A CRM with Payment Gateway Integration

Invoices and Payments with CRM Integration Made Easy

Integrated Payment Gateways in a Nutshell

Integrated payment gateways mean you can accept credit cards and get paid straight through your CRM. Your customers will be directed to the payment site and back again, while offering a highly secure payment processing system. 

Your customers will be redirected to the payment site; we do not keep credit card details in any way. This means their credit card and personal details are highly secure because the payment gateways are already PCI compliant.

CloudOffix fully integrates with some of the leading payment gateways.

Working with the leading trusted payment gateways offer you and your customers totally secure transactions.

  1. Faster Deposits

    Get paid faster

  2. Multi-Currency Billing

    Think and be global

  3. Recurring Payments

    Send invoices and receive recurring online payments

  4. Sales Scalability

    Whenever you are ready for growth, CloudOffix can help

  5. Eliminate Security Risks

    Security is important for all of us, and we take it seriously.

  6. Any day, Any Time

    Be open for business 24/7

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a service that authorizes and processes credit card payments as a payment type through a website. A gateway acts as a portal to facilitate transaction flow between customers and merchant accounts. It uses security protocols and encryption in order to pass the transaction data safely. 

The data is transferred from websites /applications / mobile devices to payment processors/banks and back. Kind of like a security tunnel between your company and your customer.

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-payment gateway

Work with World Renowned Payment Providers 

CloudOffix integrates with some of the best payment providers available. Offering your business security and scalability

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-payment providers

Faster Deposits

payment is made and received in real time through trusted payment gateways and in turn, you get paid faster

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-faster deposits

Multi-Currency Billing

Allows you to open your business to the World without any currency hassles

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-multi currency

Recurring Payments

Receive your recurring payments such as subscriptons. Send invoices and accept payments online 

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-recurring payments

Sales Scalability

You have a small business ready for growth? No problem. CloudOffix allows room for you to grow your business

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-sales scalability

Eliminate Security Risks

We do not keep customer credit card details. They are securely taken care of through worldwide trusted payment gateways

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-eliminate security risks

Any Day, Any Time

Being global means you can be open for business and receive payments 24/7

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-Any Day, Any Time

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