Why is there still no second SaaS vendor like Salesforce?

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Why is there still no second SaaS vendor like Salesforce?

29 July 2020 , CloudOffix Blog

As everybody agrees, Salesforce* has changed the CRM market and even the business apps market. Salesforce is the first SaaS CRM vendor, and it has a market cap of 170.74** Billion US Dollars. After Salesforce introduction, there founded thousands of SaaS Business App vendors, but none of them reached the level of Salesforce. According to our experience, there is one significant difference between Salesforce and other SaaS vendors. Salesforce has not positioned himself only as a CRM software, but as a platform for CRM needs. The customization capability of Salesforce is enormous and thus can be used by big enterprises for their processes. In terms of CRM, you can do everything you need. 

When we look at all other vendors, although their usability, UI, mobility, and many other features are better than Salesforce, customization as a platform is very much beyond Salesforce. Thus, enterprises that spend millions of dollars on CRM projects can not use these new SaaS CRM tools. 

Currently, Salesforce is trying to expand this platform to areas other than CRM, like Marketing, Project Management, Invoicing, HR, and Ticket Management. This process will not be easy because we all know that having separate applications and trying to integrate them is not easy and straightforward. 

On the other hand, a platform with all these capabilities from the ground up and has an excellent customization capability can be the second Salesforce that will change the market. 

That’s why we founded CloudOffix. CloudOffix is an integrated business apps platform with outstanding customization capabilities in the cloud. As CloudOffix, we are not doing different things, but doing things differently. 

CloudOffix can digitize all your company in an efficient and easy way. You can try it from here

*: Salesforce is the registered trademark of Salesforce Inc.
The market cap is as 07.29.2020.