Omnichannel Communication with Live Agent Integrated into Your Platform

Engage in live chat conversations with your prospective and current customers using CloudOffix's omnichannel communication solution.

Engage in Live Chat with CloudOffix

Customers always seek prompt responses. With our live agent feature, you can provide real-time answers to customers' and prospects' inquiries. Live chat offers numerous benefits for businesses, including the ability to interact with more customers compared to phone conversations, instant communication, and shorter sales conversion time. Discover the advantages of CloudOffix's offerings.

  1. Lead Capturing through Instant Messaging

    Instant messaging agents have the ability to convert potential customers into leads. Your sales team can then follow up on these qualified leads to close deals using Sales Cloud.

  2. Support Tickets via Omnichannel Communication

    Initiate support tickets from incoming customer inquiries and address issues and tickets through Helpdesk Cloud using omnichannel communication.

  3. Already Built-in App

    There is no need to acquire an additional chat app for website integration. CloudOffix Live Agent is already built-in and readily available for use on your website.

  4. Configure Channels and Rules

    You can set up filters based on visitors' IP addresses or countries to provide targeted live chat support through the live agent.

  5. Session History

    The chat history with the live agent is saved, allowing you to conveniently revisit it at any time.

  6. Chat  Session Statistics

    Obtain detailed statistics on your live chat sessions.

  7. Instant Messaging Analysis

    Evaluate the performance of your instant messaging agents or operators. How well are they performing?

  8. Customer Ratings through Instant Messaging

    Request feedback from your customers via instant messaging to identify areas for improvement and enhance your business performance.

  9. Predefined Responses for Live Agents

    You can create preconfigured answer templates for your live agents, enabling them to provide accurate and precise responses to frequently asked questions.

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is a valuable tool that empowers customers to interact with your business in real time through messaging on your website. It has been available since the early 21st century and has witnessed remarkable growth in adoption. Contrary to common belief, the benefits of live chat in the business sphere extend far beyond providing helpdesk support.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Live Chat - What is Live Chat?

Lead Capturing

Utilizing a highly valuable resource like a live agent through live chat can assist online businesses in capturing leads, minimizing bounce rate, and reducing the occurrence of abandoned shopping carts.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Live Chat - Lead Capturing

Support Tickets

Regardless of whether your instant messaging agents are online or offline, you can effortlessly convert your live chat queries into support tickets. If your agents are online, they can manually handle this process. However, if your agents are offline, incoming customer queries are automatically converted into tickets and will be displayed in your ticketing system.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Live Chat - Support Tickets

Built-in App

With CloudOffix, instant messaging is seamlessly incorporated into your website, eliminating the need to acquire a separate live chat widget or software. This complimentary instant messaging functionality equips your teams with the necessary tools to deliver exceptional total customer experiences.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Live Chat - Built-in App

Set Channels and Rules

Establish distinct channels to cater to specific objectives within your instant messaging system. Set up channels for different countries and define rules to determine various responses. For instance, you can make a button visible for one country while enabling an auto pop-up for another.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Live Chat - Channels and Rules

Session History

Utilize the chat history with live agents to reference past interactions, incorporate it into your reporting and analysis, and track the progress of sessions. Privately tag other team members during a session, such as when referring to another department. CloudOffix offers seamless chat integration with other clouds like marketing, sales, and helpdesk, empowering your team members with the necessary tools to perform their tasks effectively.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Live Chat - Session History

Instant Messaging Session Statistics

Monitor the duration of each customer session conducted through instant messaging and analyze the most frequent questions received to provide optimal customer support. Gain valuable insights through comprehensive reporting presented in diverse chart formats like Gantt, line, or bar charts. This allows you to make data-driven decisions and enhance the effectiveness of your customer interactions using omnichannel communication.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Live Chat - Session Statistics

Operator Analysis

Perform a comprehensive analysis of your live agents' performance by evaluating the number of sessions they actively participate in and successfully resolve within a designated time period using instant messaging. Measure the conversion rates of these sessions into leads and tickets. Utilize this data to provide incentives and uphold exceptional customer service skills among your live agents in the realm of instant messaging.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Live Chat - Operator Analysis

Customer Ratings

Obtain valuable insights into customer satisfaction through ratings and feedback received via instant messaging. Assess whether your happy customers outnumber the dissatisfied ones and identify areas for improvement. This feedback allows your customers to share their user experiences, rate your staff, and provide feedback on your business.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Live Chat - Customer Ratings

Canned Responses

Equip your live agents with a repository of preconfigured answers to frequently asked questions or commonly encountered queries in the realm of instant messaging. This feature expedites response time, instilling trust and fostering customer loyalty. By leveraging this time-saving functionality, your live agents can assist a larger number of customers, leading to an enhanced customer experience.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Live Chat - Canned Responses

Discover How Live Chat Can be Beneficial to Your Business.