How to Create an Employee

Create Employee Cards in CloudOffix

Begin with the App Drawer screen and click on the ‘Employees’ app, located in the HR Cloud Drawer.

CloudOffix App Drawer screen, Click ‘Employees’ to begin

Fig. 1: CloudOffix App Drawer screen, Click ‘Employees’ to begin

In the next screen, click on the ‘New’ button, on the top of the screen.

The ‘New’ button on the dashboard

Fig. 2: The ‘New’ button on the dashboard

Enter the new employee’s name in the designated field, which is mandatory.

Mandatory name field

Fig. 3: Mandatory name field

In the Tab labelled ‘Work Information’, complete the contact and position information for the employee.

Work Information Tab

Fig. 4: Work Information Tab

The Tab labelled ‘Private Information’ consists of more personal information about the employee such as private address, work permits, etc.

Private Information Tab

Fig. 5: Private Information Tab


The ‘HR Settings’ Tab, as the name suggests, contains various HR settings and information.

HR Settings Tab

Fig. 6: HR Settings Tab

The last Tab on the screen, ‘Checklists’ consists of Entry and Exit checklists, which are used to check-off items given to the employee at entry, to be used during the time of employment and returned at the end.

The items in the checklists are predefined in the settings and can be accessed by management.