Time Saving Timesheets with CloudOffix

Don't Just Clock on and off - Manage Your Time Wisely

Timesheets Defined

A timesheet is a data table where employees enter their working hours during a given period of time. Timesheets are used to record time spent on tasks, projects, or consultancy for clients. 

There have been and are many ways to record timesheets. Such methods include paper, spreadsheets, and online time tracking tools and software. Although the use of paper-based timesheet tracking has become somewhat obsolete, to give way to more efficient digital methods

  1. Reporting on Tasks

    As your team complete tasks and log in their time entries, their progress is tracked online.

  2. Online Timesheet Tracking

    Online timesheets simplify tracking worked hours however not limited to time clocked on and off work. A time management tool such as time sheets in CloudOffix can assist to track the time spent by each employee on each task.

  3. Manage Your Teams Workload

    Make use of timesheet tools to check staff availability and manage workload.

  4. Set Timesheet Reminders

    Set reminders for your staff to receive at certain intervals to log in their hours into their timesheets.

  5. Build Up for Better Time Estimates in the Long Run

    Once you have staff entering actual hours worked on projects, you can create more informed estimated schedule times for similar projects in the future.

What is Timesheet Management?

The act of monitoring and analyzing recorded hours of work. Logging time spent on particular tasks, projects, jobs etc. and therefore having more accurate reporting. Be confident when billing against time spent on billable jobs. 

The purpose of time tracking software is not only limited to clocking on at arrival and clocking off before leaving work. 

CloudOffix Project Cloud - Timesheet Management

Reporting On Tasks

This makes it easier to know the hours your team has put into tasks, the time allocated for a task and the actual hours spent to complete it.

You can get better estimates on workload during the different times of year and manage your workforce in line with your workload. This will help cut down on labor costs and work time.

CloudOffix Project Cloud - Timesheet Management reporting


Online Timesheet Tracking

Project managers can see which tasks are going on schedule and which ones are running over schedule in real time. 

See availability and over worked underworked situations of staff. Monitor and be certain of your employees time availability before allocating tasks.

CloudOffix Project Cloud - Timesheet Management -online timesheet tracking

Manage Your Teams Workload

Assign tasks to staff accordingly. You wouldn't want to assign tasks to a staff member who is extremely busy as opposed to someone who has less tasks on on their hands.

CloudOffix Project Cloud - Timesheet Management - workload

Set Timesheet Reminders

Your staff can get emails at designated time intervals, for example weekly, as reminders to fill in their timesheets and submit to their managers to approve timesheets. This regular habit will save time in the long run.

CloudOffix Project Cloud - Timesheet Management - Timesheet Reminders

Build up for better Time Estimate in the Long Run

Keep entering your worked hours regularly to build up data for better estimates in the future by eventually forecasting your working patterns.

CloudOffix Project Cloud - Timesheet Management - Estimate forecast

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