All-In-One Subscription Management Tool

Using a subscription management software can simplify subscription-based businesses by managing everything from orders to billing in one platform.

What is Subscription Management Software?

Manage the entire customer subscription life cycle with the subscription management software.

From quotation to automated billing & payment collection.

  1.  Create your products

    Effortlessly create subscription products and plans using CloudOffix's inventory and product management features.

  2.  Share the quote with the customer

    Share subscription product quotes with your customers by having your sales team prepare customized quotes that include the products your customers are interested in.

  3.  Quote to Order

    Easily convert quotes to orders by confirming the quotation when your customers are ready to order.

  4.  Order to Subscription

    When you confirm an order, our feature creates customer subscriptions with all product details automatically. It's easy and ensures seamless subscription for customers.

  5.  Subscription to Billing

    Automatically create invoices for subscription products based on the subscription plan using our subscription management software.

  6.  Billing to Payment

    Our integrated payment gateways, including Stripe, Paypal, PayU, Ingenico, Adyen,, and more, enable automated payment collection as part of our billing-to-payment feature.

Product & Subscription Plan Management

You can effectively manage your customer subscriptions by using CloudOffix's subscription management software. Our platform provides flexible options for subscription plans. You have the choice to select between annual and monthly plans, with options for fixed or automatic renewals. Creating subscriptions through confirmed orders is simple and straightforward.

You can handle the entire subscription lifecycle, from quotation to billing, with our all-in-one subscription management software. We specifically designed this software for businesses like yours that operate on a subscription system. It's easy to use and perfect for your needs.  It perfectly suits your needs and helps you manage subscriptions effectively.

CloudOffix Subscription Management Software

Create Customer Subscriptions Automatically

CloudOffix's subscription management software simplifies the subscription process.

How Can I Create Subscription Automatically?

It automatically generates subscriptions based on the details provided in confirmed orders. This eliminates the need for manual subscription creation. It ensures accuracy and efficiency in subscription management.

CloudOffix - Customer Subscription, subscription management software

Recurring Revenue Calculations

Sales Cloud's subscription management tool simplifies recurring revenue calculations. It automatically calculates revenues based on the invoicing period you choose. You can easily monitor changes in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) or Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) within CloudOffix Sales Cloud.

CloudOffix Subscription Management Module

Automated Billing & Invoicing

CloudOffix subscription management software automates billing and invoicing based on subscription plan details, with invoices created in draft or validated stages and sent to customers using predefined email templates.

CloudOffix Subscription Management Module

Automatic Payment Collection

CloudOffix supports Stripe, Paypal, Ingenico, PayU,, Adyen, Sips, and Buckaroo as payment gateways for both online and offline payments. Customers can conveniently store their credit card information for future re-billing.

CloudOffix Subscription Management Module

Upsell Products or Services

During the subscription period, you have the option to manage Upsell Opportunities for existing customers easily in CloudOffix. You can add new products and services to the existing subscription and all co-terms calculations are made automatically by the system.

Enter your product details and start date, then let CloudOffix do the rest. With CloudOffix subscription management software, when an upsell opportunity order is confirmed, the subscription and its MRR/ARR are updated automatically.

CloudOffix Subscription Management Module

Subscription Renewal Management

Managing renewals of subscriptions is vital in subscription based businesses to decrease the churn rates. If you do not follow up renewals at the right time, the churn rates will probably increase.

Managing subscriptions in spreadsheets is very risky and time-consuming in the long term. Once you add new customers to your spreadsheet, it can be hard to keep track of when they renew.

CloudOffix helps you easily track the renewal dates of your subscriptions. CloudOffix can notify both you and your customer before the expiration date of the subscription. You can select how early CloudOffix will notify you in the subscription template. 

CloudOffix Subscription Management Module

Customer Self-Service Portal

CloudOffix subscription management software offers a self-service portal designed exclusively for you, the customers. This powerful tool allows you to conveniently access and manage all the important information related to your subscription within our subscription management software. Inside the portal, you can find crucial details such as product information, expiration dates, and payment details.

With this self-service portal within our subscription management software, you have complete control over your subscriptions. Effortlessly modify your subscription plan, select different products, or even cancel your subscription if needed.

We designed our subscription management software specifically for you, our valued customers. It focuses on reducing our support teams' workload, enabling you to access and manage your subscription details effortlessly. This user-friendly software perfectly caters to your needs. It's user-friendly and perfect for your needs. This saves your time and our resources too.

CloudOffix Subscription Management Module

Reporting & Dashboard

Analyzing your subscription business and making the right decisions relies heavily on reporting. CloudOffix provides robust reporting and dashboard tools that enable you to make informed choices. Our intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly generate real-time graphical, listing, or pivot reports without relying on additional BI solutions.

The subscription management software's dashboard presents essential metrics for monitoring subscriptions, such as MRR/ARR, growth rates, revenue streams, and churn rates.

CloudOffix Subscription Management Module

Completely Customizable Platform

CloudOffix is a highly customizable platform that can easily be adapted to your business needs. You can create custom fields, filters, views, workflows, templates, reports, and even integrate with 3rd party systems like ERP and MRP.

The customization options are limitless, allowing you to adapt the platform to your specific requirements.

CloudOffix Subscription Management Module

Benefits of Using Subscription Management Software

Helps you grow subscription revenue from day one and create happy customers.

Decrease Churn Rates

Grow Recurring Revenue

Automate Billing

Automate Renewal

Automate Payment

Self-Service Portal

360 View of Customers

Happy Customers

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