How to Collaborate and Navigate in Discuss

Efficiently Use the Discuss App

Click on the ‘Discuss’ app which is located in the Social Cloud in the App Drawer screen.

CloudOffix App Drawer page - Discuss App

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Discuss App to begin.

The left of the screen shows all discuss accessible channels to the user. The Inbox is where all mentioned messages and all activities assigned to the user is displayed. The inbox has the option to ‘Mark all Read’.

CloudOffix Inbox

Fig. 2: The Inbox

All pinned messages regardless of where they have been pinned, will be displayed in the ‘Pinned’ channel. Pin or unpin any message at any time simply by clicking the pin located on the bottom right corner of the message.

CloudOffix Discuss - Pinned Messages

Fig. 3: Pinned Messages

Direct messages allow users to send one on one messages to another user in the system.

CloudOffix Discuss - Direct Messages

Fig. 4: Direct Messages

Click the Plus sign and write the name of the user to begin messaging directly.

CloudOffix Direct Messages

Fig. 5: Write username to message directly

Private channels can be created by clicking the plus sign. For example, a private channel can be created for each department. Write the name for the channel to be created.