How to Create a Website Live Chat Channel

Create separate channels to serve various purposes

In the App Drawer page, click on the ‘Live Chat’ App located in the Helpdesk Cloud.

CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Live Chat App to begin.

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Live Chat App to begin.

Click the ‘New’ button to start creating a new Live Chat channel.

Click the ‘New’ button.

Fig. 2: Click the ‘New’ button.

Enter a name for the new channel. This is a mandatory field.

Mandatory field must be completed.

Fig. 3: Mandatory field must be completed.

In the following screen, enter your company website, which is a mandatory field.

Then select a channel type from the dropdown menu, which will be ‘Live Chat’ in this instance.

In the ‘Departments Tab, create different departments and assign different operators for each. Click on ‘Add an Item’.

Select Channel Type and add department.

Fig. 4: Select Channel Type and add department.

The pop up screen requires a name for the department being created.

Then select one or more operators from the drop down list.

Configure department details.

Fig. 5: Configure department details.

Select the action to be taken for incoming offline messages.

Offline messages.

Fig. 6: Offline messages.

Click ‘Save & Close’ or ‘Save & New’ if you wish to create more departments.

Save selections.

Fig. 7: Save selections.

Click ‘Join Channel’ to join the newly created channel.

Join channel.

Fig. 8: Join channel.

Once the Join channel button is clicked, all departments within the channel to which we have joined are listed in the ‘Departments Tab’.

Channel Departments.

Fig. 9: Channel Departments.

The messages Tab is home for the various message options for website visitors at various parts of the Live chat experience.

Write a message to appear and greet website visitors, and when the Live Chat operators are offline. Write a Thank you Message to appear at the end of the Live Chat.

Scroll further down the screen to reach more configuration options for the image of the button. Change the colors of the button, the text of the button, and even the color of hover over the button.

Messages Tab.

Fig. 10: Messages Tab.

The next tab is ‘Channel Rules’, where rules are set for the behavior of the channel in various situations. Click ‘Add an item’.