Customer Portal - Your Digital Front Door

Breaking the Barriers Between You and Your Customers

Customer Portal - Open the Door to Your Customers

A customer portal is a section of a company’s website and is designed to give current customers access to products, services, and relevant information. Being a secure website, it usually requires customers to log-in.

Your customers manage and see every detail of their shopping. Everything connecting you and your customers are in one place, CloudOffix Portal.

  1. Profile Information

    Customers can log in and edit their information at their discretion.

  2. Payment Details

    Customers are able to see the payment details to their purchases.

  3. Invoices

    Invoices are readily available for customers to view or download.

  4. Delivery Details

    Delivery details are visibly shown on the page for customers to access.

  5. Order Management

    Let your customers manage their orders.

  6. Support Tickets

    If your customers need your help, they can reach you through the customer portal easily.

What is a Customer Portal?

Website customer portals are your ecommerce stores digital front door. They are secure application gateways which provide customers, vendors and partners a single point of access to your company’s products and services. Just like a front door.


Profile Information

They can check and edit their profile information such as addresses, add a different shipment address, or even have their invoices sent to a different address.


Payment Details

Customers can see the exact payments they have made, through which channels, when.



Customers can’t wait for their invoices to be sent to them? No problem. They can easily log in and download it right from the customer portal.


Delivery Details

Customers can see the delivery details of their items. They can track their delivery and know where it is at all times.


Order Management

Your customers can buy, pay and even ask questions about it in one place.


Support Tickets

Customers can also view their currently open support tickets, submit a new support ticket, or even get a report about their support tickets.

Everything connecting you and your customers are in one place, CloudOffix Portal.


Dealer Management System

CloudOffix customer portal can also be used as a Dealer Management system by companies who have dealers and direct sales teams in their organizations.


Open Your Door to Your Customers!