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CloudOffix Platform

When we decided to develop CloudOffix platform, we had two options. The first one was to start from scratch and the second was to start with an open-source business technology as a foundation for building our own apps and creating a native cloud platform with our own vision. We have selected the latter option since we can simply get our business up and running quickly from a relatively advanced stage with our own vision. This way, rather than focusing on standard business app functionalities like contact creation, calendar, login, logout, users, permissions, etc. we can focus on our vision to create a cloud business app platform which our clients have been waiting for a very long time. For more than two years, we have been building on our vision and adapting the platform to native cloud technologies. The success of CloudOffix platform depends on how talented our team is to manage the base code of the open source platform we use and put our visionary features and products on top of it. 

We do want to share the open source technologies used in CloudOffix platform and thank all of the creators of these open-source technologies, projects and associations. 

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