How to Create a Consumable Product

Create one of the many variations of a product - consumable product

Click on the ‘Sales’ app, located under the Sales Cloud, in the App Drawer screen.

CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Sales App to begin

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Sales App to begin.

In the Sales dashboard screen, click on the ‘Catalog’ menu and find ‘Products’.

Products under the Catalog Menu

Fig. 2: Find Products under the Catalog Menu.

The products dashboard lists all products currently in the system. The filters may be used to find specific products in the system and also save favorite searches.

Click ‘New’ to begin creating a new product.

Click the New button

Fig. 3: Click the New button.

The next screen is where the details fore the new product are added. The ‘Product Name’ field is mandatory and must be filled to be able to save the product.

Below the ‘Product Name’ field are some options about the nature of the product.

State whether the product:

Can be sold,

Can be purchased,

Can be expensed, or,

Is a subscription




Select the nature of the product

Fig. 4: Select the nature of the product.

Under the ‘General Information’ tab, complete the general information about the product such as Product Type, which can be ‘Consumable’, ‘Service’, or ‘Stockable Product’.

Product type

Fig. 5: Product type.

Move on to ‘Category’ field, where the products are categorized. The option to create and edit new categories allows for as many categories as necessary to be created.

Enter a Sales price and cost for the product in the stated fields.