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Manage Your Entire Sales Process

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12 April 2019 , CloudOffix Blog

A sales process is the series of necessary steps to be able to sell a product or service. Every company has his own sales process to manage his entire sales cycle. As a starting point, your sales process may be not be perfect, but starting to define it is a very vital need. Then, you can shape it according to the feedbacks you get during the sales cycle.

We all know that every sale is different, but there are some steps every company should take to convert a lead to a customer. The first thing you need to define is these steps from lead to customer. Example steps can be;

  • Prospecting

  • First Meeting

  • Additional Meetings

  • POC

  • Proposal

  • Meeting with Decision Makers

  • Negotiations

  • Closing the sale

CRM tools help you very much to visualize these steps in a convenient way. It should be also possible to define which actions should be taken in these steps and report details accordingly.

With CloudOffix Sales Cloud, everything starts with Leads. Leads can have their own nurturing steps and qualified leads are converted to opportunities. Sales people follow up all these converted opportunities with their own sales cycle. During opportunity follow up, activities like phone calls, meeting, to do's are done. When it is time to quote to the customer, you can create proposals with custom templates. Proposal templates can be easily created from Word documents. You do not need to code in order to use custom proposal templates. 

You can share proposals directly within CloudOffix or with your favorite mail app. When customer is ready to order, you can just convert quotes to order with one simple click. 

That is an easy sales process management in CloudOffix.

You can just try it from here.