Cloud Based Employee Database Management System

A Complete Staff Management Suite for Your Business

What People Say

From hire to retire – manage all your employee data in the one simple to use, highly secure Cloud Based HR Software. Keep all your staff documentation in one easily accessible employee management system. From work visas and permits to entry and exit forms, applicant tracking to hr processes. Your new management software will be with you through the whole process.

  1. Entry and Exit Processes

    Store and manage important documentation such as ID’s, employee visas, work permits, staff training, entry and exit forms.

  2. Employment/Organizational Hierarchy

    See your organizational tree, which will enable you to plan and measure workloads easily.

  3. Personal Information

    With CloudOffix's employee self service feature, staff can access their own personal information.

  4. Manage Employee Contracts / Make Templates

    Manage, sort and store all your important documents such as employee contracts in your HR database.

  5. Employee Trial Period Tracking

    Track employee trial periods and training requirements, anniversaries and more using your employee database software.

  6. Contracts with/without End Dates

    Store and manage contracts with or without end dates.

What is Employee Database Management?

A competent Employee Database management system will ease the pain of your human resources department in the long run. Use a staff database management system for your growing small business and manage all employee data. Such a database management holds information like employee name, age, job title, salary, contract lengths, leave entitlements and so much more.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management

Entry and Exit Processes

Keep all your employee information such as entry and exit documents in one secure place. Without having to shuffle through paperwork, excel spreadsheets or other possible places where they might go misplaced. Be ready for your employees before they begin their new jobs. Store and track important information such as visa, work permit, ID, contract, any PC's, vehicles, phones debited to your employees.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Entry and Exit

Employment / Organizational Hierarchy

Reporting structure will work as a guide to contact the right person in the hierarchy. This will increase employee engagement, as they will be part of the company processes. Instead of running around in circles, your staff will be able to reach the right person every time without getting lost in the process.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Organizational Hierarchy

Personal Information

Save HR management from having to look up employee records to answer questions regarding information such as remaining holiday entitlements. Self service data entry saves HR from spending valuable time on entering data that employees can also do themselves. Custom access levels keeps sensitive company data secure.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Personal Information

Manage Employee Contracts / Make Templates

Keep track of employee contract beginning and end dates. Know when each of your employees have become part of your workforce family. Manage, sort and store employee contracts easily, whether they are there long term or short term. Make templates for your employee contracts and store them accordingly in your HR Cloud database.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Manage Contracts

Employee Trial Period Tracking

Keep track of all employee processes from even before they join in the company family. Make orientation and staff training a breeze with CloudOffix HR Cloud. Have trial periods set, with reminders so you never miss when it’s time to renew staff member trainings. Keep track of all training each and every one of you staff have taken so far, and when it's time for new ones to be offered. 

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Employee Trial Periods

Contract with / without End Dates

Have employee contracts either with or without end dates set in the system. CloudOffix enables you to easily store contract information about long-term and short-term employees. Although they can easily be used from templates, not all contracts are made equal. Contract terms vary with each employee. Some employees may be long term, while others may have set start and end dates such as seasonal employees, or interns. Set employee contract terms, stating whether they are with or without end dates.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Employee Contract End Dates

From Hire to Retire - Manage your Employees from one Centralized Database!