Fully Customizable Easy CRM Reporting

Improve Your Reporting with CRM Technology

Accurate CRM Reporting

Use the datasets collected in your CRM to retrieve the most accurate real-time reports through CloudOffix interactive dashboard. Not fond of out-of-the-box reports? Fully customized reports will help you.

  1. Interactive Dashboards

    Interactive dashboards allow users to manipulate the reports used to analyze data collected. They offer users the opportunity to manipulate the data as they wish. Your sales team can use goal progress reports to monitor their sales and make changes to their sales processes if need be. Sales reps can easily track activity through activity reports.

  2. On-Demand Reporting

    Although predetermined reports are handy to have, on-demand (ad-hoc), up to the minute real time data driven reporting is crucial sometimes. When a lead source enters your sales funnel, reports can show you whether they can become a qualified lead based on existing customer profiles.

  3. Unlimited Customization

    Standard reports and ad-hoc reporting are great features to have, but sometimes users may require something that is the beyond out-of-the-box features.

What are CRM Reports?

CRM reports are used to communicate information that has been gathered through research and analysis of data and issues. They can cover a wide range of topics, but typically have a clear purpose and target a specific audience. CRM reports can help users make informed decisions about their sales pipelines, sales cycles, and activities, among other things. They provide insight into how to improve customer service by making necessary changes to sales cycles. CRM reports also allow users to track various aspects of their data sets, such as meeting sales goals, tracking leads, and activities. CloudOffix offers customizable CRM reports to help users get the most out of their data sets.

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - CRM Reporting

Interactive Dashboards

Having the freedom to manipulate reports as much as necessary is quite a handy feature to have in a CRM. Especially if you need to manipulate, and / or highlight datasets as you wish. Have all your data sets right in front of you to be able to make changes to aquire the most relevant report for you. Manipulate your pipeline reports to give you the most accurate information.

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - CRM Reporting

On-Demand Reporting

Most CRM's come with the built-in pre-defined standard reports. However, sometimes this isn't enough. At times, users need last minute, up to the minute reports. This is where on-damand or ad-hoc reporting provides the function to retrieve complete and up to the minute reporting on any dataset they wish.

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - CRM Reporting

Unlimited Customization

CloudOffix allows users to create customized reports that meet the specific needs of their organization. This feature allows users to modify and adjust data sets to obtain the information they require, such as tracking sales for a particular customer or evaluating a specific type of lead source. With unlimited customization options, users can create the reports they need to make informed decisions and accurately forecast their sales. This capability enables the reporting functions to evolve and adapt along with the business.

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - CRM Reporting

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