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Marketing, Marketing, Marketing...

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12 April 2019 , CloudOffix Blog

Marketing is one of the most important things a business should do. Marketing can both create brand awareness and also increase your sales, grow your business and help you engage more with your existing customers. Marketing does not necessarily something to do when you are big enough. If you are just starting a business and you have limited budget, at least spare some part of that budget to marketing. Only with marketing, you can create the awareness you need for your product or service.

Nowadays, digital marketing is more popular and cost effective than any other type of marketing. Thus, every business, big or small, should get benefit from digital marketing. 

Digital marketing starts with a very beautiful website. Design your website with your service and products and optimize it to get visitors from search engines. When you have visitors, you need to convert them to leads. Otherwise, unknown visitors will not be very perfect for your marketing. For this purpose , put some lead generation forms on your website for general contact or for opening trial accounts concerning your products. You can also put live chat on your website to convert visitors to leads. Live chat is also a quick connection with your leads. 

As you start to have contacts in your database, you should think how to benefit from email marketing. Creating good content for email marketing is very important. You should not send emails with general content. People that receive your email should see the benefit they get from your emails. Otherwise, they will delete them as soon as they receive. Thus, you should not send emails only with product marketing.  

Organizing webinars is also a good marketing asset. It is very important to organize webinars from time to time to talk about the benefits of your products and service. 

Lastly, making this in an automated way help you be more productive. You should take marketing automation systems into account and integrate it with your marketing and sales process. For example, when somebody signups for a trial on your website, you can follow up this lead easier with some automated steps. This can be done very easily with marketing automation tools.

To sum up, you can do all these marketing activities with CloudOffix Marketing Cloud which gives you all these functionalities in a single platform;

  • Website Builder

  • Form Builder

  • Email Marketing

  • Marketing (Lead) Automation

  • Events Management

  • Live Chat

  • Survey Management

That is an easy marketing management in CloudOffix.

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