Discuss - Enriched Collaboration

Elevate Your Team Collaboration with CloudOffix Discuss

CloudOffix goes beyond conventional communication tools, offering a holistic approach to team collaboration. From expressing ideas through voice messages to making decisions with interactive polls and engaging in face-to-face video calls, CloudOffix aims to elevate the way teams work together. Experience the benefits of enriched collaboration for improved efficiency and stronger team dynamics.


  • All teams and their members

Use Case

CloudOffix provides a comprehensive solution for teams looking to go beyond traditional text-based communication. The platform facilitates enriched collaboration through features such as voice messaging, polls, and video calls. These tools aim to improve the efficiency of team communication, especially in remote or distributed work environments.


  • Simplified meeting organization

  • Improved remote collaboration

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Streamlined Decision-Making with Interactive polls

  • Maximum time-efficiency with direct voice messages

Key Features

  • Voice Message: Whether in one-on-one conversations or group discussions, avoid the hassle of writing long messages. Send a direct voice message allowing your voice to enrich your expression.    To send a voice message, simply click on the microphone icon to the right of the text input area without typing anything. Cloudoffix will patiently listen to you for a maximum of 15 minutes and inform your team members.


  • Poll : Decision-making in large teams can take a considerable amount of time, especially when feedback is gathered through individual messages. Making decisions together is much more enjoyable. Create a poll by clicking on the plus button in every private or group conversation in the discuss app. When you click on the poll, a pop-up window will appear where you can write the question and options. It's that easy. Now it's time for the team. Everyone selects the option that suits them best. The window displays which option received more participation, showing who decided what in one window.