New Features - 2023 December

2023 December

Introducing the Updated App Builder and Frontend Design

Our latest update introduces a cutting-edge App Builder and refined frontend design, delivering a visually stunning. Read more about   Updated App Builder .

Team Dynamics with Calendar Booking

Get ready for a game-changing experience as we introduce a significant upgrade to our Calendar meetings. Read more about Calendar Booking.

Revolutionizing Video Call Notifications

Get ready for a paradigm shift in video call interactions as we introduce a cutting-edge feature designed to increase user engagement: caller inclusion. Read more about Video Call Notifications.

Introducing 3-Year-Specific Public Holiday Fetching!

Prepare for a transformative improvement in calendar functionality by introducing the ability to fetch public holidays based on the desired year. Read more about 3-Year-Specific Public Holiday.

Unveiling the Scoring App in Marketing Cloud!

Say hello to the future of marketing intelligence with the Scoring App. Read more about theScoring App.