Collaboration of Applications

Burcin Topal

Collaboration of Applications

10 February 2021 , CloudOffix Blog

Collaboration. What a nice word. To work together to achieve a certain goal. The dictionary meaning of the word ‘Collaboration’ is ‘The action of working with someone to produce something’. Wikipedia defines it as ‘The process of two or more people, entities or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal’. To simply put it in other words: Teamwork. At CloudOffix, we believe in the spirit of teamwork and the profound benefits it brings with it. As the African proverb goes: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ 

Just as teamwork or collaboration is important in human interaction, it is just as vitally important in the applications we use to run our businesses. This is exactly what CloudOffix offers: applications working together harmoniously to help you achieve your goals and carry your business further. How? You might ask. Well let’s walk through an example scenario.

A customer visits your website. This visit would be recorded by our Visitor tracking module.  This visitor would now be waiting in your records as an anonymous unidentified record. A few months later, you send a mass email using our email marketing module to this person. As soon as this person clicks on a link through that email, their old website visits will now be identified, and you will know exactly who that visitor is. This person then asks you about the price of something through our chat module. You can then open a lead through the live chat module, then send a quotation through the leads view, and invoice through the quotation view. And receive invoice payments. 

Then, you can begin a project related to this customer and assign personnel to this project and measure how much time has been spent on this project. During this project, you may realize that you’re short staffed. You can easily recruit new staff, again using CloudOffix. Later, through our Support Module, you can ensure customer satisfaction, open tickets, link tickets to the corresponding project.

Imagine a beautiful, easy to use platform with many modules you can install in accordance with your needs, and your database fully integrated to work in harmony. Imagine easily transitioning through the modules without having to leave the one you’re currently working on. Just like the gears in a clock spinning together to always show the correct time, CloudOffix modules also collaborate to ensure smooth running of your business. All this is in cloud which you can easily access from anywhere you have internet. 

What if this was not imagination, but reality with CloudOffix? You can use the Sales module, Marketing module, Support module, Contacts module, connected to one of our strategically based databases across the globe all working in collaboration to follow your sales from first point of contact through to close of sale. 

Join our world of teamwork and collaboration and discover the ease and benefits of CloudOffix so we can go far together.