated to align with CloudOffix's new theme

  • Max Active Sessions per operator setting is added to the Live Chat Channel settings

  • Close Session added under the action menu for closing inactive sessions quickly

  • Saas system will create mailgun domain on EU region for EU clients by default

  • Increased discuss chat box height for up to 6 lines of content on mobile app

  • The Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR) problem

  • Authorization error while creating an activity under Quick Create menu

  • Error where archived records could not be exported

  • Bug that prevents the pop-up edit form from opening while using App Builder

  • Error causing timer to continue running in ticket form after the user paused it

  • Problem preventing default domains being executed correctly if they are depends on the default values of many2one fields while using App Builder

  • Editing the existing meeting type's URL field, didn’t change the related mapping record

  • Unnecessary new button under invitation tab of meeting forms is removed from mobile app

  • My Portal text and symbol in mobile app aligned

  • Character limit for subdomain names is set as forty

  • Some fields are relocated on survey sending pop-up

  • Error while calculating the operator count

  • Bug when Live chat code is embedded into the header section

  • Error when sending an attachment from embedded LiveChat in the external website

  • Error occurring the Live Chat is embedded with an iframe, Chrome rejects to set state cookies

  • The bug causes when the live chat offline even though the operators are available since the system does not consider the working hours

  • The bug when chat screen remains open after the live chat rating

  • No more scroll bars on live chat multi department mode

  • Error causing a thin white line to appear when the channel is minimized

  • Problem with offline window not hiding when closing LiveChat offline chat

  • Breadcrumb title change to Timesheets from Activities on the page that appears after clicking Timesheet stat button on project form

What's New
  • New my portal theme for Improvements on CloudOffix automation scripts

  • Added log for failed LDAP authentications

  • Tracking support is added for External Live chat: Detects partner

  •  Tracking support is added for External Live chat: Auto creates tracking cookie if does not exist

  • Improvements on email templates in Mass Mailing Module

  • Improvements on Profile: Email Verification email template

  • Improvements on Download the CloudOffix mobile app template subject

  • Improvements on User Simulation Module

  • Online Meeting Feature: CloudOffix Connect

  • CloudOffix Connect: An online meeting URL automatically created on each calendar event creation

  • CloudOffix Connect: Two different online meeting URL created for the attendee and moderator

  • Ability to create expense records from attached files in the mail that sent to email alias

  • Added default parameter to payload

  • Upgraded external live chat jquery and jquery-ui

  • New taxes added for Türkiye mode

  • New App Builder Release

  • App builder frontend design: Support for value expressions is added

  • Frontend Designer: Canceling a new record now takes the user back to the list

  • Frontend Designer: Default value expressions

  • Show in my portal checkbox is hidden when the web access is disabled

  • App Builder Frontend Design: "Limit visibility to groups" settings removed from the frontend designer

  • App Builder Frontend Design: Default value editor removed from the frontend

  • Help hint is now multiline

  • App Builder Frontend Design: On Change scripts are now invisible in frontend mode

  • App Builder New Release: Visibility updates for basic fields

  • App Builder New Release: Visibility updates for page control and groups

  • App Builder Frontend Design: Frontend many2one widget properly displays the name instead of the ID of a default value

  • App Builder New Release: Canceling a new record navigates to the list

  • The mail content was saved as draft even though user doesn’t want to

  • Company name is removed from My Portal/My Docs. header

  • User assigned to ticket mail will be sent directly, not queued

  • Prevented to lose some of the draft email values on consequent saves

  • Deleted users are now auto-removed from Unrouted Emails field in General Settings

  • Asset Request Approval field in Assets Module’s Settings is hidden while using ITSM MSP Module

  • Padding problem on Leaves Module’s kanban views

  • The bug causing user to see subscriptions belonging to coworkers from same company

  • When the tree view is the first view for a view action user cannot switch to the tree view on mobile devices

  • Error when updating product’s subscription templates with mass edit button

  • “No Seat Available” error on mobile app does not go away immediately even though there is a seat

  • Error when the mail templates defined in Timesheet Reminder field are deleted

  • Error when the user had no timezone selected

  • Public users weren’t able to see support help pages even if they are in privilege groups

  • The bug causing registration problem as portal user

  • Incorrect duration of task’s in xlsx export

  • App Builder fix: Many2one fields in status bar causes an error that prevents the form being rendered

What's New
  • New “My Portal” page theme

  • New “My Portal” page theme: New template

  • New “My Portal” page theme: New template path

  • New “My Portal” page theme: Active docs

  • New “My Portal” page theme for mobile phones

  • New “My Portal” page theme: A new welcome page design for my portal

  • Clicking on my portal navigates to my portal home

  • App Builder improvements

  • App builder: Dark colors property editor for group security selector drop down

  • Added ability to refund transactions

  • New datetime picker

  • Domain editor datetime picker is replaced with native html5 datetime picker

  • New App Builder theme

  • Improvement for calendar appointment mail templates

  • Added an ability to use weekend working hours in calendar appointment module

  • Added logs before and after iPara requests

  • New frontend designer style

  • New frontend designer style: Forms

  • New frontend designer style: Notebooks

  • Meeting invitation’s reply is now logged to the chatter

  • An invitation email is sent to internal users to use the mobile app

  • Web tracking improvements in link tracker

  • A new method for sending mails faster

  • Mass mailing fails due to draft message logic

  • Calendar owner's calendar appointment mail templates haven't got a mail body

  • Clicking the Submit Ticket button on portal multiple times will result in multiple tickets with the same content

  • Show permission ui may not properly list regular users

  • Marketing automation failed on the leads that have no partner in it

  • The user cannot select a date time on the support ticket timesheet tab

  • Meeting start time options were not displayed considering working hours in the shared calendar

  • The bug that causes unexpected values for end and start date of working hours after fetching the global leaves

  • Error on switching to another menu while the app builder is open

  • Admins no more hidden in the Show Permission UI

  • Recently Viewed Items had stopped working

  • Unusable widget types for Many2Many fields in App Builder

What's New
  • Improvement for draft mail UX design

  • System now asks user before saving draft mail

  • Added filter for chatter contents

  • Chatter filter: Basic searching with text

  • Chatter filter: Filters gets auto apply by typing in search field

  • Chatter filter: Paging support for filtered messages

  • Chatter filter: Auto applies on each checkbox changes

  • Chatter filter: Message subtypes are now properly displayed in the user's language

  • Chatter filter: Most used subtypes are now displayed in the upper region of the filter popup

  • Chatter filter: Filters are now saved by record instead of model

  • Chatter filter: Chatter filter is hidden while surfing through records via pagination

  • Calendar templates updated according to new UI design

  • New delivery method: Sendeo Cargo integration

  • "Double clicks to edit mechanism" is blocked for in-chatter use

  • Calendar Appointment Module: Users now are able to share their calendar in order to appoint a meeting at a suitable interval for both parties

  • Added copy to clipboard feature to copy the URLs easily from a form

  • App builder now supports scheduled jobs running multiple tasks on records of a specific domain

  • OCR (Optical character recognition): An easy way is generated to open expense records by sending receipts with mail

  • Now the written price is kept after changing the product in expense record

  • Added repeating feature for activities

  • Users are able to search for tracking values on Inbox page

  • Calendar invitation mails now kept on the meeting’s chatter

  • Calendar Events: Meeting owner now automatically subscribes for Invitation events

  • "Foldable Badge" is added under the print action for event participants

  • Only some groups will have access to the organizational chart

  • Added the ability to create model-independent activities under the Quick Create button

  • Admins are removed from the Show Permission List

  • Broken title view that comes after clicking employee card on organizational chart

  • Pressing esc key now properly triggers draft e-mail saving

  • Added a more user-friendly screen that appears after a login/registration trial with passive account

  • "Cannot read tag" error on project’s Gantt chart view

  • Bug invalidating the sequence field on leave type

  • Bug that causes only the superuser to enable frontend access of the form for a portal design

  • Chatter filter may go outside the visible screen on mobile devices

  • Chatter filter was not fully visible on some records’ and popup’s chatter

  • The leave taken on a weekend that included in the working days is deducted from the remaining leave rights even if it is a public holiday

  • Bug causing attendees with the same name as the recipient to appear as "You" in the meeting invitation mail

  • Consequent multiple clicks no more allowed to prevent multiple submission on html form

  • Edit and Clear buttons didn’t display fully on image field in some cases

  • Bug that causes the pagination is not visible when the users click an item from the history

  • Added a text type field instead of the html editor for the description field in the activity form

What's New
  • More user-friendly Gantt Chart PDF Export option

  • Subtasks should be slightly indented of the tasks on Gantt Chart view

  • Default color used in gantt chart is blue now

  • Task stages are now has a color property to displayed  in Gantt Chart view

  • The default color for expired tasks is red, but the user can change it by defining a system parameter

  • Gantt Chart view for Project’s tasks has now default Hide Subtask filter

  • The timeline header on the Gantt Chart is fixed at the top while scrolling

  • Menu item named Search is changed to Tasks and the sub-menu item named Tasks changed to My Tasks

  • Email field added while creating lead from daily visitors’ action drop down

  • Added ability to create user with a template

  • Disaster recovery tool update

  • Multi level default “group by” support for gantt charts

  • Channel mute/unmute option for both private and public chat channels

  • The ability to take Screenshots and Photographs during a quiz types surveys

  • Calendar templates updated according to new UI design

  • The ability to keep the changes on e-mail editor as draft stage

  • Domain filter’s search more action now properly works by updating the actual domain expression

  • After the recent python platform upgrade, some docx template headers are not being parsed properly

  • The bug that prevents fetching holidays without a HR Cloud

  • Unpaid leaves are removed from the leaves left in days stat button on employee card

  • The bug that prevents favicon from changing from the Website Settings 

  • Password reset emails are now sent directly without being added to the mail queue

  • Organizational chart now shows all parents with the hierarchical structure even after it is filtered

  • The bug that prevents users to set the attendee’s stage as attended, if the survey’s stage changed to done

What's New
  • Added a new widget as copy to clipboard

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: A dedicated edit page, full path breadcrumbs

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Clicking on listview rows navigates to the editor

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Add new record icon top of the list

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Form view now has a pager

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Create\Delete\Edit buttons are now only displayed if the user has the permissions

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Create\Delete\Edit functions are now works by navigating to a new page instead of dialog popups

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Edit in popups toggle

  • A gear icon is added to filter employees on organizational chart

  • Editing employees on the organizational chart is reflected to the chart without needing a refresh after closing the dialog

  • ICS file included webinar events now contains the join url

  • A more visual waiting screen for try now page

  • Chat GPT first working state

  • Chat GPT Improvements: Answers in a new thread

  • Chat GPT Improvements:  Now can make ORM calls

  • Chat GPT channel pinned to the bottom of the active DM list

  • App Builder: Field Computations settings are moved under a dialog popup

  • Chat GPT is upgraded to latest libraries

  • Brute force attack prevention is improved

  • System now verifies the person who logins from another region

  • Performance improvements for mass mailing

  • Clicking on "Pick a course" button on portal guides to an invalid url

  • Prevents circular references on the user's access group inheritance chain

  • The error that received while mass editing records for more than one field at the same time

  • The error that received while mass editing records for more than one field at the same time

  • App builder Bug: Error on saving a new button box

  • App Builder Bug: Can not edit many2one field domain editor

  • Using attendee's name instead of just using event attendee on event mails

  • Quick create menu may raise an error if the relevant module is uninstalled

What's New
  • New App Builder release

  • New Portal Form Designer release

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Allow custom search view design

  • Portal view now uses it's own search view instead of using the backends' search

  • Portal Form Designer now supports workflow action buttons

  • Create new app now can create multiple models at once

  • App Builder Improvements: Track_visibility settings added for new fields

  • App builder Improvements: Ability to confirm saving changes on menu clicks

  • App builder Improvements: Added a faster utility for applying the changes on the current view

  • App builder Improvements: Now asks to save changes on switching active model

  • App Builder Improvements: The system will auto generate a new name to make sure name is unique while creating a new model

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Custom documents are now auto listed under portal home /my/

  • Marketing automation performance improvements

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Added custom documents’ popup editor

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: New, edit and delete buttons for portal view lists

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Custom documents popup editor

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Enabling/Disabling ability for popup editors

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Added wait animation

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Added custom documents breadcrumb

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Custom scripting tool improvements

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Performance improvements

  • Organizational Chart Improvements: If all children of a node are childless, we display it vertically

  • Organizational Chart Improvements: Clicking on a node opens up the employee card

  • Organizational Chart Improvements: Added level filter

  • Organizational Chart Improvements: Domain filter

  • Prevented try now form from the submit on return key press

  • Html Form Builder (Portal Form Designer) shows user friendly values for selection fields instead of tech names now

  • The order of tabs changed on appraisals in 360 Degree Appraisal Module

  • Prevented the won popup from opening if there is an opportunity while the offer is approved

  • Prevented the menu items from disappearing after refreshing the browser when there is a menuless action open

  • The bug that prevents the teams link to generate when all day option is selected

  • Days to Close field’s calculation fixed on lead list view

  • The progress bar bug  that occurs when there is a question with Selection Box format in the survey

  • If there is an unanswered mandatory question in the survey, the survey does not end when the time is up

  • Teamviewer session notes can be seen on the support ticket now

What's New
  • Customizable Html forms

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: form view

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: list view

  • Portal Form Designer now supports sorting by clicking column headers

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: default filters are now able to be applied

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Group by feature for data

  • Improvements on Try Now page: Adding “https://” hint

  • Improvements on Try Now page: Ability to use Non-ASCII char for db name

  • Improvements on Try Now page: Instead of rejecting a previously chosen name, a new name is generated by adding a random value to the end

  • Only approved leaves are included in the leaves list on the employee card

  • The display of leaves on the employee card is divided into daily and hourly

  • Approved Requests filter set default for Leaves Summary

  • "Show Access Permission List" menu is only visible for managers

  • Survey portal view is improved

  • Survey portal view improvement: added the two column feature

  • Custom permission improvements: Support for adding a general read and per-record write at the same time for a particular model

  • Added option to install E-learning Module from settings

  • Survey Module Improvements: Progress Bar Feature

  • An unexpected discount was added to the subtotal if the tax was removed from the quotation

  • Multi edit error in Helpdesk module

  • Current Year filter of the leaves list works based on start date, not creation date

  • If there are more users logged in than the specified number of concurrent users, the user receives a warning instead of receiving an error

  • Fixed Support Ticket filter problem on portal view

  • Mail tracking improvement: High number of fake open events that were being generated is prevented

  • Although the payment was done on the portal, state of the invoice remained as "waiting for payment" in subscription

  • The bug that causes subscription duplicating after the related sale order is duplicated

  • A bug that caused the selected image to be lost when creating a new recording