How to Create Website Help Pages

Create Website Help pages for your website

Begin by clicking the ‘Support’ app located in the Helpdesk Cloud in the App Drawer screen.

CloudOffix App Drawer screen, Click ‘Support’ to begin

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer screen, Click ‘Support’ to begin

In the next screen, locate and click ‘Help Pages’ from the dropdown menu of the ‘Configuration Tab.

Configuration Tab

Fig. 2: Configuration Tab

In the next screen, click the ‘New’ button to create a new help page.
‘New’ button

Fig. 3: ‘New’ button

The following screen is where the new help page is configured. Select the Help group the page is to be shown under. If the Help Group page doesn’t exist, it can easily be created by clicking ‘Create and Edit’ in the dropdown list menu.

Select Help Group

Fig. 4: Select Help Group

Enter a name for the new page.

Help Page name

Fig. 5: Help Page name

Down the screen, there are options to add attachments to your page.

Also, Feedback Settings can be configured, which gives your website visitors the option to leave feedback on your page.

Attachments and Feedback configurations

Fig. 6: Attachments and Feedback configurations

Further down the screen, enter the content to be shown on your newly created help page. This will be visible on the frontend, the website.

Click ‘Save’.

Content box and ‘Save’

Fig. 7: Content box and ‘Save’

The new help page is now completed and visible in the backend.

Backend view

Fig. 8: Backend view

If we navigate to the frontend, the website, the newly created help page is now visible under the Help group we had created previously.

Website view

Fig. 9: Website view

Congratulations! You have just created a Website Help Page.