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Project Management Software and Tools

Burcin Topal

Project Management

Project Management Software and Tools

08 April 2021 , CloudOffix Blog

What is Project management software?

Project management software is a tool to help you organize, plan and manage your work from beginning to end. Collaborate and coordinate with the team, share feedback, files and updates and be in the know of who’s doing what. Get a complete view of the tasks at hand and where your team is at with the project. Without the right software, it’s hard to manage projects. 

Empower your team with fully a customizable cloud-based Project management system to take you to the next level with CloudOffix.


  • Kanban view

Kanban view gives you an overall complete view of all your tasks at hand as a digital workspace to help you visualize your project. Similar to having sticky notes on your screen.

Project Management

  • Task management

Tasks are the steppingstones on the road to completing a project. Each task needs to be assigned to a person or team.

  •  Allocate tasks 

Assign tasks to team members and ensure that no task goes under the carpet. 

  • Social intranet for internal communication

Collaborate, discuss, send files etc among your teammates. Chat, either within your group or privately with your colleagues.

Project Management

  • Milestones 

Milestones, as the name suggests, give us certain borders to cross and comes in extremely handy when it comes to organizing many tasks at a glance. It takes away the overwhelming feeling and gives us targets to steadily work towards. 

  • Timesheet management

Manage the time spent on your projects. Mark billable and unbillable jobs, And decide when the tasks, milestones and ultimately the project should be completed. Know exactly how much time each of your team members spent on the project and know what to charge your customers.

  • Analysis and reporting

Use one of our many filters or combinations of filters to access the type of reporting you need to make the perfect analysis.

Project Management

  • Fully customizable

The best feature about CloudOffix could be the fact that it is fully customizable. Apart from personalization, CloudOffix is fully customizable to suit  the way your organization runs. 

Easily integrate with tools such as Sales Cloud and Invoicing Cloud and leave no stone unturned for the finishing touches of your Project. 

Have you tried all other Cloud Project Management tools, but are not satisfied yet? Then Try CloudOffix Now!