How to Convert a Lead to Opportunity

Easily Convert a Lead to Opportunity:

We have created our Lead already which can be created through the many various ways available in CloudOffix such as:

·         Through Email

·         Contact Us Form

·         Website forms

·         Livechat

·         Surveys

·         Events

·         Manually

On our Leads form, we can see all the required information about the lead. You also have all you need to engage and nurture your lead. At a glance, we can see some smart buttons which show the number of Emails sent, Calls, Similar Leads, and even page visits to our website by our leads.

Smart Buttons

The bottom of the page you can find some Tabs with awesome features such as Marketing Automation. Here you can set up your lead automation and start the campaign for this particular lead.

Marketing Automation Tab

To the right side of the form, you can perform many other activities such as:

      ·          Send Email

      ·         Log Note

      ·         Log a call

      ·         Activity Schedule

Create Activities

Convert to Opportunity by clicking the ‘Convert to Opportunity’ button located on the top of the page.

Convert to Opportunity Button

Once you click Convert, a new form page will pop up with similar existing opportunities, giving you the option to merge your new opportunity with an existing one.