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In today's marketing landscape, acquiring and nurturing leads requires comprehensive event organization. With CloudOffix CRM Event Management Software, you can streamline your event planning without the need for separate applications.

CloudOffix CRM event planning app provides all the essential features for successful event organization. As part of its Marketing Cloud, CloudOffix offers a dedicated event management platform designed to meet the needs of your event planners.

  1. Send Invitations using Mass Mailing

    Effortlessly invite contacts to your events by leveraging the mass email functionality of CRM Event Management Software. Utilize your existing customer relationship management database to send out invitations to your desired audience in bulk.

  2. Collect Leads and Nurture Them

    Efficiently collect new leads from event attendees by leveraging the capabilities of CRM Event Management Software. Seamlessly integrate the leads into your CRM system and utilize it to nurture the event leads post-event, ensuring effective follow-up and continued engagement.

  3. Gain Insights from Your Data

    Utilize analysis tools to calculate the real-time ROI generated by your events. Analyze the data to derive valuable insights and measure the effectiveness of your event strategies.

  4. Organize Events Anywhere, Anytime  

    With CloudOffix Event Management, the best event management software,  you can seamlessly organize events both online and offline. Whether it's virtual or in-person, CloudOffix has got you covered.

  5. Print Name Badges

    Easily generate and print personalized name tags or badges for your participants or attendees.

  6. Scheduled Automated Emails

    Effortlessly send scheduled emails to your attendees before and after the event using the event planning app.

  7. Website Integration

    Unlock a seamless event experience with the power of CRM event management software. Effortlessly create stunning event websites and effortlessly manage event registration, all in one place.

  8. Sell Event Tickets Online

    Sell event tickets online with ease. Whether your events are free or require a fee, conveniently collect payments for tickets and ensure a smooth registration process.

  9. Organize Calendars

    Effectively coordinate and showcase your event content, including speakers and presenters, through a centralized calendar system.

What is Event Management?

Event management means the careful planning, coordination and implementation of  a wide variety of events. These events encompass a variety of occasions such as conferences, exhibitions, social gatherings and even virtual gatherings supported via social media platforms. Like other aspects of modern society, event management has evolved and includes technological advances that have revolutionized the way events are planned and organized.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Events

Send Invitations Using Mass Mailing

Utilize CRM event management software to send invitations through mass mailing, allowing you to set custom criteria and target clients who are more likely to attend or participate in the event.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Events - Invitations

Collect Leads and Nurture Them

With CloudOffix CRM event management software, you can efficiently collect leads and nurture them. By tagging leads based on the specific event they participated in, you no longer need to search for the event source of a particular lead.

Additionally, you can send automated follow-up emails to keep your leads engaged. This ensures that you stay in regular contact with them, sending pre-event confirmation emails and post-event satisfaction survey emails to maintain their interest and satisfaction.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Events - Capture Leads

Analyze Your Data

CloudOffix CRM event management software allows you to analyze your data effectively. Utilize the reporting feature to gain real-time insights into the outcome and effectiveness of your events on sales. By examining this data, you can assess the impact of your events and make informed decisions to improve your sales performance.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Events - Analysis

Online and Offline Meetings

CloudOffix CRM event management app offers you the convenience of organizing, publishing, promoting, and selling both online and offline meetings. With its built-in event management capabilities, you can effortlessly manage seminars and webinars, ensuring seamless execution and maximum engagement.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Events - Online Offline Meetings

Print Name Tags

With a simple click, generate name tags for your confirmed attendees directly from your system. Say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through piles of paper and manually checking names off a list. Just apply the filter for confirmed attendees and initiate the printing process. Our goal is to simplify things for you.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Event Management Software

Scheduled Automated Emails

Utilize the email scheduling feature in your CRM event management software to send timely reminders to your attendees before the event, as well as follow-up thank you and satisfaction emails after the event. Even if you happen to forget, rest assured that CloudOffix Email Marketing feature will handle it seamlessly.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Events - Scheduled Automated Emails

Website Integration

With the event planning app's website builder, effortlessly design your event page and enable registration directly on your website. Streamline the process for your customers by allowing them to register and make payments all in one place, making it convenient for everyone involved.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Events - Website Integration

Sell Your Event Tickets Online

With CloudOffix CRM event management app, you can effortlessly sell tickets for your event using our E-commerce Cloud platform. Seamlessly integrate with various payment gateways available in the E-commerce Cloud to securely receive payments for your event tickets.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Events - Sell tickets Online

Organize Calendars

Enhance your event page by including presenters and speakers, showcasing them on your calendar. Enable visitors to easily search your calendar for their desired events on your website.

CloudOffix Marketing Cloud - Events - Organize Calendars

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