How to Create a Timesheet Reminder

Timely timesheet entries!

Begin with the App Drawer screen and click on the ‘Timesheet’ app, located in the Project Cloud Drawer.

CloudOffix App Drawer screen, Click ‘Timesheets’ to begin

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer screen, Click ‘Timesheets’ to begin

In the next screen, click on the ‘Configuration’ menu, then select ‘Timesheet Reminder’.

The ‘Configuration’ Menu

Fig. 2: The ‘Configuration’ Menu

Click the ‘New’ button to begin creating a new timesheet reminder. All previously created reminders will also be listed here.

Click the ‘New’ button to begin

Fig. 3: Click the ‘New’ button to begin

In the New reminder screen, write a name for the reminder and select the manager who will be responsible and therefore notified. These two fields are mandatory.

Mandatory fields.

Fig. 4: Mandatory fields.

Click ‘Add an item’ and select from the pop up screen to add the users to whom the timesheet reminder will be applied.

Add an item.

Fig. 5: Add an item.

On the bottom of the screen, first up are settings for the working style of your company.

Start week on: select the beginning of the working week.

Default capacity: select the working hours per week

Deadline day: select the deadline day for timesheet entries to be completed

Deadline hour: set the deadline hour for timesheet entries.

The timesheet deadline is shown in bold thereafter.

‘Reminders should be sent to’ has two different settings:

Anyone who has not submitted their timesheet for approval; and

Anyone who tracked less than

Set business essential information

Fig. 6: Set business essential information

Anyone who tracked less than: this is where a capacity limit is entered in percentages from the drop down list.

Set the Capacity limit

Fig. 7: Set the Capacity limit

Email Template – User: an email is sent to the user to inform about their missing timesheet entries.

Email Template – Manager: an informative email is sent to the manager with a list of users and their missing timesheet entries within their department.

Reminder settings

Fig. 8: Reminder settings

Reminder should be sent: decide the time before and/or after the deadline the reminder email is sent to users and managers.

Click ‘Save’.

Click ‘Start Reminder’ for the system to begin sending the reminder emails when the scheduled time arrives.

Start Reminder

Fig. 9: Start Reminder

Congratulations! You have just created a Timesheet Reminder.