Why Human Resource Digitalization is important?

How is digitalization helpful in improving Human Resources Management?

CloudOffix, Sinem Karabulut

Why Human Resource Digitalization is important?

How is digitalization helpful in improving Human Resources Management?

28 September 2022 , Unser Blog

Technological revolutions have introduced digitalization to the business world. Many alternative digitalization solutions have emerged. Business processes have developed. 

The quicker you digitalize, the quicker you will have higher productivity. HR professionals are always the pioneers of these innovations.

The data provided by digitalization has a great positive impact on a business’s revenue. Data and insights make it possible to take more reliable marketing and growth actions. The digital transformation also reshapes HR function. 

HR Team Working Together

Where is HR Department located in this digitalization process?

Sales and marketing departments may seem as the leader when it comes to profit growth. However, Human Resource has become the biggest competitive tool today. It is for sure that digitalization in human resources is shaping the workload and productivity of the employees. 

On the other hand, it is no more possible to attract top talents with traditional methods. HR is the most critical function for digital transformation success. 

Here is WHY:
1- It is all about people. The digital transformation is a technological development; but people will use it at the end of the day. It will be the people who provide the data. 

2- HR makes sure that learning and development is aligned with the changes throughout your organization. HR set the digitalization culture. Consider that culture is the most critical point when digitalization fails. 

3- The goal is to optimize the workforce. We want employees to spend more time on value-added tasks. This is only possible by shifting the culture. Human resources play the main character here. 

Human resources teams are the pioneers when it comes to workforce transformation.

Creating a positive employee experience and maintaining the employee engagement is only possible through HR innovation. Visionary human resources departments adapt this transformation to increase their success. It is time to leave behind traditional methods.

HR teams help the right talents to emerge and grow employees careers by using analytical data provided by the digital platforms. This concrete and objective evaluation based on reliable and transparent data also builds a trust between the employee and company. 

The digital transformation starts in human resources. It is not possible for a business to grow without ensuring the satisfaction of the internal customers, the employees. How would it be possible to satisfy our customers, without satisfying our employees? This would not result in a sustainable business.
The developments in the digitalization processes have brought radical innovations in human resources. Many companies have started to use digital human resources platforms. The digital platforms for human resources increase employee satisfaction in recruitment, talent management and performance evaluations processes. It also provides added value in time and cost.

Solutions for human resources platforms are improving every day.

Questions to ask while evaluating or choosing a human resources digital platform:

  • Is your digital human resource platform offering an end to end solution?
  • Are you able to see the whole journey of an employee from job application to leave notification?
  • Do you need to use other digital platforms to support your current digital human resource system?
  • Does your platform have a user-friendly interface?
  • Is it easily adaptable for daily use?
  • Can you easily complete your day-to-day human resources tasks?
  • Is it customizable, or comes with standard features?
  • Customization brings development. Is your digital platform provider able to develop the process according to your needs?
  • Can you easily transfer your old data? Has the digital human resource platform necessary infrastructure?

Human resources data contains a lot of personal data. All the data should be stored in accordance with GDPR regulations. Otherwise, companies are subject to serious financial sanctions as well as loss of reputation.

CloudOffix HR Cloud provides end to end solutions in terms of managing, monitoring, and maintaining human resources processes.

Here are the features of CloudOffix’s Human Resources Cloud.

RECRUITMENT You can manage all your hiring processes digitally.

  • Post open positions on your website
  • Track the applications
  • Keep the data in your CV bank
  • Set up the interviews
  • Make surveys and ask for feedback

Expense Management  is one of the most tedious tasks for the employees. With expense management cloud of CloudOffix, employees can easily claim expenses through the platform.


How many days of annual leave do I have?

This is one of the most common question every employee asks HR. The employees can transparently see how many days off they have with the help of leave management cloud module of CloudOffix. They can request leave directly through the platform instead of mailing or Excel.
Advance management tool allows employees to request advance payments with just one click from wherever they are.

360-DEGREE APPRAISAL The employee database management system will automatically assess the data and let you see the big picture.

  • Set the evaluation criteria
  • Create interactive forms for competency assessments
  • Send reminders to participants to complete the forms
  • Monitor business objectives by conducting goal-based assessments
  • Get detailed reporting through the whole process
  • Track training and development
Employee performance assessments are generally conducted annually between the employee and their manager. This type of one directional assessments may not reflect the true potential of employees. 360 degree appraisal system gives a holistic view of the employee’s performance. It provides in-depth insights on their strengths and weaknesses.

Happy Employees
CloudOffix offers you a complete staff database management.

Recruitment Process with CloudOffix HR Cloud
Let’s see an example scenario, starting from the recruitment process to creating a staff member.

The recruitment process starts with an advertisement. With CloudOffix HR Cloud, you can publish your job post with a few clicks. You can create a special e-mail address for your post to track. You can post it on social media and see the incoming candidate leads by tracking your social media post links.

Once a candidate applies for the job, the application goes directly to the concerned recruitment responsible.

There is no need to say that of course you can see how many applications have been made in the channel base. CloudOffix Human Resources Cloud Platform has many unique features. That’s what makes CloudOffix a strong cloud platform alternative to Salesforce or Zoho.

You can create dynamic surveys and questionnaires with a single click. The answered surveys are automatically evaluated and calculated in the candidate’s contact card. Large institutions are found in the need of assessments centers, CloudOffix brings the productivity to a maximum level.

It also prevents the assessment forms to be lost in inbox or to be forgotten. Candidates may not check their inbox; your email may be spammed. Or the candidate may forget to reply to your e-mail. The dynamic HR surveys make it much simpler.

You can easily follow up the whole recruitment process in CloudOffix. The e-mailing automation feature allows you to set the automatic e-mails and enables a mutual information flow.

HR Cloud is customer centric. The whole process goes around the candidate. Therefore, you can see all the information such as CV, sent emails etc. on a single screen.

Finally, you have agreed on which candidate is best for your organization. What are the next steps on CloudOffix?

  • Turn the selected candidate into a personnel
  • Store the personal information
  • Add the necessary documents such as employment contract
  • Define the authority process (Managers)
  • Enter the regulations (leave days, Compensations etc.)
  • Define the goals & competence
  • Set the compensation and benefits

These are only the basics within CloudOffix. The customization and endless development features of CloudOffix allows you to create different combinations of solutions according to your needs.

CloudOffix is also the best integrated solution for large HR teams. It enables communication between the teams to share notes, assign tasks and to follow up together. There are countless combinations that can be made, designed and customized.

Human resources digitalization is actually the most fundamental of the entire business digitalization process.  If you have any questions about digital transformation processes.