How to Create Marketing Automation

Automate the marketing process

Click on the ‘Marketing Automation’ app which is located in the Marketing Cloud in the App Drawer screen.

CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Marketing Automation App to begin.

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Marketing Automation App to begin.

In the campaigns screen, all campaigns will be listed. Filters can be used to narrow in and find a specific campaign.

Click on the ‘New’ button to create a new campaign.

The ‘New’ button

Fig. 2: The ‘New’ button

Write a name for the campaign, which is a mandatory field.

The name field is a mandatory field

Fig. 3: The name field is a mandatory field

Select whether the Mode is ‘With Manual Confirmation’ or ‘Normal’.

Manual Confirmation: the campaign runs normally but the user has to validate all work items manually.

Normal: the campaign runs normally and automatically sends all emails and reports

This is another mandatory field.

Select the mode

Fig. 4: Select the mode

The ‘resource field is also mandatory and determines the data set that the campaign is applied to.

In the ‘Activities’ tab, click ‘Add an item’ to create activities within the campaign.

Resource field

Fig. 5: Resource field

The following ‘Create Activities’ screen will pop up.

Write a name for the first activity.

If this activity is the beginning of many for this campaign, mark it as the beginning of the series by clicking ‘Start’.

The activity to start the campaign

Fig. 6: The activity to start the campaign

The type of activities available and actions to be taken are as follows:

Send Email: Sends an email or a series of emails to selected people or groups.

Create Task: Creates a task and assigns it to the designated people or groups.

Report: Creates a report of the selected data set.

Custom Action: Creates a custom action which can be created by simply writing a python code.

The fields will differ for each selected activity., for example, the ‘Send Email’ will have the options to select email’ templates, and ‘Create Activity’ will have options to assign employees.

Let’s continue with ‘Send Email’.

Activity Type

Fig. 7: Activity Type

Select the email template from an existing list or create and edit a new one.

Email template list

Fig. 8: Email template list

Click Save and Close.

Save and Close

Fig. 9: Save and Close

Upon returning to the campaign screen, click save for the activity to be visible in the following step where an activity is to be selected from the list of activities to ‘run after’.

This step should be repeated after each new activity created.

Click ‘Edit’, then ‘add an item’ again to create the next activity.