Positive Employee Experience: Tips for Building a Thriving Workplace

Maximizing employee engagement and satisfaction for increased productivity and retention

Cloudoffix, Sinem Karabulut

Positive Employee Experience: Tips for Building a Thriving Workplace

Maximizing employee engagement and satisfaction for increased productivity and retention

14 September 2022 , Unser Blog

                                                The human resources department "creates internal customers and ensures satisfaction" in a company and builds the future. Driving a customer-centric employee experience through HR services is more critical to driving performance than ever before.
                                                The digitalization of the HR process increases productivity and improves the efficiency of the business. Cloud-based HR solutions are among the main factors boosting employees’ productivity. Therefore, improving the employee experience is the top priority.
                                                Since there are many functions related to human resources management, business leaders have to use many different applications. These different applications cannot produce an effective result. This situation creates diverse learning processes for each working team, as well as multiplied costs. HR Cloud of CloudOffix provides end-to-end solutions by gathering all the necessary tools under a single platform. 

                                                Cloudoffix, all-in-one CRM and customer experience platform, facilitates the HR process by identifying key moments that have the greatest impact on a business's results.
                                                The primary needs of the companies appear to be the same, but they differ significantly when it comes to details. This is where HR Cloud's customization capabilities and each organization's unique portal structure come into play. CloudOffix, with its limitless customization features, provides solutions for the moments that matter to your employees.
                                                CloudOffix HR Cloud provides end-to-end management tools for training, recruitment, 360 degree performance management system, staff database management etc. 
                                                Positive correlations exist between the financial performance of an organization and employee job satisfaction. Employees who feel more involved in business operations are more engaged and devoted to their organizations. This improves collaboration and offers great adaptability to major changes.
                                                Globalization of HR service delivery - Multinational HR operations
                                                Creating and delivering a positive employee experience (EX) is becoming more crucial than ever for HR organizations with international operations. They manage global HR operations, so it is very important to have a platform accessible from any location. The entire company may save time and money by working on a platform where all HR processes can be controlled. In this regard, it becomes essential to provide an instant and transparent collaboration between HR operations and employees.
                                                What is the employee experience?
                                                The employee experience is a new perspective on how HR manages people. HR Leaders develop digitalization strategies that enhance employee experience. HR leaders should understand how digitalization has changed employee needs and preferences to enhance employee experience. Employee experience is the new human resource marketing approach. It offers a new view on people and performance management.

                                                The employee experience is the most popular topic in modern workplaces. Companies in employee experience are more in-demand among applicants. 
                                                As companies, we want to make our customers happy and provide them a good customer experience. We want them to enjoy our service or products. Employee experience is quite similar! The employee experience is equivalent to the customer experience in the HR world. Actually, it is the center of design thinking within HR. This employee-centric approach enables the empowerment and engagement of employees.
                                                Hr leaders should define all the touchpoints along the employee’s journey.
                                                Companies with greater employee experience have optimized HR processes like recruitment, leave management, 360-degree appraisal, expense management, performance management, etc. For example, they can publish open positions on their website, and get leads for the best talents. 
                                                They prefer to work with user-friendly software which consists of low-code platforms. They have a strong company culture of innovation that nurtures creativity, productivity, and business performance.
                                                Optimizing the employee experience is very similar to how the customer experience is used for marketing purposes. Employees are the internal customers. The streamlined work environment avoids repetitive tasks with automation and reduces the complexity of tasks and processes. This enables employees to do their work faster and avoids wasted time.
                                                 The business impact of a good employee experience
                                                The business impact of a good employee experience
                                                A great employee experience reduces the complexity of complicated tasks and stimulates collaboration. It provides faster innovation skills which lead to strong competitive power. This enables companies to provide a better customer experience as a business outcome.
                                                A better employee experience leads to a better customer experience. This means happiness inside and out!


                                                Let's take a look what CloudOffix HR cloud offers

                                                Exploring the benefits of CloudOffix HR cloud for streamlining HR processes and workforce management


                                                Publish your open positions on your website and attract your candidates. Manage greater lead management and recruit the best talents.

                                                Leave Management

                                                Employees can see all their leaves and create leave requests and follow up on their approval.

                                                CloudOffix’s HR Cloud provides a seamless HR service that gives employees an integrated interface. It is accessible through both desktop and mobile devices. The business world is increasingly digitized, so HR professionals and organizations need to transform to a customer-centric employee experience.
                                                Better measurement is possible with better data. We need to measure efficiently and faster, with more qualified targeted actions. This is only possible by continuous dialogue facilitated by instant collaboration where all the employees are involved. Hr Cloud software combines employee data, surveys, feedback, benchmarks, and recommendations to provide fast and actionable insights.
                                                Benefit from CloudOffix’s solutions to get your people ready for change and prepare your organization for sustainable success.
                                                Benefits of a positive employee experience
                                                Just as marketers, HR Leaders have worked to understand the total employee experience at touchpoints across the entire employee journey. Creating an employee journey map is key to building a successful framework.
                                                An employee journey map helps you to understand the overall experience throughout an employee lifecycle. You can get detailed insights to identify the main areas for improvement. Digitalization in HR is meant to give HR teams insights into issues that affect employees. Detailed reports help you understand the moments of the employee journey so that you can take better steps for improvement.
                                                Employee satisfaction leads to long-term profits and competitive strength, just like customer experience. The employee experience has a direct impact on customer experience. In brief, a positive customer experience is not possible without a good employee experience. 
                                                Happy employees build better relationships with customers and complete tasks more efficiently. No need to say that they are super engaged. They promote the company as a great place to work and lead to more talent for open positions. These increases fill rates and the company gains popularity among employees. Positive employee experience creates a positive impact on the company's revenue and profits.

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