A CRM with Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration: Effortlessly manage invoices and payments for a streamlined customer experience.

Integrated Payment Gateways in a Nutshell

With integrated payment gateways, easily accept credit card payments directly through your CRM. Seamlessly guide your customers to the secure payment site and back, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction experience. 

With our online payment gateway integration, your customers will be seamlessly redirected to a secure payment site to process transactions. We never store any credit card details, ensuring maximum security for your customers' personal information. Rest assured that our payment gateway is fully PCI compliant, providing the highest level of security for all transactions.

CloudOffix seamlessly integrates with industry-leading payment gateways, ensuring secure and reliable transactions for you and your customers. Partnering with trusted payment gateways guarantees a secure payment process, providing peace of mind for both you and your valued customers.

  1. Faster Deposits

    Accelerate Your Cash Flow

  2. Multi-Currency Billing

    Expand Your Reach, Think Global

  3. Recurring Payments

    Effortlessly Automate Invoice Reminders and Recurring Online Payments

  4. Sales Scalability

    Unleash Your Business Potential with CloudOffix's Scalable Sales Solutions

  5. Eliminate Security Risks

    Prioritizing Your Security: Our Commitment to Protecting Your Business

  6. Any day, Any Time

    Unlock Opportunities Around the Clock with 24/7 Business Availability

What is a Payment Gateway?

An online payment gateway is a service that enables the authorization and processing of credit card payments on websites. Serving as a secure portal, it facilitates the smooth flow of transactions between customers and merchant accounts. By employing security protocols and encryption, the gateway ensures the secure transfer of transaction data.

It acts as a protective tunnel, securely transferring data between your company and your customers, connecting websites, applications, mobile devices, payment processors, and banks.

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Partner with Leading Online Payment Gateways

CloudOffix effortlessly integrates with industry-leading online payment gateways, allowing your business to enjoy enhanced security and seamless scalability. With our trusted partners, you can easily process payments and expand your business with confidence.

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Faster Deposits

Experience real-time payment processing through reliable online payment gateways, ensuring prompt payment transactions. With the use of online payment gateways, you can receive payments faster, streamlining your cash flow.

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-faster deposits

Multi-Currency Billing

Expand your business globally without the hassle of currency conversions with the help of an online payment gateway. Our integrated solution simplifies billing in multiple currencies, enabling you to effortlessly serve customers from around the world.

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-multi currency

Recurring Payments

Receive your recurring payments such as subscriptons. Send invoices and accept payments online 

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-recurring payments

Sales Scalability

You have a small business ready for growth? No problem. CloudOffix allows room for you to grow your business

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-sales scalability

Eliminate Security Risks

We do not retain customer credit card details. They are securely handled through a trusted online payment gateway.

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-eliminate security risks

Any Day, Any Time

By utilizing an online payment gateway, you can conduct business and accept payments around the clock, ensuring global accessibility.

e-commerce-cloud-payment-integration-Any Day, Any Time

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