What is All-In-One CX Platform?

How to provide a positive customer experience?

CloudOffix, Sinem Karabulut

What is All-In-One CX Platform?

How to provide a positive customer experience?

01 September 2022 , Unser Blog

An all-in-one CX software connects different departments of an organization. It provides an integrated collaboration within the operations teams like marketing, customer support operations, sales, and human resources. All-in-one CX software allows businesses to manage and monitor their customer touch points.

Whether you are providing a product or service; it ensures a positive experience and boosts customer retention. CX systems assist every customer facing team in keeping track of customer interactions. You can create effective customer experience strategies which leads to a good customer experience cx.

All-in-one CX platforms customer centric approach allows your whole organization a centralized, complete, and unified view of customer data. users can access multiple channels at the same time. The same client database may be used by your sales, marketing, human resources, and support departments. Using an all-in-one CX saves time and boosts team productivity.

Customer expectations are high. Every customer would like to feel like they have a one-to-one relationship with you. An all-in-one CX platform provides a personalized communication with a customer centric cx strategy. Customer experience tools allows you to create a great customer experience management and assure customer loyalty.

Consider word of mouth marketing! It is still the most effective marketing strategy. Creating a great customer experience is the only way to word of mouth marketing.
Customers need more than lead and opportunity management. You should get a complete view of your customers. 360-degree customer view aggregates data from all the customer touch points and showcases the whole customer journey.

The quality of the customer lifecycle can be ensured with customer relationship management. CX tools eliminate lost sales due to lack of follow up thanks to its real-time tracking and cx automation platform. This is resulted by increase of your sales, and customer lifetime. You can even have opportunities to upsell and cross sell to your existing customers.

An All-in-One CX Software puts each customer at the center of every process. Therefore, all the features can work well together.

What makes an “all-in-one CX” different from traditional CRM software?

An All-in-one CX helps you to allows all organizations in a business to work together.

Human Resources  Offers a complete employee experience through HR Shared Services, with a focus on globalization and digitalization. You can publish open positions, recruit best talents and create a perfect employee experience. It offers HRMS solutions including recruitment process, onboarding, employee experience, 360 degree performance management, employee engagement and other HR solutions.

Marketing Allows you to create qualified leads and target audiences. You can design websites, and manage your leads with cx automation tools. 
You can also follow up track your potential customers and online content. Marketing automation feature eliminates repetitive tasks, and saves you time! It assist you to answer customers' questions in real time and offers an omni-channel contextual view of customers.

The 360-degree cx automation platform enables you to execute the entire marketing process from a single customer data. It allows building bespoke communication with customers by drawing insights from customer journey data and action history.

Sales Manage all your sales cycle from opportunity to invoicing. The cx sales automation tools optimize your daily operations by developing a customer centric contextual solution. You can manage whole sales process from sales forecasting to reporting. It prevents you from losing sales opportunities.

Project Provides an agile project management and offers a collaborative and flexible project management. With the help of timesheet management features etc, you can track working hours, and measure the project productivity.

Help desk Create tickets from different sources and collaborate to solve issues faster. Each issue can be easily tracked using topic-based help desk channels. Furthermore, by defining automated steps, you may ensure that the live chat process runs well even if you are offline.

An all-in-one CX is also a collaboration hub for organizations. You can capture leads online, built a real-time communication with live chat options. The marketing automation and email marketing capabilities nurtures the relationship with the potential customer.

Once the lead turns on an opportunity the sales team forecasts the future sales and create more sales. You can monitor when your customer is ready to buy.
Turn leads in the marketing funnel to new opportunities in the sales pipeline!

Different CX platforms provide different services and features. Some focuses on ticketing systems and e-commerce solutions while some of them focuses more on sales, marketing, or human resources. An all-in-one CX provides multiple functions and services in every aspect of customer touchpoint. By integrating multiple organizations around single data, all-in-one CX software provides a less complex and cost effective solution.

All in one CX brings different departments in your company together in one collaborative platform. All-in-one Customer experience platforms make it easy to keep track what customers demand. You can have all the information on customer touch points and customer needs. Your leads turn to long term sustainable profit.

An all in one CX platform provides a sustainable and brighter future while assisting your business with cost savings. The use of workflow automation is an essential part of a modern workplace. You can save money, boost productivity and improve your employees' work experience.

CX is not just managing your interactions with existing customers. It also gives a clear overview of potential customers. By customizing your own dashboard, you can identify the priorities to take your steps towards your customer. You can create customized communication which increases efficiency and reliability of relationship with the customer. This time-saving solution increase sales and profits of a business.

The customer data comes from different lead generation funnels. All the lead data should be kept, tracked and managed to turn leads into sales. In this point, you need a CX software to stay connected to your potential and existing customers.

All in one CX software allows businesses to track and manage customer interactions with the help of various built-in features. You can manage customer relationships, send marketing emails, manage the company's website and run all your online business activities. The all-in-one CX software allows you to be active at many points in the customer journey.

The benefits of all-in-one CX software:
  • 360° view of your customers

  • No need for tedious integration work between different point solutions.

  • Allows you to manage everything surrounding your customers from sales to marketing, project to help desk, accounting to recruitment. 

  • All team members can collaborate on every issue on the same platform, whether it is about sales or support or accounting.

  • Lower costs

  • You can manage your whole customer experience cycle from leads to invoicing.

  • All-in-One Low-Code CX Platform provides less formal programming expertise without the requirement of more IT experts.

 Which an all-in-one CXshould you choose?

The best thing you can do is to look for a solution to manage your entire company digitally through the cloud. Define your customer touch points, organizational structure and lead generation funnels. Customer centricity is vital not just in sales or customer success teams but also in marketing and human resources services. Having a real 360 degree of customer view is the ability of taking collaborative action based on a single customer information.

An all-in-one CX platform should provide features for the whole customer lifecycle from lead generation to help desk management. 

Keep in mind that user adoption the key to a successful CX implementation. It should not be too complicated for your team. They should complete the tasks easily.
Some all-in-one CX platforms bundles many applications and provide features with add-on costs. This may lead to greater costs by resulting in a loss of time and money. Since the price is one of the main considerations, it is critical to choose a complete and cost effective CX solution.

However, cheap does not mean the best. It is critical to have a system that users can easily adapt to, as well as an accessible technical support service.

Customization is a great convenience!

Software solutions create immense value for the business only if the software is endlessly customizable. You can either ask your service provider for customization. The software can be adapted to specific needs of the business, no matter how complex or changing those needs may be. Endless customization capability is only possible when the software is a flexible platform that can be easily extended.

Besides, the low code development feature allows you to customize your CX system according to the specific needs of your business. Furthermore, it would be perfect if you can also create new apps according to your needs. Check here!

As a result, the customization constantly delivers impactful solutions with endless possibilities.

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