Open Source Technologies

CloudOffix Platform

CloudOffix acknowledges and appreciates the open-source technologies, projects, and associations that have contributed to the development of their platform, benefiting from the collaborative efforts of the open-source community.


Customize the software according to your business needs.


Easily adapt the software to accommodate growing business demands.


Rapid development and instant operation for efficient workflows.


Reduce financial impact with economical solutions and no recurring fees.

Technical Advancement

Access cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

Freedom to Switch

Easily switch between tools and avoid vendor lock-in.


Transparency and ability to analyze source code for enhanced security.


Clear understanding of software goals, development, and usefulness.

Community Support

Access to a supportive community and comprehensive documentation.

CloudOffix is not just another platform. It's a total experience platform that brings together a multitude of functions into one unified solution. With a dedicated team of passionate developers, we have chosen to build our platform on open-source technologies, allowing us to quickly bring our vision to life.

At CloudOffix, we are not satisfied with merely providing standard business app functionalities. We are visionary developers who are constantly pushing the boundaries and looking towards the future. Our focus is on creating a cloud business app platform that surpasses expectations and revolutionizes the way you work.

With our talented team at the helm, we manage the base code of the open-source platform we use and layer our visionary features and products on top of it. This ensures that we are always up to date and beyond, utilizing the latest native cloud technologies to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

We understand the power of collaboration and innovation, and we want to express our gratitude to the creators of the open-source technologies, projects, and associations that have inspired us along the way.

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