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Be a HR leader with CloudOffix HR Cloud! It offers top employee experiences using smart HR software for expenses, travel, performance, and leave.


Cloud HR Software Solutions Simplified.

Step into the role of a Digital HR Leader with CloudOffix HR Cloud. This advanced HR software redefines employee experiences by optimizing expense, travel, performance, and leave management. Streamline tasks seamlessly, from handling expenses to enhancing travel coordination, while also empowering data-driven performance insights and transparent leave management. Embrace CloudOffix HR Cloud to not only enhance operations but also cultivate a culture of excellence and employee well-being.

Dijital Strateji, İK süreçlerini dijitalleştirmekle başlar. CloudOffix HR Cloud ile artık Dijital İK Lideri olmaya hazırsınız.

İşe Alım

Utilizing HR software to attract and hire the best talents with the help of applicant tracking system and publishing open positions and on your website.

Masraf / Gider Yönetimi

Enhance employee experience using CloudOffix HR Cloud. Empower easy expense creation and management through efficient approval workflows with our cloud HR software.

Seyahat Masrafı Yönetimi

Manage travel expenses easily with the CloudOffix HR Cloud software. Say goodbye to lost receipts - now you can enter expenses while you're on the move, hassle-free!

Çalışan Veritabanı Yönetimi

Efficiently manage and store essential information about each employee with CloudOffix HR Cloud. It acts as a centralized repository where you can securely store and easily access all your employees' details.

360 Degree Performance Management

CloudOffix sayesinde 360 derece performans değerlendirme sürecinizi kolayca yönetebilirsiniz.

 İzin Yönetimi

Optimize leave management with CloudOffix HR software. Streamline leave requests, approvals, and tracking for a seamless employee experience.

İşe Alım

Manage and track all aspects of the recruitment process on one screen!

With CloudOffix HR software, you can open positions and track applications just by using CloudOffix HR Cloud. You can create surveys and evaluation forms and store all Q&A from interviews.

Conducting interviews is more efficient with CloudOffix HR software. HR Cloud automatically notifies candidates during the interview process, keeping them updated on their status and ensuring a professional experience.

Enhance your human resources experience and provide a seamless recruitment process for your candidates.


CloudOffix HR Cloud -Features-Recruitment

Gider Yönetimi

Expense reporting is boring especially for those with little time to submit and track their expenses.

Eliminate the hassle of traditional expense reporting methods!

CloudOffix HR software makes it easy for employees to track and submit expenses. HR team can efficiently manage the expense reports. It eliminates manual paperwork and saves valuable time.

Cloud HR software ensures a perfect employee experience by leveraging the human resources experience technology.


CloudOffix HR Software

Seyahat Gider Yönetimi

Employees often find managing receipts during business travel cumbersome. They have to input them upon their return and then wait for approval, which becomes another task on their list.

With CloudOffix HR Cloud, they can conveniently log their expenses on-the-go using the mobile version. They can even initiate the approval process before concluding their trip or meeting.


CloudOffix HR Cloud-Features-Travel Expense Management

360 Derece Değerlendirme

Evaluate employees or managers comprehensively using CloudOffix HR Cloud's 360-degree appraisal module. Gather feedback from multiple stakeholders effortlessly. Distribute surveys easily, send automated reminders, and track progress seamlessly.

Experience the convenience of cloud-based software that enables a smooth and accessible appraisal process from any location. Gain valuable insights through detailed reporting, empowering HR teams to analyze feedback and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Foster a culture of feedback and ongoing enhancement with CloudOffix HR Cloud Software, elevating the employee experience for all.


CloudOffix HR Cloud-Features-360 Degree Appraisal

İzin Yönetimi

Manage leave requests effortlessly with CloudOffix HR Cloud software! Say goodbye to manual Excel spreadsheets. Our user-friendly solution lets you request and track leaves easily. Customize leave types and allocations according to your needs.

HR teams can efficiently approve and manage leave balances. Experience seamless HR management in the cloud for a positive employee and HR experience.


CloudOffix HR Cloud-Features-Leave Management

Çalışan Veritabanı Yönetimi

CloudOffix HR software offers efficient employee database management for a perfect employee experience. With cloud-based HR software, Digital Hr Leaders can streamline onboarding, offboarding, and document management processes.

Employees can access their personal information securely, contributing to a convenient digital HR experience. Manage trial periods, training, contracts with CloudOffix HR Cloud's unique HR experience solutions!


CloudOffix HR Cloud-Features-Employee Database Management

What is CloudOffix HR Cloud?

CloudOffix HR Cloud helps businesses with employee management. It keeps info about employees like names and jobs. You can use it for making schedules, asking for time off, and checking who's at work.

CloudOffix HR Software also helps with paying employees the right way and on time. Important papers like contracts and training stuff can be kept there too. It's a simple way to make HR tasks easier for your team.

CloudOffix HR Software presents an elegant and user-friendly solution to the intricate landscape of HR. By making things easier and putting important information in one place, it helps your team do HR tasks smarter. This leads to better work efficiency and getting more done throughout the company.

CloudOffix HR Cloud

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