What Does Event Management Software Do?

End-to-End Event Management

Burcin Topal

What Does Event Management Software Do?

End-to-End Event Management

15 Februar 2022 , Unser Blog

Event planning is exhausting as it is rewarding. An event coordinator is considered one of the most stressful jobs in the world. They would know too well what it’s like to miss too many sleeps to make sure everything comes together smoothly not just in the end but throughout the whole process. And ultimately ensuring event success!

But even superstars have their sidekicks, their helping hands, their silent heroes. Just as event coordinators are superstars, they can do it better and become the heroes of using an event management system. We'll come back to this event management solution later, for now, let's concentrate on the event planner heroes before we move on to event technology.

Event management, in its simplest form, covers a process that includes the correct design, implementation and evaluation of the results of the event. Events are not held solely for the purpose of conducting public relations activities, attracting potential customers, or satisfying existing customers. Today, companies organize very comprehensive events for their employees.

In this sense, event management maintains its importance as one of the processes that constantly renews and develops itself for companies. Although boring "dealer meetings" used to come to mind when company event was mentioned, this situation has changed immensely since.

Events have become a structure that has been kneaded with intense effort to ensure that participants have a pleasant time, with large budgets allocated, support from special teams, and activities carried out together.

With the pandemic period, events were moved to online environments by adapting to digital transformation without slowing down at all. On the contrary, as the costs decreased, its frequency increased, and the topics diversified.

Event management, which includes perhaps the most difficult stages among marketing tools, is actually becoming a very easy structure to manage and follow from a single event management platform with the right event management tool.

So, what is the right tool? CloudOffix, of course!

CloudOffix, with its easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, enables end-to-end management of event processes without the need for outsourcing.

Now, let's examine CloudOffix's event management capabilities in detail through a sample scenario.

At the first stage, these areas are designed in accordance with the processes of the companies, thanks to the fully customizable structure of CloudOffix, easily with just a few steps. This way, CloudOffix adapts to every structure away from the package program logic.

What Does Event Management Software Do? Cloudoffix - Creating a Webinar

The name of the event, whether it will be online, physical, or hybrid event, gives the manager or team the opportunity to organize it in a few easy steps.

If it is a paid event, tickets can easily be sold at the price determined on CloudOffix, seats can be reserved, payments can be received and even invoiced with Invoicing Cloud.

What Does Event Management Software Do? Cloudoffix - Ticket Sales

Creating and editing an event is that simple. What about inviting event attendees? It allows you to run an email event marketing campaign in accordance with your target audience with CloudOffix Marketing Cloud. This way, it provides the opportunity to manage it with CloudOffix without the need for any other event planning software while informing the relevant people about the event we will carry out.

It is a very practical step to prepare a special event website in order to welcome the guests who come with e-mail marketing through CloudOffix. Without any code knowledge, you can easily design the website with simple drag and drop logic and bring it live. The layout of your website is in your hands with no additional cost or effort! At the same time, your social media addresses can connect, allowing you to direct the participants who visit your website to social media channels.

What Does Event Management Software Do? Cloudoffix - Website editing

The next step is to manage the event registration. It informs them about the details of the event by sending them e-mails at intervals determined with pre-created templates. You can even share a survey to evaluate yourself at this step, which will be sent after the event is completed

What Does Event Management Software Do? Cloudoffix - Automated emailing

The workload of employees involved in the event management process is incredible. Nothing should be overlooked; everything should be managed under control. Thanks to its collaborative structure, CloudOffix events platform allows the employees involved in the event to work together simultaneously. This way, employees can manage information in one place, regardless of whether they are in other cities, at home or in the office.

All the work you have done before the event is subjective, it varies in each company. CloudOffix is fully compatible thanks to its customizable structure.

What about after the event? We believe that "the output of marketing is the input of sales". In this sense, CloudOffix's event management software capabilities position itself differently here and work together with Sales Cloud with an integrated business management approach. This way, it makes it easy to follow and manage by creating potential customers from event participants.

Thanks to the CloudOffix Integrated Business Management System, it allows management of all the processes that teams need, end-to-end, in real time, depending on event management.

If you would like to evaluate CloudOffix's capabilities and take a different turn in digital transformation, you can contact us or start your demo account.

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