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From opportunity to invoicing. Manage all your sales cycle with CloudOffix Sales Cloud.

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Sales Process in 5 Easy Steps

It is very easy and straightforward to manage all your sales cycle from leads to invoicing in CloudOffix. Below is the simple sales workflow.

  1. 1
    Create Leads

    It is possible to create leads from contact forms, live chats or directly from emails.

  2. 2
    Convert Leads to Opportunities

    You can quickly convert leads to opportunities and efficiently manage stages of opportunities.

  3. 3
    Schedule Meetings with Your Opportunities

    Follow up your prospects and schedule meetings with them. Manage all your activities in a shared calendar. 

  4. 4
    Ready for Quotation

    Process your opportunities in the related stages and when the time comes for quotation, create nice quotations for your prospects.

  5. 5
    Quotation to Order

    When your prospect is ready to place an order, you only need to convert quotation to order very easily.

Lead Management

Create quality leads to make closure easier. In CloudOffix, it is possible to create leads through different sources. Specific emails, website form submissions, live chat sessions or help desk tickets can all be turned into leads. Leads can be assigned to a specific group or person. You do not miss any lead in CloudOffix. This will help you a lot on converting all these quality leads to great opportunities.


Opportunity Management

Qualified leads can be directly converted to opportunities. All the history of the lead is also kept on the opportunity. You always know where the specific opportunity comes from. Person responsible for the lead can follow up the lead or a new responsible can be defined on the opportunity. Kanban view is a perfect place to follow up all opportunities with their stages customized to your company needs. 


Activity Management

Following up an opportunity is a crucial step for salespeople. In order to ease the work of salespeople, activity management is a very important feature. Activities such as calls, meetings, notes, assignments can be created manually or automatically with defined actions and deadlines. All the information about the done and scheduled activities can be directly seen in the opportunity history. In CloudOffix, it is impossible to forget to follow up an opportunity.


Quotation Management

When everything goes fine during opportunity management, right time comes to create quotation/proposal for your potential customer. In CloudOffix, it is possible to create quotations directly through opportunity. Opportunity and quotation are directly integrated, but you can also create quotations without any opportunity. It is possible and very easy to create your quotations from pre-defined templates and send them directly to your clients. It is also possible to add product descriptions, special notes, payment terms and product images on the quotations. 


Inventory Management

In CloudOffix, it is also possible to make inventory management for the products you stock. In this way, you can trace all your inventory moves. You can define different warehouses with different stock locations. When there is a sale, you can also follow up the warehouse process integrated with the sale. At anytime, you can check your inventory levels and make your future purchases accordingly.



Reporting is the most crucial point in analyzing your business. CloudOffix has the right reporting tools to make you understand every detail in your sales, quotations, invoices or activities. You can have graphical, listing or pivot reports very easily in CloudOffix. You do not need another BI solution to see all the details. You will have direct access to important information you need for your business.

Sales Cloud replaces;
  • Salesforce

  • Zoho CRM

  • MS Dynamics CRM

  • SugarCRM

  • VTiger CRM

  • Suite CRM


  • Slack

  • Wix

Sales Cloud Includes;
  • Contact and Activity Management 

  • Lead Management

  • Opportunity Management

  • Quotation Management

  • Order Management

  • Inventory Management


  • Social Collaboration

  • Website Builder

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