Release Notes

August 2023

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What's New
  • Added new docx output format for docx reporting module

  • Added wrapped_slug / unslug methods

  • A new email verify template is added

  • Auto update time zone for contacts according to their country information

  • Calendar event invitations now include the join URL in the location field

  • Customers can see the comments and attachments they have added to their support tickets from the portal as a conversation history

  • New theme improvement: Editing “Select Images” button on the product form

  • Admin Panel improvement: Webhooks

  • “My Asset Requests” moved under the "My Account" menu on the Portal

  • ITSM Improvement: Request Templates

  • Domain Editor Improvements

  • Permission UI improvements: Ability to remove a custom permission given from new Permission UI

  • While a lead is being created, the missing part on form is autofilled using the related customer’s contact card

  • Allows One2many widget type to be used for many2many fields on App builder

  • Refresh button is added on Discuss Channels/Inbox for both web and mobile usage

  • Sending too many Email verification emails is prevented. (Interval is set as 10 min)

  • Do not import the same email tracking event if it occurs too often. Now, there is a limit of 60 mins per each event, email, message_id

  • Category user’s email validation will not be checked while creating ticket from portal

  • If a field name in the form also exists in an embedded tree, xpaths referencing to it may not work properly

  • A bug that causes adding an unexpected discount rate on order when a product is added without selecting a VAT

  • A bug that caused an extra tax to be added to the total amount unexpectedly when a tax-included product was added to the subscription line

  • Wrong pop-up that appears when the user tries to reject an asset

  • Unwanted big spaces between fields with many2many_tags widgets in Excel export 

What's New
  • Translates are updated for Turkish mode

  • Added an email template for sending invoice for the Automatic Invoice mode

  • Menu item access improvements on Travel Management Module

  • Domain editor improvements: record rule form

  • Domain editor improvements: Re-calculate default values for old records

  • App Builder improvements: Added permission editor

  • Permission editor improvements: auto create record rules

  • Permission editor improvements: user groups and acls

  • Permission editor improvements: this record only permissions

  • After payment is confirmed, the subscription and invoice is created and invoice sent to the customer automatically if the purchased product has a subscription template whose Automatic Invoice setting is activated

  • “My Tickets” has been relocated from Support to My Account on portal

  • If an unrouted mail is replied to, those replies are also now received and stored

  • The ticket can be closed by customer from portal even if there isn’t an  assigned user

  • The  bug causes the activities that are created on tasks cannot set as done

  • The bug causes to not be able to create a ticket from portal if one of the category users has an invalid email address

  • Workflow improvements on App Builder: prevents losing folded stages

  • Bug causes that the mail status is displayed as pending in the chatter even though the associated mail has failed to deliver

  • Now, only asset products are listed in the asset selection list on employee form

What's New
  • App Builder improvements

  • Help pages can now be searched using tags on the portal side

  • Interview form is improved

  • Quick Reply feature is added to the mobile application

  • It is now possible to add products with different subscription templates to the quotation

  • New Module: ITSM

  • Added Aras Kargo integration

  • Added “Find and Update” functionality for data imports

  • Mobile App improvements

  • If an unrouted mail is replied to, those replies are also now received and stored

  • Added missing feature so that new team member added to RMA Team can be removed

  • Customers could not open a ticket from the website without a valid email address. Now they can.

What's New
  • App Builder improvements

  • IVR updates

  • Added a new field to the employee card containing the entire manager authority range

  • Translation update for Turkish mode

  • Ability to login via ADFS or SAML

  • Pop-up asking if the user wants to update the date of the project items, does not appear when the user defines the start date of the project for the first time

  • An error received when the user tries to assign an asset with unassigned date

  • Only one activity will be created if the person assigned in the request and the manager of the user requesting the employee are the same person

  • The bug that causes blank excel outputs due to new chrome update

  • In the courses, the watch time under statistics tab was not working properly

  • Portal users are removed listed in the assignee list of tasks

  • The password change page buttons under preferences have been repositioned and resized to match the new theme

  • Computed fields shouldn't be selected for historical data

  • The bug in RMA that adds the public user in employee group when the module is installed

What's New
  • Chart titles in Dashboards are now translatable for another language mode

  • Improvements on configuration settings in the Dashboard of Invoicing Module

  • Google and iCal/Outlook buttons are removed from event templates since the event is added to the calendar automatically

  • New app builder release

  • In addition to legend titles, Legends themselves are now clickable

  • New feature: Clearing/re-selecting legends on the related dashboard

  • Added a confirmation pop-up before deleting a chart in dashboards

  • Added a new action type for marketing automation campaigns: Create a task

  • Redirect to an external URL for trial accounts is blocked for security purposes

  • Attendees are now displayed with name tags instead of numbers in the list view of the calendar

  • For Marketing Automation module campaigns, before each scheduled mail is sent, is the relevant contact opt-out checked

  • New payment acquirer: iPara

  • New payment acquirer: Yapı Kredi

  • App Builder improvements

  • Durations between the tasks and milestones are maintained when a new project is created from a template

  • The rows aren’t shrinking for a better view while the drag & drop

  • Company cards are created in addition to the contact card for offline chat options: create a ticket, just log

  • An error when the user clicks the add variable button when there is no text selected

  • A bug that causes members only option in e-learning module to not work

  • A task cannot target two separate milestone

  • A bug prevents to see Website Modules contents when no user is set for the Asset Requests setting

What's New
  • Users are now able to add a Vimeo video link to the e-Learning Module

  • In addition to the contact card created for the related person who opened a lead or support ticket from the offline sessions, a contact card is also created for their company 

  • Style improvement for Team Viewer Integration

  • App Builder improvements: Creating and editing menus and menu items

  • App Builder improvements: Editing pop-up interface

  • Added 10 more color types for the charts on dashboard

  • The same color is now used for the same legend that is used in all the charts in the same dashboard

  • The bug that causes visibility problem when form has only one tab and this tab’s visibility depends on a condition

  • A different page appears after registration for events that haven’t autoconfirmed registration

  • Feedback notes no longer attached to the meetings

  • Courses in e-Learning Module could not be published on website

  • Now the auto-filled fields are filled for offline sessions in addition to online sessions

  • Incorrect usage above the buttons in the incoming call module: “lead”

  • View source is not working on portal

What's New
  • Asset Management Module: first release

  • The second warning e-mail when it reaches 90% limit  after the 80% mail sending limit is reached

  • App Builder improvements

  • New App Builder feature: creating new app

  • New and Import button removed from Currencies list view

  • Microsoft 365 Calendar integration

  • Warning: In order to select “business only” option in SLA rules, business hours field in settings must be filled with one of the options

  • Users can select different interview forms to the different recruitment stages now

  • New button added to application forms: "Send Quiz"

  • IVR integration: Added a new module to answer and initiate calls from IVR

  • The page that comes after reaching the limits of the attempts is improved

  • Updating the number on the E-mail sent and Calls boxes on forms quickly

  • Auto-filled fields are filled not only for the currently selected Live Chat channel, but for all of them

  • Some of the templates and buttons updated according to new theme

  • Company of the related contact is automatically set in the incoming call form after contact is selected

  • The error that received when converting a lead without a defined stage into an opportunity

  • A bug related to the "Default Email CC" field in the Support Ticket tab of the contact form

  • Maximum size pop-up could not be closed or minimized if there was a top notification on the view

  • A bug that occurred when user tried to make a many2many field required

What's New
  • New cron-job system

  • “Last 12 Hours” option for “is in range” filtering

  • Some of the button’s style is adapted to the new theme

  • Default search option using Partner’s name while searching exchange differences

  • New symbol for Advanced Management Module

  • New symbol for Maintenance Module

  • Projects under the Configuration menu item of the Project Module have been removed and replaced with Project Templates

  • CloudOffix Studio improvements

  • The timer's style on tickets is changed

  • App Builder improvements

  • Teamviewer Integration improvements

  • SLA cron performance improvements

  • Audit log performance improvements

  • Discount amount of Sales Order on the portal now has two digits after the decimal point

  • “In range > Yesterday” filter wasn’t working properly

  •  The translate button in the Mass Mailing Stages’ list view is centered

  • Related Employee button’s view on the recruitment application is fixed

  • Invoicing settings are removed from the Sales Cloud’ settings page

  • Timezone mismatch problem causes SLAs to not work

  • A bug that causes leads to be pulled to the lost stage without specifying a lost reason

  • A bug that prevents users to see daily visitors

What's New
  • The welcome video of CloudOffix is not displayed on mobile devices anymore

  • "No Activities" filter is added on CRM Kanban

  • Added country option to settings for auto-generated names of Leads/Opportunities

  • Improvements on the e-Learning Module

  • Improvements on Timesheet Reminder

  • Auto-create Invoice option for the subscription templates

  • “Start Zoom Meeting” button view in calendar improved

  • Added mailing statistics on the marketing campaigns form

  • Now, different subscription templates can be used for different variants of the same product

  • Translations are updated for Turkish mode

  • SLA active now being tracked, closed ticket SLA's timers stop counting

  • Project default stages are now To Do, In Progress, and Done

  • A feature for creating a stage easily in Kanban view of the tasks related to a specific project

  • Employee Request feature in HR Cloud

  • The title of meetings created from within Opportunity to be the title of the meeting instead of the name of the opportunity

  • The error that occurs when "New" button clicked from calendar view of a Project

  • The partner field is now filled properly in timesheet reports for the timesheets that are created inside the tickets

  • The error that appears after trying to change that assigned person of the tasks without a starting date

  • Distorted view of some registered devices on user form

  • Allowed portal user's partner contact to be merged into another contact

  • The sender field on the meeting invitation e-mail changed from meeting. inviter to Meeting Inviter

  • The bug that causes empty message content on the mobile safari browser

  • The bug that prevents creating a contact in Invoicing cloud within the first 5 minutes after the database is created

What's New
  • Determining attempts limit for surveys  instead of the one time only feature

  • Welcome videos on first landing for new accounts

  • Adding tracking logs for the change of Models and Domains on the chatter in Mass Mailing

  • After the last optimization about adding to meeting owner, every user must authenticate their account to use Teams

  • App Builder first release

  • eLearning Module first release

  • Coupons & Promotions: Applying special discounts to different product selections in website orders

  • A way to add discounts that consider the difference between the products' variants' prices of the related product.

  • Country field will be filled automatically when the state is chosen on the contact cards

  • Team Viewer integration has been added

  • Null dates caused mail template errors

  • Mail template error: Empty placeholders (embedded variables) are not rendered correctly even though they have a valid expression attribute

  • Landing page is now the App Drawer instead of settings page for newly created accounts

  • Duplicating a marketing campaign now properly updates cross references

  • Reply button and the date positions are corrected for the live chat sessions

  • Applications without email should not be included to the number of similar applications

  • In meeting changes made with drag and drop, the date updated e-mail is not sent to the participants

  • Rate downloaded from Europe Central Bank is corrected

  • Users with appraisal could not see My Account page on the portal side

  • Error that occurs if the user who creates db, doesn't have the country field filled 

What's New
  • A new way for embedding variables into email templates

  • Names on direct chat channels became clickable

  • General performance improvements

  • “Try Now” process performance improvements
  • 360 Degree Appraisal Module improvements
  • Appraisal plans have five levels of supervision now: employee, manager, colleagues, sub-employees, collaborators
  • Users can send different custom surveys to each of the 5 levels in the same appraisal plan
  • A separate tab for live chat messages for the dropdown conversations menu
  • Header of the Clouds’ order has been changed in the app drawer
  • Customers can use their own zoom and ms teams application by entering their app id and secret keys on settings page
  • Now there is a button to start Zoom meetings instead of the url
  • A chatter is added to survey answers’ view for users to collaborate
  • Improvements for new theme
  • Mouseover effect for email, log note and schedule buttons in chatter
  • A new app for creating subscriptions through resellers
  • Improvements for Studio Module
  • An issue causing download errors for the customers who have poor internet connection

  • The bug that prevents portal users to see their profiles

  • Corrupted backups that occurred when a file deleted under the storage directory during the backup

  • The catchall alias field has been renewed to prevent possible user errors

  • Ldap error when creating a new user: Deactivated users  are allowed to be selected on ldap template user configuration

  • A bug that prevents users from creating contacts in Sales Cloud within the first 5 minutes after the database is created

  • Zoom API fix for "invalid meeting ID” error

  • Error that occurs after filtering Resource Name on Work Items list view in Marketing Automation Module

  • Test mode in surveys could not be disabled after enabling it once

  • Anyone with the authority to create appraisals will also be able to see the selected surveys

  • A bug that duplicates the Question Tooltip field on survey

What's New
  • Searching filter is added for the live chat channels in Discuss Module

  • Livechat improvements

  • Sales Coupons feature

  • Workflow improvements

  • Historical Charts feature for Dashboards

  • New icons are added for some modules

  • Added new icons compatible with new themes for some of the modules

  • E-mail sent box is added on Leads/Opportunities in CRM

  • Calls box is added on Leads/Opportunities in CRM

  • Mail tracking contents became translatable. Translations are added for German, Spanish and Turkish mode

  • Added “Created By” field for the planned activities

  • Added Manually Created filter to Link Tracker list view

  • A confirmation pop-up appears before leaving a channel in Discus Module

  • Added “Additional allowed domains” field to support category and sales channel aliases

  • Added QR Code on link tracker form

  • Warn the users if their company has an email credit that is less than or equal to 10% of their credit

  • Warn the user before mass mailing if their company doesn’t have the enough credit

  • Dashboard now keeps weekly and monthly snapshots snapshots for historical data alongside daily snapshots

  • New historical chart UI

  • New order for the records  in Link Tracker Module

  • “Live Chat” box on the leads

  • Only internal users are listed for "Assigned to" field in activity form

  • Added a deployment too

  • “False” appears where the number should be seen, if the max seat value is not defined

  •  Link Tracker Module is removed from any other cloud except Marketing Cloud

  • Only operators were able to use /lead command in Live Chat Channel

  • Previously, timer did not stop automatically when the ticket is closed

  • Unnecessary Cloud Header in App Drawer is removed from the Marketing Cloud and Help Desk Cloud

  • Email addresses in CC field kept accumulating after changing the templates

  • Attachments kept accumulating after changing the templates

  • The online/offline symbol was missing in the chat pop–up with colleagues


What's New
  • New discuss style for mobile

  • Recently viewed items on the App Drawer

  • Modules in App Drawer are grouped by the cloud type

  • Cloudoffix new theme improvements

  • No-content tooltip is removed from kanban and list views

  • Creates and associates partner for the leads created from offline chat sessions

  • On discuss module, mouse over effect causes a slight movement on nearby elements

  • Ability to duplicate marketing campaigns with activities they include

  • Manager and employee rule for timesheet reminder

  • New “Please wait” animation

  • Survey links in inbox now guides to the survey in backend instead of portal

  • Clickable attendees on the live chat session form guides user to the related customer

  • Timesheet reminder feature

  • Similar Leads button on the lead forms

  • Discuss control panel is simplified

  • Facebook messenger

  • Creating a partner for the sender from the Facebook messages

  • Instagram messenger

  • Creating a partner for the sender from the Instagram messages

  • Hides "renewal of licensing" or "days left in trial" notifications for regular users. Only system admins can see the link

  • A feature to create contacts from filled surveys

  • A feature to create contacts from filled surveys

  • The ticket history attached to ticket emails to show only last 5 messages by default

  • SLA countdown is stopped after -48 hours

  • Cron system improvements

  • New feature: quick drop down calendar

  • Visual deformities caused by Cloudoffix New Theme

  •  Users without crm authority could access the opportunity into the incoming calls module

  • Error occured when the users try to save exporting list that includes a field end with “.id” 

  • Error occured when the users try to save exporting list that includes a field end with “.id” 

  • Although the Zoom or Teams options were canceled, the links were still appearing

  • Image edit/delete ui fixed for mobile devices

  • User could not switch between leads

  • Slowness problem in support module in a specific case

  • Repeating events was’t listed in the today tab of the drop down calendar

  • Users could end the survey without answering mandatory questions

What's New
  • The buttons on marketing campaign forms simplified/removed

  • The contents of the warning of timezone mismatch has been updated

  • Ability to clone a client db for testing purpose

  • Metadata only clones functionality for customer sandbox

  • Saas Platform security improvement

  • Account analytics security improvements

  • Mass mailing now supports chatter and activities

  • Timer for surveys in quiz mode

  • Language update for Turkish preferences

  • Archive feature has been added for working hours

  • Zoom integration improvements

  • More user friendly ui for CSRF token expiry error message

  • Creating a contact from survey answers

  • Field finding logic has been changed

  • Chat history button added to the contact cards

  • Similar applications button is added on application form

  • The integration to payment gateway: Moka

  • Marketing Automation improvements

  • Added BeautifulSoup library

  • Emails are sent on weekdays now

  • Ability to translate “private” icon of activity for turkish language preferences

  • Password that was submitted on try now form is not copied to the new account

  • Users without authority could see the subtask link

  • From field in templates was not auto-filled correctly

  • "Accrual Leave: Updates the number of leaves" not working correctly

  • Any fields finished with ".id" could not be saved in a list

  • Fixed Custom Advanced filter for today option

  • Attachments were lost when the tickets are merged

  • Tracking code falsely associated with another customer when the email was forwarded

  • Calendar event response parsing mechanism now ignores the lines not conforming RFC standard

  • If a ticket did not exist anymore, the link redirected to 404 page

  • Allowing timesheet managers to see all project related timesheets

What's New
  • Activities excluded from mail history

  • Improvements on CloudOffix automation scripts

  • Oauth tokens for teams and zoom integrations are refreshing regularly

  • Now the hours planned and spent for sub-task can be tracked easily on the main task

  • Replaced keys at interface level

  • Active Support aliases are removed from auto fill function for CC field in reply

  • Unnecessary “private” button removed under misc in meetings

  • Any user authorized in Project Module can delete checklist rows

  • Subtype of the Subscription Renew mail template is changed

  • System defined users cannot be deleted

  • Sales person of the opportunity is auto-set when a quotation is created from this opportunity

  • Module dependencies is set for the Marketing Campaign CRM Module

  • Automatically sent e-mails in Support are now sent according to the customer’s language preferences

  • Mass mailing retry mechanism improved

  • Temporary not available pages for ngnix

  • Ignores Max User check for new plan dbs

  • An improvement ensures that the storage dir properly moved into correct path on backup restore

  • A filter is added in Support Module for searching message body

  • More secure service calls to the mail provider

  • Configurable mailgun download timer

  • Multi-company support added to the job queue module

  • Mass-Mailing: Process queue cron job’s interval is updated

  • Allow marketing campaign user group to create/delete work items

  • Concurrent licensing model updated

  • Copy-paste feature is added for image type survey answers

  • Queued cron jobs improvements

  • Improvements on calendar module

  • Description field in Survey Module is changed

  • Oauth tokens for teams and zoom integrations are refreshes regularly

  • Improvement on audit vacuuming performance

  • Route invitation response to the calendar event from an unknown attendee

  • Improvements on Saas platform

  • Geoip improvements

  • Messengers module is added

  • Messenger type to channel info is added

  • A mechanism to pin the whatsapp channels is added

  • The VAT check is only done if the context has the key check_vat

  • Only Access groups parameters can affect the access right from the portal side

  • Storage write action

  • App drawer icon becomes unresponsive after first use on ios 15 safari

  • Pins live chat messages to the discuss

  • Sql Injection bug

  • Uncorrect amount for e-mails sent in current month

  • Error when removing filter

  • In Live Chat, Customer’s name seems anonymous after second message

  • An unused import action is deleted

  • Total amount in kanban is not showing according to Tax Display Setting

  • Subscription without salesperson can be seen by managers and the user authorized to see all documents

  • Wrong db search is fixed and the method renamed

  • Filter in Daily Visitors page cannot find the archived contacts 

What's New
  • Added ability to assign lead automation to a lead and support manual start/stop

  • Added new trigger types for Lead Automation

  • Sending an email directly from a mail template now correctly shows the recipients on the chatter

  • Now CloudOffix associates the incoming emails with their reply email if they reply

  • Now lead automation can work based on email events, line on reply, on click, on open

  • Added continue checking logic for lead automation

  • Automation tab added to the opportunity

  • Lead automation improvements

  • Added ability  for user to disable/enable conditions for a lead automation

  • Turkish Translation Updated

  • UI arrangements for marketing automations

  • Chatter improvements, messages are now listed with the Email From field instead of the author and Messages are now listed with the Email From field instead of the author and subject moved under to and cc fields

  • Page description field has been added to the view on Survey

  • Added direct access to the linked project from the Sale Order and Project overview link is removed.

  • The linked marketing campaign is now displayed as stopped if the last work item is expired

  • Outlook for Windows (desktop) now properly renders our .ics files to show yes/no/maybe buttons

  • Support SLA improvements

  • sends invitation responses without a filename. We now look for content type to determine correct filename during email import

  • Added ability to archive Quick Create Records

  • Organization Chart menu item has been moved from Settings to main menu

  • A direct access has been added to the linked project from Sale Order

  • Ability to archive Appraisal

  • New mega menu design for frontend. Mega menus now can have sections

  • Added new question type (question with image)

  • The notification location of the product for inventory availability has been changed and Now the sale is blocked when the amount on hand falls below a certain amount

  • Mass Mailing improvements

  • Mail Validator improvements

  • Added Ability to turn off email validation service

  • A permission error during timesheet journal creation

  • The problem causing no replied conditions expire on Lead automation

  • Expected singleton error on Sale Subscription

  • The problem causing the costs and invoiced figures on the project overview calculated always zero

  • A bug in daily visitors’ parent menu

  • A problem that was causing mail tracking icons not being displayed for superuser messages

What's New
  • Turkish Translation Updated

  • Provided an easy way to record a call in chatter

  • CRM Activity report now discards incoming emails to prevent the initial email that created the lead itself being counted

  • Company currency fields name has been changed

  • Invitation send from calendar now rendered with buttons accept/decline/tentative on email clients like Outlook, Gmail

  • The transportation button's icon has been changed

  • Added Archive feature for custom models

  • CloudOffix now parses calendar event invitation responses from ics

  • Now, if there is a logged-in user set it as the author in a message post from the website

  • Send Timesheet Journals to Customers now works every 2 hours. Sends out 25 emails per run

  • Added custom filter UI auto closes on every click on Windows Chrome platform

  • Parsing ical (ics) responses were improved. Now, supports multiple email addresses into the field, no more requires the sender email same with the attendee email, and supports multiple attendees entries

  • Microsoft Teams integration

  • Now, Log a call button only appear on the screen which has a schedule activity feature

  • Added Advance Salary module

  • Added new menu is added for going back to the calendar from settings UI

  • Added an option to arrange the order within the checklist tab on the task

  • Calendar event email templates updated for Microsoft Teams integration

  • Included ISP names for bot detection mechanism

  • Page tracking relates the page visit with a wrong partner

  • Some Security Updates

  • Added a new checking logic only user's related company on LDAP

  • "Join Meeting" link in the calendar invitation mail was rendered as a button instead of a plain link for more visibility

  • Zoom integration

  • Zoom Webinar integration for Event module

  • Changed the appearance and name of the send mail button in calendar

  • A new source type for Turkey IYS consent has been added IYS_WEB_YENI

  • webinar_url now displayed with url widget to prevent very long lines

  • Mailgun sometimes fails to send an email to a legitimate email address. Now, it counts two consecutive permanent_fails before marking the email as invalid

  • Error when creating a view

  • Error when importing Mail

  • Now, creating leads from non-Live Chat pop-ups is prevented

  • Authority problem in Surveys

  • An error when upgrading a Calendar module If a new field is added to the calendar.event model

  • Submitting a lead form on the frontend may not auto-create a partner

  • Some symbols are missing in 'activities' on notifications

  • Favorites menu closes unintentionally when selecting the text in the name field

  • Every calendar event update causes a new calendar entry on the partner's calendar

  • Unrouted emails being generated as a result of the rare occasion where the attendee clicked on both the accept button and link that came in GMail; or the calendar invitation was received twice

  • goal_type error while starting appraisal plan

  • Broken partner search in daily visitors page

  • Support menu on the frontend resets its position on every upgrades

  • After dissociating a partner from the page visit form, the browser refreshes, and the main menu disappears

  • Reset password error

What's New
  • Removed email hub chat channels on Mail Channels

  • Website made with CloudOffix banner for all footer

  • Added ‘message_importance’ field for the degree of importance to use only in Outlook

  • TR Translation Updated

  • Now Related partners of users cannot be merged

  • The number of emails sent is now included in CRM activity reports

  • None type found error if the customer did not select all options on communication permissions

  • Writing cc partners to the notification after sending a reply mail with cc partners on Helpdesk

  • Prevents exceptions on accessing obsolete models fields

  • Fade in right/ Fade in left animations causes a horizontal scroll bar on the whole page

  • General counting problem on Paging (list, kanban, etc.)

  • In reports, in foreign currency documents, the amounts were divided by the exchange rate twice problem

  • When a user approves a leave a second time in kanban view an incorrect warning appears on the screen

  • The color problem in dashboards

  • The currency rate source resets itself after a while

  • 'Send Message' could not be translated when the language 

What's New
  • IYS module enhancements

  • Added an ability to create meeting from tasks / projects

  • Now customers can select their SMS provider via General Settings/Settings and removed sms credit mechanism

  • Now Helpdesk Ticket stages are updated by the category field

  • Ticket stages are now filtered out when they are displayed on the kanban according to their availability for the selected category

  • When all tickets are selected in the menu, ticket kanban now shows all possible states

  • Communication preference improvements -added a flow for after approval. We now send a link to the customer for letting them update their permissions later on

  • Attachments in private messages are now visible only for mentioned partners

  • Now the user has a parameter that the user can specify max retry count on a cron job. Cause if it fails,  it automatically retries 5 times before moving the batch under failed jobs directory.(this parameter is 5 times for mass mailing)

  • Improvements on loading speed for mass mailing kanban

  • Only the leave types (and their colors) used in the report of leaves by the department have been listed below the report

  • Turkish translate file has been updated

  • Activities that are marked as private will be hidden on the chatter for the non participants and If the private activity is a meeting, it still will be listed on the company calendar to show the participants will not be available during the activity

  • More meaningful error message when a dox report does not have a template set

  • Now the user can be able to cancel the subscription when the quotation is canceled if the subscription has not started

  • Added this year and last year filters and validation before sending surveys on Appraisals

  • Removed the View Subscription button in the renewal email template, because the template already has a link for subscription

  • The Reply-All button has been removed from the Support View

  • Managers can delete leaves now

  • Now, When the user tries to drag the subscription and drop to the closing stage it asks the closing reason on popup

  • The code editor under the domain editor now only visible for settings users

  • When support ticket link is broken, now redirecting to the new not found page

  • Firstname and Lastname fields have been set in Employee form when the user selects the resource as the first action

  • Added partner filter to opportunity list in create opportunity and upsell form

  • Added missing create button on Leave kanban view

  • A problem causes by support ticket SLA Cron when a new DB is creating

  • An error caused by Project Report/Task Analysis Field types were declared wrong

  • Settings menu on the Support dashboard kanban is now bound to support manager security group

  • An error on updating a partner with a empty phone on IYS

  • Consistent ir_module_module not found errors after maintenance on the cloud platform provider

  • Audit Trail records taken before 180 days are deleted with a cron job repeatedly. Recently, the cron job failed because there is too much data. As the records continued to accumulate, there were slowdowns and disruptions in the transaction flow. An improvement has been done in this point

  • Sending reminder emails for subscription renewal

  • An incorrect summaries on the list view after making a range selection

  • A record rule error when a private mail activity is linked to a recurring calendar event

  • An error occurs when a user clicks Send to IYS button

What's New
  • Added a new feature to allow to save old versions of views to turn back the previous versions

  • Added a new feature to versioning for blog content keeps last 50 versions of a blog post

  • Added a new feature if the selected partner email is invalid while sending mail, a warning is added before sending on mail compose forms.

  • Activity has been added to the view. User should be able to update order lines if quotation has been created for upsell on Subscription

  • Now All users are able to create text snapshots

  • Added time type into consideration while computing leaves

  • A new function for docx format_float supporting multiple locales

  • Adds two functions for scripting environments. date_to_string, string_to_date

  • Lead Automation work items now has a new condition action type, "postpone 1 day"

  • Lead Automation work items now has a new condition type; domain condition

  • A new module for HR customizations

  • Added activities for employee

  • Added a new flexible data model Ileti yonetim sistemi for Turkey (IYS)

  • A warning for system administrator. If it's a fresh db sync client will be ignored. System admin now receives a notification if they try to do a manual sync client

  • Added cc separation from to addresses on Sales

  • Performance improvements on removal of alias emails from follower lists

  • Added a control that raises an error when the user tries to export more than 65535 records

  • Better active user detection

  • Added database count on the partner form

  • IYS Proxy implemented and better error handling for Send single, send multiple requests

  • The problem when the ordered quantity changes, the price returns to the original price

  • Department report error on Leave

  • Custom states may not be shown on the listview properly on rare cases

  • Getting an authorization error when a user without subscription authorization wants to make changes to the invoice

  • Changing page name from the frontend causes some part of the page fail to render

  • On a Workflow, non latin characters in a state label causes invalid state tech names generated

  • Solve overflowing blog titles on main blog listing page

  • The catchall alias has been added to the followers

  • Weekend deduction computation

  • An error occurs while getting default project id

  • Display name problems after validation on Leaves

  • An error when selecting an "in range" filter on a domain editor after 'is set' condition

  • Prevents currency rate source resets to none

  • Cloudoffix livechat’s translate now properly affects the UI

What's New
  • Upsell confirmation buttons caption changed on Subscription Module

  • Deprecated fields removed from measures fields in entire pivot views

  • Added ability to approve leaves and allocations as manager even if the user does not have officer permission

  • Added many new features to improve on Html Form builder

  • No more bouncing email to catchall address on an unrouted mail arrival

  • Mail forwarding to another alias

  • Processing Support for a new sent to two alias at the same time

  • Dashboard KPI number format now respects the user language

  • Pivot View upgraded

  • Added annual recurring revenue field on Subscription

  • Added the warning when user select a product with a different template on Subscription

  • Paddings for table cells on pivot view

  • Do not send a message if there is even one valid email card

  • Send ticket close mail and survey only once

  • Added job application button on contact card

  • Added ability to change import test run max records

  • Added a maximize button on the modal popups

  • Only main tasks should be added to the calculations of total number of tasks

  • No-stored now can be a measure field for a pivot

  • The names of the folded states and Headers in the list view are also visible when the user scrolls down

  • cc partners field definition has been changed on contact card support ticket page. Even if the e-mail address was written, it did not appear in the mail form

  • Disabled maximize button for the dialogs on frontend

  • Email validity check improved

  • Portal-Custom url support for blog pages

  • Send timesheets to the customers periodically (weekly, monthly)

  • Popup Compose message may raise an error when there is an active domain

  • Added ability to create journals as draft

  • Added ability to remember last options on the popup wizard

  • Quotation made up of upsell or renewal have been opened in edit mode on Subscriptions

  • Added attach button on Subscription

  • Hide reply and forward buttons for notes on the chatter

  • Added a feature to install Subscription Module under sale settings

  • Added a new feature to move fields quickly

  • Added HTTP methods and some other enhancements to api methods

  • Added domain filter for organization chart to allow filtering out some subordinates

  • Added groups to the job_application_count field

  • Added New payment gateway called iyzico

  • sale_payment_iyzico bridge module for adding product details into iyzico request (this helps the customer determine which tx made for which product on the iyzico console)

  • Latest Blog Post snippet now renders custom URLs if any specified

  • Mail tracking icons are changed. Sending icon is now a single check mark, delivered icon is now double gray check mark

  • Added custom date filter allowing selecting a date range quickly

  • Added new domain operator support to the domain editor

  • 'Field already added' error on adding a field on a different location after removing it from the previous location

  • The access error when manager user changes the tax display in settings on Sale

  • An exception occurs on creation of a new api endpoint

  • Half day computation on Leaves

  • Update timezone library (Turkey timezone info was wrong)

  • Permission error on creating project tasks

  • Return date computation on Leave

  • The stock amount is shown as 0 in the kanban view even if the user enters stock for a product

  • Invoicing period field on Subscription

  • Empty team id settings was causing an error on support team login

  • Visual glitch while adding columns/rows on a pivot view

  • A bug for hiding description if the user is manager of the employee

  • When there are sale order containing the multiple products matching the product name filter, pivot show incorrect numbers

  • The issue that is after unconfirmed tx deletion, there was no way to continue shopping for the user

  • Customized created method existence check executed on the wrong object

  • Action-confirm error when create opportunity setting is enabled

  • Subscription link added to chatter when the opportunity is added to upsell or renewal quotation

  • Error creating lead for user with employee access in Page.visitor model

  • Working hours return to default settings after some time

  • Access error for subscription in contact form

  • Approving other leave types then employee crashes

What's New
  • Replies received for a private message also imported as a private message in chatter

  • Recently seen messages feature has been added to Discuss Module

  • Latest drag-drop target module

  • Image resizing module for website-frontend

  • New signup form for getting started with CloudOffix in one step.

  • New UI for more the warnings and errors. 

  • New UI for email settings

  • Brand new Subscription modules and UI

  • Moving a lead on the Kanban to the lost column now asks the reason

  • Upsell ability for the Subscription module.

  • Advanced searches. (Ability make deep searches on any records)

  • A new logic for prevention endless email loop when the receiver and the sender is same.

  • ReCAPTCHA v3 integration. Silently eleminates the form submit robots

  • A new UI for warning the user when they try to send an email over 20mb.

  • New visual theme for the partners page

  • An admin now can see the registreed devices of the users via User and Groups interface

  • A new Kanban UI for subscriptions. (With drag drop support)

  • Job applications on the web site now has a better SEO support

  • Support pages now has a better SEO support

  • Multi currencies for subscription payments

  • Ability to create tickets/leads by forwarding a message from a chatter

  • Logging optimizations for better monitoring the system

  • Dashboards now support different number formats for different locales 

  • A better logic for ticket auto-close. 

  • Translations and Internationalizations improvements 

  • SMTP email configurations is removed.(CloudOffix already handles outgoung emails natively)

  • CloudOffix now can keep track of user export activities.

  • 360 Degree Employee Evaluation - Performance Management System released.

  • New fancy animations are added to our website designer.

  • Support for half day leaves

  • Wide range of new device supports are added for our ios client including iPads

  • A new tool for Optimizing and compressing Images on the Website

  • Notify Users about new Survey input action

  • Access error when ticket created from live chat

  • Follow/unfollow glitch on the chatter

  • Tax discount calculations on vendor invoices

  • Distorted view when the users' names are too long has been fixed with ellipsis quotes

  • Leave form UI re-designed

  • A visual glitch when there are many tabs and columns on the employees added by customizations

  • Admin panel bug fixes and improvements

What's New
  • Does not open a simple pop-up form on Contact Child form

  • Improvements on Support Ticket

  • Added timesheet records to the merge operation on Support Ticket

  • Added private messaging through chatter by tagging the recipient while in an existing conversation in the chatter

  • Now, when the user adds a link in chatter, where it goes can be  seen by the user in breadcrumbs sequence

  • Added missing security rule for allowing the regular admins to sync the servers

  • Adding someone in timesheet managers groups doesn’t cause them to be added in Employee-officers group anymore

  • Pasting an image from a clipboard might paste twice on some browsers/operating systems

  • Mass mailing contact edit error

  • Permission error on new ticket

  • Broken UI on a popup when the resolution of the device is between 768px-1024px

  • Reopen problem of the closed ticket on Support Ticket

What's New
  • New Kanban Design

  • Improvements on Admin Panel Module

  • Added Lead/Opportunity Button on Contact to show related record

  • Added a new feature that allows user to give special Labels for fields on Admin Panel

  • Creating leads from web site visitor feature now works with the new DB model

  • Adds document requirement for certain leave types

  • Added page visits button on Lead/Opportunity to show related record

  • Added a new feature “Find Duplicate Emails” under Contacts

  • Added working time on employees and calculated automatically

  • Now detects which partner has sent the reply for the ticket and updates the state of the ticket accordingly on Support Ticket

  • Added holidays fetcher

  • Better performance for mass mailing in kanban view

  • Added Groups, access rights, registration rules on the user cards as boxes

  • Now system sends a mail message to assigned user when activity is created

  • Same Report Name Problem on Leaves Module

  • Idle time measurement

  • Quiz Score Calculation on Survey Module

  • The wrong format occurs when the ‘from’ field in emails has at least one Turkish Character on Mass Mailing