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Say goodbye to legacy tools, paper-based processes and single-purpose apps such as CRM, Marketing, e-Commerce, Project, Helpdesk, Invoicing, HR & more.

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Our Focus is Customers

In 2000s, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is mostly about leads and opportunities and CRMs focus on managing your sales process. In today's world, you need more than managing sales process in order to achieve great customer relationship management. That's why we have created CloudOffix CX 360. With a complete 360° view of your customers, teams in different departments can successfully work together and grow your business.

Everything around customers in one single platform, CloudOffix CX 360.

Our Focus is Customers

Meet the Demand for Customization

Software solutions create immense value for the business only if they have endless customization capabilities. Thanks to the low-code development features existing in CloudOffix, it is possible to customize CloudOffix according to your specific process in your company. Furthermore, you can also create new apps to meet the rising demand for digitization. As a result, you can constantly deliver impactful solutions with endless possibilities.

Powerful and Unique Features

No need to use siloed single apps for each of your needs.
You can manage all your business through a beautiful user interface.

CloudOffix CX 360 Portfolio

Each product in the CloudOffix platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

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Sales Cloud

Manage all your sales process from lead and opportunity to invoicing.


Marketing Cloud

 Email marketing, live chat, surveys and everything you need for marketing.


e-Commerce Cloud

All the e-Commerce features you need to start, run, and grow your business..


Invoicing Cloud

Create invoices and follow up payments in order to shorten payment cycle.


Project Cloud

Do agile project management with task and timesheet management.


Helpdesk Cloud

Excellent customer support system for an excellent customer experience.


HR Cloud

Recruit best employees and manage expense, travel and leave processes digitally.


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