The business management platform to success

What do SME's need to be successful?

Burcin Topal

The business management platform to success

What do SME's need to be successful?

03 Februar 2022 , Unser Blog

Small to Medium Businesses want to be successful. But how? Of course, they need the right applications, tools, and software to help them with the management of each point of their business.

CloudOffix - SME business solution

Many different applications and tools are needed to run the different parts of a business. While this is usually resolved by simply acquiring and integrating various tools and application to the software the business already uses. So basically, if the business requires marketing, you’d need to acquire a marketing tool. If it requires HR, you’d need to acquire a HR tool, sales tool, project tool and so on..

CloudOffix changes the game right there. All of the above mentioned tools are already present in the one single platform, without the need to acquire any additional tools for your business. 

There is a revolutionary, unified business solutions platform, not doing different things but doing things differently to put an end to all this struggle.

Based 360 degrees around the customer, CloudOffix has placed customers at the centre of everything. I can almost hear you ask why? What’s so special about that feature? Well, simply because we know that customer is everything and without our customers, our businesses won’t survive. 

CloudOffix - 360 degree customer based business solution

Now I’d like to show what we mean by 360-degree view. Almost all products mention 360-degree view but unfortunately something is always missing. CloudOffix offers a true 360-degree view.

Let’s see how:

Simply by going into a contact screen, I can instantly see all the interactions we’ve had to date with our customer. This is thanks to our context based collaboration feature. If I have activated my Google maps integration, I can even see their address location. Without leaving the same screen, I can change the status of my contact, who may me a lead at the moment, to opportunity, then once our we have closed the deal, I can change the status to sale. 

I still don’t need to change screen or open another application to be able to follow the status of my contact. I can see the status of the project, click on it to go to my Kanban view, and be able to see everything at a glance.

Once the project is finalized, I can then click a button again to change the status to completed and again to create an invoice.

I can then email my customers invoice right within the system.

Now, why CloudOffix?

CloudOffix has all the features and then some that the other big players have, but at a fraction of the cost. Let’s face it, when you’re a small to medium business trying to grow, the last thing you need is to spend almost all your budget on software.

A very important factor is licensing. Most software requires licensing for each and every staff employed, at a certain cost, per month. CloudOffix has a solution for this too. We call it ‘concurrent licensing’. This is where you buy a limited number of licenses, and only that amount of people can log in a t any given time. This way, if you have 100 people for example, and you only require 30 to be logged in at once, then that’s how many licenses you would purchase. Once someone logs out, the others can log in. 

CloudOffix is highly customizable. It’s low-code nature allows you or your development team to customize your tool to have it just the way you need to be able to run your business smoothly. You have the freedom to add and remove fields, buttons and so on as you please.

We also understand that not all businesses employ developers, nor do they need them all the time. They may not even know anything about ‘code’. Instead of having to hire a development team, CloudOffix has highly skilled and dedicated team of customization team ready to solve your customization issues for you.

CloudOffix has pretty much crossed it’s ‘t’s and dotted the ‘i’s when it comes to solving your all-in-one business management platform hunt.

Look no further. CloudOffix is the one you’ve been looking for!