Ticketing System

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Burcin Topal

Ticketing System

Helpdesk Ticketing System

08 April 2021 , Explore the World of CloudOffix

HELPdesk! We need a ticketing system! We all require some help with our products and or services in some way every now and then. Or, you might just have a few queries about a certain product you wish to purchase. What do you do? Where do you go? Who do you ask?

At times like these, logically enough, we will usually get in contact with the vendor or service provider of that product. However, in more times than many, we would have experienced ‘unsatisfactory customer service’, where maybe we didn’t have any representatives returning to our query, or they may have lost our information along the way, or perhaps just simply having to explain your issue over and over again to multiple different people during one call. Quite frustrating right? We are all familiar with the frustration that comes with the time-consuming process of reaching the help desk department of a vendor or service provider. This is where a ticketing system comes into play. 

Why is a ticketing system important? 

Firstly, because we are familiar with the above mentioned frustration that comes with customer support. Secondly, we want our customers to have a positive experience with our business and be one of the many reasons to be their desired choice. Therefore, it is vital for us to provide a seamless, easy, solution focused customer help desk service.

How does a ticketing system work?

When a customer contacts us, we need to be able to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently. At point of contact initiation, a ticket should be easily issued to the customer and assigned to the relevant agent. Some ticketing systems even issue tickets automatically if the customer contacts through a chat channel. The agent is able to easily create a ticket through any channel. 

These tickets would be organized, prioritized and have SLA’s set to them so they are resolved in the shortest amount of time, in the best possible way. Tickets visible in the Kanban view also makes it easier to see your tickets at a glance.

Which features should we look for?

  • Multichannel support

It offers more open doors for your customers to reach you. In return, this shows your customers that you are here to help long after the sale has gone through. Basically, your customers can reach you through many channels such as live webchats, emails, website and more.

  • Tracking and measuring

With a good ticket management software, you will be able to seamlessly monitor your team’s progress. Using comprehensive reports, you can identify problems faster, recognize good or bad performance, track customer satisfaction and monitor service standards.

  • Integration

It is important for a help desk ticketing system to be integrated with solutions like CRMs, email marketing tools, sales and/or team collaboration tools. This will ensure agents can access important contextual information about customers right inside the helpdesk.

Ticketing System Features in CloudOffix Helpdesk Cloud

  • Capture tickets through many channels such as web chat, email, web form or open a ticket manually from anywhere in the system.

 Ticketing System

  • Set SLA’s, specialized rules, timeframes to make it easier to track and manage your tickets.

Ticketing System

  • Fully integrated with Sales Cloud and Project Cloud. CloudOffix allows you to always be in the know of what your tickets are about and the customers they belong to.

  • See exactly where your tickets are at any time with the Kanban view.

Ticketing System

  • Analyse and report your performance.

Ticketing System

  • Send surveys to measure customer satisfaction

Ticketing System

  • CloudOffix is the only Fully Customizable Ticketing Solution in the market. You can customize the flow and fields according to your own processes.

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