What is CRM?

CRM is the new Black!

Burcin Topal

What is CRM?

CRM is the new Black!

23 March 2021 , Explore the World of CloudOffix

Stop! Are you still using excel to manage your business? There is a better way! Let us show you the ‘what why and how’ of CRM tools.

Almost every professional has or is still using Excel to manage their business regardless of whether they are large or small. They use spreadsheets to store data and write separate formulas to perform various actions and even reporting. However, they still need other applications and software for other tasks such as emailing, calendar, and probably even databases to store large data. They may possibly even need to be able to write formulas and some code to call information from these databases. Their employees would need to enter their own data into the spreadsheets. Then come reporting time, they would need to ask for this information from their employees and bring all the information together to be able to produce reports. These reports would be accurate given that all relevant information had been received from all employees, and the person responsible for reporting didn’t make any mistakes when they were entering the collected data. All this would still be doable until:

  • your company starts getting large number of leads

  • you need your staff to be able to collaborate.

  • you need to keep track of communication with your customers and prospects.

Why can’t we use excel in these cases? While Excel it’s a great piece of software to crunch numbers, manipulate large sets of data, among other things, it can’t monitor and track incremental business movements to give you a birdseye view. Why? Simply because Excel is not a CRM.

So, what is this CRM we speak about? It’s all in the name! CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. As the name suggests, it is a tool used to manage your customer relationships to say the least. It brings all your business solutions together in one place.

You can’t manage your relationships with your customers very well without a proper tracking system which includes all your customers and potential customers. How does a CRM do this?

CRMs bring together your customers details, your company’s offerings, your sales, contacts, calendar and your interaction with your customers and staff through the whole journey. Your staff will have access to all the relative information they need, right in their dashboards to drive sales to a close.

How can CloudOffix Sales Cloud help you?

Let’s take a closer look into CloudOffix Sales Cloud. OK. So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and switched to CloudOffix Sales Cloud. You can first use your Excel spreadsheets to import all your current data into CloudOffix and then forget struggling to use Excel as the CRM that it is not.

Consolidate all your data into one place. Have easy, centralized customer data access from one platform. Fully integrate all your business tools into one user friendly CloudOffix platform.

CRM Features in CloudOffix Sales Cloud:

  • Lead Management

Generate leads from emails, website forms, chats and website visitors.

  • Opportunity Management

You can quickly convert leads to opportunities and efficiently manage stages of opportunities.

  • Contact Managements

Access contact email addresses, websites, mailing addresses and all related information.

  • Communication 

Keep track of all customer liaisons through emails, chat, online chats, customer support tickets. 

  • History 

See customer history from initial web visits to purchases and support and their thoughts on your business through the automated surveys you send them. With all your customer communications visible in the chatter, you will always be in-the- know. 

  • Activity Management 

Reach out to your leads at the right time to turn your potentials into sales, have less lost sales with automated reminders. The ability to see into the future with next activities in your dashboard will ensure you never miss a beat.

CloudOffix CRM Dashboard

  • Quotation Management

Process your opportunities in the related stages and when the time comes for quotation, create nice quotations for your prospects.

CloudOffix CRM Sales Cloud Quotations View

  • Order Management

When your prospect is ready to place an order, you only need to convert quotation to order very easily.

  • Reporting and Analysis

Quickly and easily create reports and charts to analyze your sales progress. Download, export and share the reports as you wish to do so.

Integrations with Other CloudOffix Apps

Marketing Cloud:

Send automated marketing emails, follow up on customer satisfaction through surveys, Marketing Cloud is fully and seamlessly integratable with Sales Cloud, negating the siloes otherwise created.

Project Cloud:

Always keep track of your tasks and be on top of your projects. When a sales order is confirmed, projects can be created automatically with related timesheet entries.

CloudOffix CRM Project Cloud Tasks View

Invoicing Cloud:

Create and send invoices, track inventories and payments. Invoices can be created directly from sales orders with related invoice items and discounts. Then you can keep track of payments easily. 

CloudOffix CRM Sales Cloud Quotations

 • Helpdesk Cloud:

Create tickets through multiple channels, follow up SLA’s.

Overall, with the ability to manage more data with better organization, you can implement real change within your business. CloudOffix Sales Cloud can help you improve your business because it gives you the space and tools to grow. Not to mention the ROI it adds to your business. And since CloudOffix Sales Cloud is cloud based, it means you are always on the same version the second it is updated and not to mention you can access it from anywhere that you have the internet.