Customer Portal - Personalized Customer Experience

Breaking the Barriers Between You and Your Customers

Customer Portal - Open the Door to Your Customers

Discover the power of customer portal, a dedicated section on your website designed exclusively for customer, with a personalized and seamless experience. With secure access, you can effortlessly manage and view all aspects of your shopping journey.

Experience the convenience of everything you need in one place - the CloudOffix Portal. Elevate your customer experience today.

  1. Profile Information

    Enable customers to effortlessly personalize their profile, ensuring a personalized customer experience.

  2. Payment Details

    Easily view and manage your purchase transactions with CloudOffix.

  3. Invoices

    Seamlessly access and download your invoices with CloudOffix's online CRM.

  4. Delivery Details

    The delivery details for each order are easily accessible and clearly displayed for customers to view on the portal.

  5. Order Management

    Empower your customers with seamless control over their purchases and transactions.

  6. Support Tickets

    Effortlessly connect with your customers through the customer portal for prompt assistance and support.

What is a Customer Portal?

Experience the ultimate personalized customer experience with our Customer Portal - your company's digital front door. It's a secure application gateway that enables customers, vendors, and partners to access your products and services with ease.


Profile Information

Enhance the personalized customer experience by allowing them to conveniently review and modify their profile details, including addresses, shipment preferences, and invoice destinations.


Payment Details

With our online CRM, customers can effortlessly view comprehensive payment information, including transaction history, payment methods used, and timestamps.



Experience the convenience of our customer portal integrated with the online CRM, where customers can effortlessly access and manage their invoices. With just a few clicks, they can log in to the personalized customer portal and securely download their invoices, ensuring a seamless and personalized customer experience.


Delivery Details

With our online CRM, customers enjoy a personalized and streamlined experience, gaining full visibility into the delivery details of their items. Stay informed and track the progress and real-time location of your shipments, enhancing your personalized customer experience like never before.


Order Management

Simplify your customers' experience with a unified platform for purchasing, payments, and inquiries.


Support Tickets

Simplify customer support with our centralized platform. View, submit, and track tickets effortlessly, all in one place. CloudOffix Portal ensures a seamless and personalized customer experience.


Dealer Management System

Empower your organization's dealer network and drive growth with the CloudOffix customer portal. Transform it into a dynamic Dealer Management System powered by CloudOffix's online CRM. Streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and provide a personalized customer experience.


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Open Your Door to Your Customers!