Sales Order Management with CloudOffix

The Order Management Process and Cycle defined, packed and Delivered

Burcin Topal

Sales Order Management with CloudOffix

The Order Management Process and Cycle defined, packed and Delivered

17 May 2021 , CloudOffix Blog

What is Order Management and Why do we need an Order Management system?

Sales order management is the process of receiving the order, picking packing and shipping the items in the order, and receiving feedback regarding customer satisfaction.

When a customer places an order through any one of the many sales channels we have available, the seamless order management process starts its steps through the supply chain. The right order management begins with the right order management software such as CloudOffix. Make your customer experience the most satisfactory sales process.

Steps involved:

The sales order cycle doesn’t end with a sale order, it begins a process. The sales order process. This process is quite an important one because it will determine whether customers use your services as a one-off or they keep coming back for more.

We prefer the latter option, for obvious reasons – we want returning, satisfied customers so we can increase revenue. And as everyone knows - a happy customer is a returning customer.

The steps to completing the sales order process is outlined in a few steps for you.

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - Order Management

Order placed and received:

Once you have received an order entry from a customer through one of our many sales channels, or have manually entered orders into the system, the process has begun. Part of order fulfillment is to correctly manage inventory an track orders to provide a satisfactory customer service and meet customer demand.

Your lead has nurtured into opportunity, then made its way through the sales cycle all the way to placing an order. Success! But it doesn’t end there. So what’s next?

Now you need to take the next steps to satisfying your customer and ensuring they choose you every time. CloudOffix will provide you with the CRM software to ensure a smooth ride through the sales cycle process all the way to complete customer satisfaction.

So your customer has placed their order and you have accepted and received payment through CloudOffix invoicing cloud. You have come this far using CloudOffix multichannel sales sytem.

You have received online orders through the website you have so easily built using CloudOffix E-Commerce Cloud. It was so simple to use, with wonderful drag and drop features, action buttons, text and Picture boxes and fully integrated with online payment gateways!

So far so good, right? Well that’s not all.

Receive orders through our integrated multichannel sales features such as through our e-commerce cloud as mentioned earlier or, if you prefer, use your social media channels, or other platforms such as Amazon, Ebay. All sale orders are integrated, where everything is easily manageable on one platform.