New Features - 2023 September

2023 September

Introducing Enhanced Sprint Management

We have enhanced our Sprint Management module to streamline project workflows, simplify task management, and improve the user experience for better project success in alignment with Scrum methodology. Read more

Elevating Your Communication Experience!

We've given our Discuss Module's channel interface a sleek new makeover to elevate your communication experience with a focus on smooth and intuitive interactions. Read more

Elevate Your Subscription Management  

Introducing a valuable enhancement to our subscription management system, which allows you to customize the coloring settings on subscription kanban cards, providing greater control and visual clarity for effortless subscription organization and management. Read more

Enhance Contact Management

Introducing a valuable enhancement to our contact management system: you can now assign company timezones to contacts without specified addresses, ensuring accurate time representation and smoother communication. Read more

Accelerated Discuss Message Delivery

We're thrilled to introduce a major advancement in our Discuss module, significantly boosting communication speed and efficiency with faster message sending and receiving in real-time, thanks to a revamped message dispatch process that minimizes delays. Read more