Digital HR Transformation in Human Resources

Human Resources Strategies and Trends

Burcin Topal

Digital HR Transformation in Human Resources

Human Resources Strategies and Trends

02 September 2021 , CloudOffix Blog

In today’s business world, two things come to mind when we say customer. The first is external customers, the other is internal customers. Our aim right at this point is to establish a successful company structure and corporate culture in order to make both our external and internal customers happy. There are many reasons that affect our employees, who are also our internal customers. However, in this article we will touch base on the importance of Digital Transformation in the Human Resources Department for internal customer happiness.

What is Digital HR?

Digital HR is a software technology, especially cloud technology, used to optimize processes to make HR functions such as hiring processes more efficient, effective, and high in communication. In other words, it is the evolution of Human Resources processes and ways of working through digital transformation. Of course, just using new technology is not sufficient for HR Transformation. Along with the new HR technologies to be applied, human resources, talents, way of doing business and processes must also be reviewed.

Digital HR also is an important beginning for Digital Transformation Projects within a company. Therefore, the fact that HR professionals and HR leaders lead these digital formations is an important factor in their companies’ success in digital transformation.

A transformation story to be realized through the HR Department will be a transformation that will benefit all personnel, not just one department. Personnel from different departments who recognize this transformation will be more active and have high expectations in digital transformation projects to be made specifically for their departments.

Digital HR

How Digital HR Transforms Human Resources

  • Communication Between Departments

As remote working methods become more popular each day, virtual communication between departments and individuals has gained much more importance. Therefore, it has become a necessity to create environments where all personnel of the business world can communicate with each other, both abroad and in their home country. In order for companies to be able to protect their information securely, internal communication tools should be preferred rather than personal communication and social media platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram, Facebook etc.

  • Future Recruitment Processes

In some cases where the office environment is perhaps not available for some companies, managing CVs manually and conducting job interviews on paper will unfortunately not be possible. Of course, recruitment processes and talent management should also be done in a digital environment after recruitment. Therefore, both the recruitment processes and the personnel onboarding, training etc. should be designed and easily managed through the digital HR services system to be established.

  • Improving the Employee Experience

As we had mentioned in the beginning of our article, personnel should now be seen as internal customers for companies. Therefore, just as we try to improve the experiences of our external customers, we should do the same for our internal customers. For this reason, when it comes to employee engagement and the digital environment, staff expect companies to provide a user experience similar to what they offer their customers.

  • Self Service Solutions for Employees

This title is actually quite compatible with the employee experience improvement title. In terms of HR, it is important to focus on the self-service applications offered. Just as employees like to be able to choose the way they manage their work related to their own department; they also would like to manage their own data in HR. Some examples of Self-Service Solutions are given below.

  • Digital Transformation for Top Talents

Young generation of employees called Y and Z generations will form a large part of the workforce in the coming years. These people spend a majority of their time in mobile environments.

If you try to apply HR processes using traditional methods to these people, you will be very unsuccessful and perhaps you may lose very important talents from your company. That is why the employees of this generation expect to be able to manage all HR applications over the web or mobile phones. This will only be possible with the digital transformation of HR solutions. Companies that not only have a digital HR strategy, but have performed digital transformation will be a step ahead in the competition for talent acquisition.

Examples of Self-Service Solutions

Manage all your recruitment processes digitally, including the posting of open positions, interviews, exams, and CV Bank.

Managing expenses can be a tedious task for employees. In order to make it enjoyable, digitizing the process is very important. Employees should be able to take pictures of their invoices and receipts and easily enter expense claims from their mobile phones. Artificial Intelligence technologies can also be used in this process.

In a period where working remotely is intense, employees cannot be expected to still enter their leave requests through excel and get printouts. In addition, the question of ‘How many days do I have Left?’ should be answered instantly in real time.

Employees may have salary advance requests for various reasons and needs. Your employees should be able to start this process with one click and be able to follow the process wherever they are.

What is out of sight should not be out of mind. In order for it not to leave the mind, the work should be reported and interpreted transparently. This is why, with the 360° Performance Management to be established, successful employees should be rewarded and employees with shortcomings should be given motivation in order to make up for their shortcomings. We can only do this kind of people analytics through the digital tool system to be established.

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