All-In-One Employee Management Software

A Comprehensive Solution for Managing Digital Employee Experience

Employee Management Software: Simplify Your HR Processes

Experience seamless employee data management from the moment of hiring to retirement with our user-friendly and highly secure cloud-based HR software. Our comprehensive employee management software consolidates all your staff documentation, allowing for easy access and efficient organization. Whether it's work visas, permits, entry and exit forms, applicant tracking, or any other HR processes, our software accompanies you throughout the entire journey.

  1. Entry and Exit Processes

    Effortlessly manage entry and exit processes with employee management software. Store and organize crucial documentation like IDs, employee visas, work permits, staff training, and entry/exit forms.

  2. Employment/Organizational Hierarchy

    Visualize your employment/organizational hierarchy effortlessly with HR Cloud employee management software. Seamlessly plan and measure workloads with an intuitive organizational tree.

  3. Personal Information

    Access and manage personal information effortlessly through CloudOffix's employee self-service feature. Empower your staff to control their own personal data.

  4. Manage Employee Contracts / Make Templates

    Efficiently handle employee contracts and create templates using HR Cloud employee management software. Seamlessly manage, organize, and store crucial documents in your HR database.

  5. Employee Trial Period Tracking

    Effortlessly track employee trial periods, training requirements, anniversaries, and more with your employee database software. Stay organized and informed with comprehensive employee trial period tracking.

  6. Contracts with/without End Dates

    Efficiently store and manage contracts with or without specified end dates. Simplify contract management within your system.

What is Employee Database Management?

Employee Database Management is a reliable system that alleviates the challenges faced by your human resources department in the long term. By implementing a staff database management system, you can efficiently handle all employee data for your growing small business. This management system stores vital information such as employee names, ages, job titles, salaries, contract durations, leave entitlements, and much more. Simplify your HR processes and ensure smooth data management with an effective employee database system.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management

Entry and Exit Processes

Safeguard all your employee information, including entry and exit documents, in a secure and centralized location. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching through paperwork, Excel spreadsheets, or other potential sources where crucial information could be misplaced. Prepare your employees seamlessly before they embark on their new roles. Store and monitor vital details such as visas, work permits, IDs, contracts, as well as any company assets assigned to employees, such as PCs, vehicles, and phones. Simplify your operations with our comprehensive employee management software.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Entry and Exit

Employment / Organizational Hierarchy

Establishing a clear reporting structure serves as a valuable guide, enabling efficient communication with the right individuals within the organizational hierarchy. This fosters heightened employee engagement, as they become active participants in company processes. By utilizing our employee management software, your staff can easily navigate and connect with the appropriate personnel, eliminating the need to wander aimlessly or become lost in convoluted processes. Empower your workforce to reach the right person every time, promoting a seamless and productive work environment.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Organizational Hierarchy

Personal Information Management

Save valuable time for HR management by eliminating the need to search through employee records for inquiries regarding details like remaining holiday entitlements. Our employee management software offers self-service data entry capabilities, empowering employees to enter their own information and reducing the burden on HR. With customizable access levels, sensitive company data remains secure, ensuring confidentiality while streamlining data management processes. Simplify personal information management with our user-friendly employee management software.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Personal Information

Manage Employee Contracts and Create Templates

Stay informed about employee contract start and end dates, ensuring a clear understanding of when each employee becomes part of your workforce family. Our employee management software enables easy management, sorting, and secure storage of employee contracts, whether they are long-term or short-term. Simplify the process further by creating templates for employee contracts and storing them in your HR Cloud database. Streamline contract management with our comprehensive employee management software.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Manage Contracts

Employee Trial Period Tracking

Ensure a smooth onboarding experience and streamline staff training with CloudOffix HR Cloud. With our employee management software, you can easily keep track of all employee processes, even before they officially join your company family. Set trial periods with automated reminders to never miss renewing staff member trainings. Stay organized by monitoring the training progress of each staff member and receive prompts for offering new training opportunities. Simplify employee trial period tracking and training management with our comprehensive employee management software.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Employee Trial Periods

Manage Contracts with or without End Dates

With HR Cloud employee management software, you have the flexibility to handle contracts with or without specified end dates. Easily store contract information for both long-term and short-term employees. While templates can be used, we understand that not all contracts are the same. Contract terms can vary for each employee, with some being long-term while others have set start and end dates, such as seasonal employees or interns. Set specific contract terms within the system, clearly indicating whether they are with or without end dates. Simplify contract management with our comprehensive employee management software.

CloudOffix HR Cloud - Employee Database Management Employee Contract End Dates

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