How to Collaborate and Navigate in Chatter

Collaborate Without Leaving the Current Screen

The chatter is located in many apps across the CloudOffix system. Since we can’t use all apps to demonstrate the chatter feature, we have chosen the Sales App, located in the Sales Cloud Drawer.

CloudOffix App Drawer page

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Sales App to begin.

Click ‘New’ to begin creating a quotation as per usual.

‘New’ button

Fig. 2: ‘New’ button

Complete the details of the quotation as usual, including the customer and add items for the quotation.

Quotation Details

Fig. 3: Enter the Quotation Details

Save the completed quotation.


Fig. 4: Save the quotation

To the right side of the screen, the details of the newly created quotation will appear. This section is called the ‘Chatter’ and displays every detail about the quotation (in this case), including all collaborations.

Details in the Chatter

Fig. 5: Details appear in the Chatter

Send the quotation to the customer by clicking the ‘Send by Email’ button on the top left.

Send the quotation

Fig. 6: Send the quotation

The Email screen appears with all details and with the ‘accept  and sign online’ button, and the quotation attached Send the email by clicking the ‘Send’ button.

Email screen

Fig. 7: Email screen

Once the email has been sent, all the details are now visible in the chatter, including the email body with the button, and the attachment.