Revolutionize Expense Management

My Receipts & OCR Integration

Nesli Han Diken

Revolutionize Expense Management

My Receipts & OCR Integration

23 November 2023 , New Features

We are thrilled to introduce game-changing improvements that will transform the way you manage expenses. With our latest update, My Receipts and OCR integration take center stage, making expense management a breeze. Unified My Receipts and My Expenses: Enhanced Efficiency Our latest update integrates My Receipts and My Expenses for an all-in-one expense management solution. My Receipts is now an inclusive model, meaning that "My Expenses" is seamlessly integrated into My Receipts. This integration simplifies expense management by consolidating all expense-related features in one place. We've added the My Receipts menu item to the My Expenses menu.

CloudOffix - My Expenses

This means that when you use OCR technology, whether through email or a Automatic Expense Entry Button, the data is placed directly within the My Receipts menu, streamlining the process.

My Receipts' inclusive model generates separate records for every line of a receipt. For example, if your receipt includes items like water and Pumpkin Butternut, individual records will be created for each line on the tree view, and separate expense records are created for each line and a detailed and comprehensive expense breakdown is presented for each record.

CloudOffix - My Receipts

Seamless Attachment Management

In the My Receipts model, we've introduced a powerful addition - the Receipt button box. This feature streamlines attachment organization, allowing you to effortlessly view and  manage attachments related to your receipts. Say goodbye to cluttered files and hello to a more organized and efficient experience.

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