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Surveys and Their Significance

Surveys are very important in order to get the real insights about your company from your customers, prospects and even from your team members. 

The most common one is the customer satisfaction survey. According to the feedback you get, you can see the performance of your company and have the ability to improve the inefficient processes to keep the happy customer experience going. 

Online surveys are the most popular form these days, for obvious reasons. You can easily create them using the question types to suit your needs and publish on your website using CloudOffix Website Builder, post on your social media or send through Mass Mailing.

  1. Response Rates

    Prepare and store brilliant survey templates with engaging questions that have high response rates in return.

  2. Identify Improvement Areas

    There's always room for improvement and your business is no different. Create a new survey with the click of a button. one of the many ways to look for improvement areas is to carry out market research. Then you can use these survey responses to improve customer care

  3. Make Informed Business Decisions

    Boost sales effectiveness - build your sales plan in accordance with the results from the surveys you conduct. Use them to target your customer niche. Make informed decisions.

  4. NPS

    Determine your net promoter score - Analyze customer satisfaction levels

  5. Conduct Internal Surveys

    Prepare questionaires for your employees. As important your customers are to the rising of your business, so are your employees. Maybe they have tips and suggestions to help you improve your business.

  6. Survey Data Analysis

    Use reports to analyse your data easily. Make improvements as necessary.

What Are Surveys?

A CRM survey is a poll, or a series of questions to send to new and existing contacts within a company’s CRM system. These polls have a variety of uses. Uses such as getting information about new contacts, updating and refreshing information about your existing contacts. Surveys can also be used to enrich the existing customer information with insights which could help to better serve your target audience.

Create and send surveys to your customers and gather feedback through the lifecycle of their customer journey. You would already have email addresses and other necessary customer data through your previous marketing efforts. If not, now is the time to make new friends using mass mailing and letting your customers know your business exists.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Surveys

Response Rates

Use the correct layout for your surveys. If your surveys are too confusing, chances are that your customers will abort the survey if they don't understand it. Same rule applies if your survey is too bland and boring. To avoid this, choose layouts that are straight forward ans easy to comprehend.

Just like the layout, the questions you use for your surveys are also very important. If your sentences are long and confusing, your respondants will most likely abort. Try to keep your question sentences short and sweet but concise. Use easily understandable and straight forward language.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Surveys Feedback

Identify Improvement Areas

Strengthen customer relationships - touch base with your customers regularly to remind them of your existence and let them feel that you care. 

Your marketing or even your support team can contact customers with solution emails according to the feedback received from your previously conducted surveys

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Surveys Identify Improvement Areas

Make Informed Business Desicions

Don't just go out on a limb with your business decisions. Conduct surveys. Get informed. Get feedback. Then make healthier, more informed decisions. Just starting out? Send marketing emails through Mass Mailing. Need feedback? send NPS surveys. Stay in the know.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Surveys Make Informed Decisions

Net Promoter Score - NPS

NPS is usually a single survey question. This can be a great way to quantify how your efforts weigh up with regards to your customer service. Identify your happiest and unhappiest customers through this particular customer feedback and classify them as promoters, passives and detractors.

Use your CRM software to send NPS surveys. Then set up automatic notifications to your support team if you identify a detractor. And if you have a promoter, an email can be sent to them, requesting a positive review on your site.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Surveys NPS

Conduct Internal Surveys

As well as surveys for your customers, you can conduct internal surveys with your employees and team members. Just like wanting to keep your customers happy, it's a good idea to check up on your team members too. 

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Surveys Internal Surveys

Survey Data Analysis

The results from your surveys can be analysed easily through your CRM Reports. Get concise adhoc reporting for your survey results. Make your decisions more informed using the information which you have now so easily acquired.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Surveys Analysis


Conduct satisfactory surveys


Analyze results 


Make informed decisions

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