Release Notes


What's New
  • More user-friendly Gantt Chart PDF Export option

  • Subtasks should be slightly indented of the tasks on Gantt Chart view

  • Default color used in gantt chart is blue now

  • Task stages are now has a color property to displayed  in Gantt Chart view

  • The default color for expired tasks is red, but the user can change it by defining a system parameter

  • Gantt Chart view for Project’s tasks has now default Hide Subtask filter

  • The timeline header on the Gantt Chart is fixed at the top while scrolling

  • Menu item named Search is changed to Tasks and the sub-menu item named Tasks changed to My Tasks

  • Email field added while creating lead from daily visitors’ action drop down

  • Added ability to create user with a template

  • Disaster recovery tool update

  • Multi level default “group by” support for gantt charts

  • Channel mute/unmute option for both private and public chat channels

  • The ability to take Screenshots and Photographs during a quiz types surveys

  • Calendar templates updated according to new UI design

  • The ability to keep the changes on e-mail editor as draft stage

  • Domain filter’s search more action now properly works by updating the actual domain expression

  • After the recent python platform upgrade, some docx template headers are not being parsed properly

  • The bug that prevents fetching holidays without a HR Cloud

  • Unpaid leaves are removed from the leaves left in days stat button on employee card

  • The bug that prevents favicon from changing from the Website Settings 

  • Password reset emails are now sent directly without being added to the mail queue

  • Organizational chart now shows all parents with the hierarchical structure even after it is filtered

  • The bug that prevents users to set the attendee’s stage as attended, if the survey’s stage changed to done

What's New
  • Added a new widget as copy to clipboard

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: A dedicated edit page, full path breadcrumbs

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Clicking on listview rows navigates to the editor

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Add new record icon top of the list

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Form view now has a pager

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Create\Delete\Edit buttons are now only displayed if the user has the permissions

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Create\Delete\Edit functions are now works by navigating to a new page instead of dialog popups

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Edit in popups toggle

  • A gear icon is added to filter employees on organizational chart

  • Editing employees on the organizational chart is reflected to the chart without needing a refresh after closing the dialog

  • ICS file included webinar events now contains the join url

  • A more visual waiting screen for try now page

  • Chat GPT first working state

  • Chat GPT Improvements: Answers in a new thread

  • Chat GPT Improvements:  Now can make ORM calls

  • Chat GPT channel pinned to the bottom of the active DM list

  • App Builder: Field Computations settings are moved under a dialog popup

  • Chat GPT is upgraded to latest libraries

  • Brute force attack prevention is improved

  • System now verifies the person who logins from another region

  • Performance improvements for mass mailing

  • Clicking on "Pick a course" button on portal guides to an invalid url

  • Prevents circular references on the user's access group inheritance chain

  • The error that received while mass editing records for more than one field at the same time

  • The error that received while mass editing records for more than one field at the same time

  • App builder Bug: Error on saving a new button box

  • App Builder Bug: Can not edit many2one field domain editor

  • Using attendee's name instead of just using event attendee on event mails

  • Quick create menu may raise an error if the relevant module is uninstalled

What's New
  • New App Builder release

  • New Portal Form Designer release

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Allow custom search view design

  • Portal view now uses it's own search view instead of using the backends' search

  • Portal Form Designer now supports workflow action buttons

  • Create new app now can create multiple models at once

  • App Builder Improvements: Track_visibility settings added for new fields

  • App builder Improvements: Ability to confirm saving changes on menu clicks

  • App builder Improvements: Added a faster utility for applying the changes on the current view

  • App builder Improvements: Now asks to save changes on switching active model

  • App Builder Improvements: The system will auto generate a new name to make sure name is unique while creating a new model

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Custom documents are now auto listed under portal home /my/

  • Marketing automation performance improvements

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Added custom documents’ popup editor

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: New, edit and delete buttons for portal view lists

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Custom documents popup editor

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Enabling/Disabling ability for popup editors

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Added wait animation

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Added custom documents breadcrumb

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Custom scripting tool improvements

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Performance improvements

  • Organizational Chart Improvements: If all children of a node are childless, we display it vertically

  • Organizational Chart Improvements: Clicking on a node opens up the employee card

  • Organizational Chart Improvements: Added level filter

  • Organizational Chart Improvements: Domain filter

  • Prevented try now form from the submit on return key press

  • Html Form Builder (Portal Form Designer) shows user friendly values for selection fields instead of tech names now

  • The order of tabs changed on appraisals in 360 Degree Appraisal Module

  • Prevented the won popup from opening if there is an opportunity while the offer is approved

  • Prevented the menu items from disappearing after refreshing the browser when there is a menuless action open

  • The bug that prevents the teams link to generate when all day option is selected

  • Days to Close field’s calculation fixed on lead list view

  • The progress bar bug  that occurs when there is a question with Selection Box format in the survey

  • If there is an unanswered mandatory question in the survey, the survey does not end when the time is up

  • Teamviewer session notes can be seen on the support ticket now

What's New
  • Customizable Html forms

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: form view

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: list view

  • Portal Form Designer now supports sorting by clicking column headers

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: default filters are now able to be applied

  • Portal Form Designer Improvements: Group by feature for data

  • Improvements on Try Now page: Adding “https://” hint

  • Improvements on Try Now page: Ability to use Non-ASCII char for db name

  • Improvements on Try Now page: Instead of rejecting a previously chosen name, a new name is generated by adding a random value to the end

  • Only approved leaves are included in the leaves list on the employee card

  • The display of leaves on the employee card is divided into daily and hourly

  • Approved Requests filter set default for Leaves Summary

  • "Show Access Permission List" menu is only visible for managers

  • Survey portal view is improved

  • Survey portal view improvement: added the two column feature

  • Custom permission improvements: Support for adding a general read and per-record write at the same time for a particular model

  • Added option to install E-learning Module from settings

  • Survey Module Improvements: Progress Bar Feature

  • An unexpected discount was added to the subtotal if the tax was removed from the quotation

  • Multi edit error in Helpdesk module

  • Current Year filter of the leaves list works based on start date, not creation date

  • If there are more users logged in than the specified number of concurrent users, the user receives a warning instead of receiving an error

  • Fixed Support Ticket filter problem on portal view

  • Mail tracking improvement: High number of fake open events that were being generated is prevented

  • Although the payment was done on the portal, state of the invoice remained as "waiting for payment" in subscription

  • The bug that causes subscription duplicating after the related sale order is duplicated

  • A bug that caused the selected image to be lost when creating a new recording


What's New
  • Added new docx output format for docx reporting module

  • Added wrapped_slug / unslug methods

  • A new email verify template is added

  • Auto update time zone for contacts according to their country information

  • Calendar event invitations now include the join URL in the location field

  • Customers can see the comments and attachments they have added to their support tickets from the portal as a conversation history

  • New theme improvement: Editing “Select Images” button on the product form

  • Admin Panel improvement: Webhooks

  • “My Asset Requests” moved under the "My Account" menu on the Portal

  • ITSM Improvement: Request Templates

  • Domain Editor Improvements

  • Permission UI improvements: Ability to remove a custom permission given from new Permission UI

  • While a lead is being created, the missing part on form is autofilled using the related customer’s contact card

  • Allows One2many widget type to be used for many2many fields on App builder

  • Refresh button is added on Discuss Channels/Inbox for both web and mobile usage

  • Sending too many Email verification emails is prevented. (Interval is set as 10 min)

  • Do not import the same email tracking event if it occurs too often. Now, there is a limit of 60 mins per each event, email, message_id

  • Category user’s email validation will not be checked while creating ticket from portal

  • If a field name in the form also exists in an embedded tree, xpaths referencing to it may not work properly

  • A bug that causes adding an unexpected discount rate on order when a product is added without selecting a VAT

  • A bug that caused an extra tax to be added to the total amount unexpectedly when a tax-included product was added to the subscription line

  • Wrong pop-up that appears when the user tries to reject an asset

  • Unwanted big spaces between fields with many2many_tags widgets in Excel export 

What's New
  • Translates are updated for Turkish mode

  • Added an email template for sending invoice for the Automatic Invoice mode

  • Menu item access improvements on Travel Management Module

  • Domain editor improvements: record rule form

  • Domain editor improvements: Re-calculate default values for old records

  • App Builder improvements: Added permission editor

  • Permission editor improvements: auto create record rules

  • Permission editor improvements: user groups and acls

  • Permission editor improvements: this record only permissions

  • After payment is confirmed, the subscription and invoice is created and invoice sent to the customer automatically if the purchased product has a subscription template whose Automatic Invoice setting is activated

  • “My Tickets” has been relocated from Support to My Account on portal

  • If an unrouted mail is replied to, those replies are also now received and stored

  • The ticket can be closed by customer from portal even if there isn’t an  assigned user

  • The  bug causes the activities that are created on tasks cannot set as done

  • The bug causes to not be able to create a ticket from portal if one of the category users has an invalid email address

  • Workflow improvements on App Builder: prevents losing folded stages

  • Bug causes that the mail status is displayed as pending in the chatter even though the associated mail has failed to deliver

  • Now, only asset products are listed in the asset selection list on employee form

What's New
  • App Builder improvements

  • Help pages can now be searched using tags on the portal side

  • Interview form is improved

  • Quick Reply feature is added to the mobile application

  • It is now possible to add products with different subscription templates to the quotation

  • New Module: ITSM

  • Added Aras Kargo integration

  • Added “Find and Update” functionality for data imports

  • Mobile App improvements

  • If an unrouted mail is replied to, those replies are also now received and stored

  • Added missing feature so that new team member added to RMA Team can be removed

  • Customers could not open a ticket from the website without a valid email address. Now they can.

What's New
  • App Builder improvements

  • IVR updates

  • Added a new field to the employee card containing the entire manager authority range

  • Translation update for Turkish mode

  • Ability to login via ADFS or SAML

  • Pop-up asking if the user wants to update the date of the project items, does not appear when the user defines the start date of the project for the first time

  • An error received when the user tries to assign an asset with unassigned date

  • Only one activity will be created if the person assigned in the request and the manager of the user requesting the employee are the same person

  • The bug that causes blank excel outputs due to new chrome update

  • In the courses, the watch time under statistics tab was not working properly

  • Portal users are removed listed in the assignee list of tasks

  • The password change page buttons under preferences have been repositioned and resized to match the new theme

  • Computed fields shouldn't be selected for historical data

  • The bug in RMA that adds the public user in employee group when the module is installed

What's New
  • Chart titles in Dashboards are now translatable for another language mode

  • Improvements on configuration settings in the Dashboard of Invoicing Module

  • Google and iCal/Outlook buttons are removed from event templates since the event is added to the calendar automatically

  • New app builder release

  • In addition to legend titles, Legends themselves are now clickable

  • New feature: Clearing/re-selecting legends on the related dashboard

  • Added a confirmation pop-up before deleting a chart in dashboards

  • Added a new action type for marketing automation campaigns: Create a task

  • Redirect to an external URL for trial accounts is blocked for security purposes

  • Attendees are now displayed with name tags instead of numbers in the list view of the calendar

  • For Marketing Automation module campaigns, before each scheduled mail is sent, is the relevant contact opt-out checked

  • New payment acquirer: iPara

  • New payment acquirer: Yapı Kredi

  • App Builder improvements

  • Durations between the tasks and milestones are maintained when a new project is created from a template

  • The rows aren’t shrinking for a better view while the drag & drop

  • Company cards are created in addition to the contact card for offline chat options: create a ticket, just log

  • An error when the user clicks the add variable button when there is no text selected

  • A bug that causes members only option in e-learning module to not work

  • A task cannot target two separate milestone

  • A bug prevents to see Website Modules contents when no user is set for the Asset Requests setting

What's New
  • Users are now able to add a Vimeo video link to the e-Learning Module

  • In addition to the contact card created for the related person who opened a lead or support ticket from the offline sessions, a contact card is also created for their company 

  • Style improvement for Team Viewer Integration

  • App Builder improvements: Creating and editing menus and menu items

  • App Builder improvements: Editing pop-up interface

  • Added 10 more color types for the charts on dashboard

  • The same color is now used for the same legend that is used in all the charts in the same dashboard

  • The bug that causes visibility problem when form has only one tab and this tab’s visibility depends on a condition

  • A different page appears after registration for events that haven’t autoconfirmed registration

  • Feedback notes no longer attached to the meetings

  • Courses in e-Learning Module could not be published on website

  • Now the auto-filled fields are filled for offline sessions in addition to online sessions

  • Incorrect usage above the buttons in the incoming call module: “lead”

  • View source is not working on portal

What's New
  • Asset Management Module: first release

  • The second warning e-mail when it reaches 90% limit  after the 80% mail sending limit is reached

  • App Builder improvements

  • New App Builder feature: creating new app

  • New and Import button removed from Currencies list view

  • Microsoft 365 Calendar integration

  • Warning: In order to select “business only” option in SLA rules, business hours field in settings must be filled with one of the options

  • Users can select different interview forms to the different recruitment stages now

  • New button added to application forms: "Send Quiz"

  • IVR integration: Added a new module to answer and initiate calls from IVR

  • The page that comes after reaching the limits of the attempts is improved

  • Updating the number on the E-mail sent and Calls boxes on forms quickly

  • Auto-filled fields are filled not only for the currently selected Live Chat channel, but for all of them

  • Some of the templates and buttons updated according to new theme

  • Company of the related contact is automatically set in the incoming call form after contact is selected

  • The error that received when converting a lead without a defined stage into an opportunity

  • A bug related to the "Default Email CC" field in the Support Ticket tab of the contact form

  • Maximum size pop-up could not be closed or minimized if there was a top notification on the view

  • A bug that occurred when user tried to make a many2many field required

What's New
  • New cron-job system

  • “Last 12 Hours” option for “is in range” filtering

  • Some of the button’s style is adapted to the new theme

  • Default search option using Partner’s name while searching exchange differences

  • New symbol for Advanced Management Module

  • New symbol for Maintenance Module

  • Projects under the Configuration menu item of the Project Module have been removed and replaced with Project Templates

  • CloudOffix Studio improvements

  • The timer's style on tickets is changed

  • App Builder improvements

  • Teamviewer Integration improvements

  • SLA cron performance improvements

  • Audit log performance improvements

  • Discount amount of Sales Order on the portal now has two digits after the decimal point

  • “In range > Yesterday” filter wasn’t working properly

  •  The translate button in the Mass Mailing Stages’ list view is centered

  • Related Employee button’s view on the recruitment application is fixed

  • Invoicing settings are removed from the Sales Cloud’ settings page

  • Timezone mismatch problem causes SLAs to not work

  • A bug that causes leads to be pulled to the lost stage without specifying a lost reason

  • A bug that prevents users to see daily visitors

What's New
  • The welcome video of CloudOffix is not displayed on mobile devices anymore

  • "No Activities" filter is added on CRM Kanban

  • Added country option to settings for auto-generated names of Leads/Opportunities

  • Improvements on the e-Learning Module

  • Improvements on Timesheet Reminder

  • Auto-create Invoice option for the subscription templates

  • “Start Zoom Meeting” button view in calendar improved

  • Added mailing statistics on the marketing campaigns form

  • Now, different subscription templates can be used for different variants of the same product

  • Translations are updated for Turkish mode

  • SLA active now being tracked, closed ticket SLA's timers stop counting

  • Project default stages are now To Do, In Progress, and Done

  • A feature for creating a stage easily in Kanban view of the tasks related to a specific project

  • Employee Request feature in HR Cloud

  • The title of meetings created from within Opportunity to be the title of the meeting instead of the name of the opportunity

  • The error that occurs when "New" button clicked from calendar view of a Project

  • The partner field is now filled properly in timesheet reports for the timesheets that are created inside the tickets

  • The error that appears after trying to change that assigned person of the tasks without a starting date

  • Distorted view of some registered devices on user form

  • Allowed portal user's partner contact to be merged into another contact

  • The sender field on the meeting invitation e-mail changed from meeting. inviter to Meeting Inviter

  • The bug that causes empty message content on the mobile safari browser

  • The bug that prevents creating a contact in Invoicing cloud within the first 5 minutes after the database is created

What's New
  • Determining attempts limit for surveys  instead of the one time only feature

  • Welcome videos on first landing for new accounts

  • Adding tracking logs for the change of Models and Domains on the chatter in Mass Mailing

  • After the last optimization about adding to meeting owner, every user must authenticate their account to use Teams

  • App Builder first release

  • eLearning Module first release

  • Coupons & Promotions: Applying special discounts to different product selections in website orders

  • A way to add discounts that consider the difference between the products' variants' prices of the related product.

  • Country field will be filled automatically when the state is chosen on the contact cards

  • Team Viewer integration has been added

  • Null dates caused mail template errors

  • Mail template error: Empty placeholders (embedded variables) are not rendered correctly even though they have a valid expression attribute

  • Landing page is now the App Drawer instead of settings page for newly created accounts

  • Duplicating a marketing campaign now properly updates cross references

  • Reply button and the date positions are corrected for the live chat sessions

  • Applications without email should not be included to the number of similar applications

  • In meeting changes made with drag and drop, the date updated e-mail is not sent to the participants

  • Rate downloaded from Europe Central Bank is corrected

  • Users with appraisal could not see My Account page on the portal side

  • Error that occurs if the user who creates db, doesn't have the country field filled 

What's New
  • A new way for embedding variables into email templates

  • Names on direct chat channels became clickable

  • General performance improvements

  • “Try Now” process performance improvements
  • 360 Degree Appraisal Module improvements
  • Appraisal plans have five levels of supervision now: employee, manager, colleagues, sub-employees, collaborators
  • Users can send different custom surveys to each of the 5 levels in the same appraisal plan
  • A separate tab for live chat messages for the dropdown conversations menu
  • Header of the Clouds’ order has been changed in the app drawer
  • Customers can use their own zoom and ms teams application by entering their app id and secret keys on settings page
  • Now there is a button to start Zoom meetings instead of the url
  • A chatter is added to survey answers’ view for users to collaborate
  • Improvements for new theme
  • Mouseover effect for email, log note and schedule buttons in chatter
  • A new app for creating subscriptions through resellers
  • Improvements for Studio Module
  • An issue causing download errors for the customers who have poor internet connection

  • The bug that prevents portal users to see their profiles

  • Corrupted backups that occurred when a file deleted under the storage directory during the backup

  • The catchall alias field has been renewed to prevent possible user errors

  • Ldap error when creating a new user: Deactivated users  are allowed to be selected on ldap template user configuration

  • A bug that prevents users from creating contacts in Sales Cloud within the first 5 minutes after the database is created

  • Zoom API fix for "invalid meeting ID” error

  • Error that occurs after filtering Resource Name on Work Items list view in Marketing Automation Module

  • Test mode in surveys could not be disabled after enabling it once

  • Anyone with the authority to create appraisals will also be able to see the selected surveys

  • A bug that duplicates the Question Tooltip field on survey

What's New
  • Searching filter is added for the live chat channels in Discuss Module

  • Livechat improvements

  • Sales Coupons feature

  • Workflow improvements

  • Historical Charts feature for Dashboards

  • New icons are added for some modules

  • Added new icons compatible with new themes for some of the modules

  • E-mail sent box is added on Leads/Opportunities in CRM

  • Calls box is added on Leads/Opportunities in CRM

  • Mail tracking contents became translatable. Translations are added for German, Spanish and Turkish mode

  • Added “Created By” field for the planned activities

  • Added Manually Created filter to Link Tracker list view

  • A confirmation pop-up appears before leaving a channel in Discus Module

  • Added “Additional allowed domains” field to support category and sales channel aliases

  • Added QR Code on link tracker form

  • Warn the users if their company has an email credit that is less than or equal to 10% of their credit

  • Warn the user before mass mailing if their company doesn’t have the enough credit

  • Dashboard now keeps weekly and monthly snapshots snapshots for historical data alongside daily snapshots

  • New historical chart UI

  • New order for the records  in Link Tracker Module

  • “Live Chat” box on the leads

  • Only internal users are listed for "Assigned to" field in activity form

  • Added a deployment too

  • “False” appears where the number should be seen, if the max seat value is not defined

  •  Link Tracker Module is removed from any other cloud except Marketing Cloud

  • Only operators were able to use /lead command in Live Chat Channel

  • Previously, timer did not stop automatically when the ticket is closed

  • Unnecessary Cloud Header in App Drawer is removed from the Marketing Cloud and Help Desk Cloud

  • Email addresses in CC field kept accumulating after changing the templates

  • Attachments kept accumulating after changing the templates

  • The online/offline symbol was missing in the chat pop–up with colleagues