How to Create an Invoice

Create an invoice

Click on the ‘Invoicing’ app which is located in the Invoice Cloud in the App Drawer screen.

CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Invoicing App to begin.

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer page, Click the Invoicing App to begin.

The following screen is the ‘Accounting Dashboard’, where all accounting journals can be found. In the ‘Customer Invoices’ card, click on the ‘New Invoice’ button.

New Invoice button

Fig. 2: New Invoice button

On the new invoice screen is where the draft invoice is drawn up. Select the customer from the drop down list. the Delivery address field will be automatically filled once the customer has been selected.

Status bar

Fig. 3: Status bar

Select the payment terms from the list or create and edit a new one. 

Payment Terms

Fig. 4: Payment Terms

Enter the Invoice date. The due date will be updated automatically depending on the selected payment terms.

Dates update automatically

Fig. 5: Dates update automatically

Scroll to the bottom of the screen to the ‘Invoice Lines’ tab, where the invoice items will be entered.

Add items to the invoice lines

Fig. 6: Add items to the invoice lines

Locate and select or create and edit an item to be invoiced from the Product field. Complete the rest of the necessary fields such as quantity, and discounts, if any are to be applied.

 Complete the line entries

Fig. 7: Complete the line entries

Discounts can be applied at the item line or at the end, as a total discount applied to the whole invoice.

The ‘Discount Amount’ field is where the exact amount to be deducted from the total invoice is to be entered.

The ‘Discount Rate’ field is where the percentage of the whole invoiced amount is to be entered.

Note: This field is automatically updated if the ‘Discount Amount’ is entered.

Discount rate or discount amount

Fig. 8: Discount rate or discount amount

In the ‘Other Info’ Tab, enter all information such as Fiscal position, and Reference / Description. All information which can be filled automatically is already updated by the system. Click ‘Save’

Other info tab

Fig. 9: Other info tab

Now the invoice is ready, and Saved, but not validated. Click the ‘Validate’ button for the invoice to become valid and ready to be sent to the customer.